This newsletter starts with the theme of quiet and explores the interesting side of boredom, before looking at the compelling world of whispering eye-test videos, en route to the hidden down-side of meditation .
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"It's oh so quiet" 

For some people quiet means "boring", although they may not realise how stimulating boredom can really be.  For others quiet means "soothing", and they have the whispering towel-folding instructional videos to prove it.  And for many quiet means "meditation" - but if it's that powerful should we be so surprised when it goes wrong?

Peace and quiet - we all crave it sometimes but what about the times it comes uninvited and unwelcome?  Find out about the surprising benefits of boredom. Plus a look at the world of ASMR, and the "head-tingle" that fans chase watching videos of eye tests and origami.  And finally, who would ever have thought that the quiet of meditation could turn out to be so bad for some people?  
"My favourite song's entitled 'Boredom'..."
I'm Maria, and I'm your home decor consultant
The flip-side of meditation

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