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April 2019 updates for the Census 2020 Hard to Count map

Here are the latest updates the HTC 2020 map to help you plan your Get Out the Count campaigns:

Customized printing

  • You can now create a printable map for any area of the country.  Zoom to your location of interest (search for an address or county, click on the map to highlight a tract, or select a legislative district). Customize your map by using the Legend to display other information on the map if you'd like (libraries, ZIP Codes, etc). Then click the "Print" link above the map.
  • This displays a window with your map and related information. If it looks ok, click Send to Printer - click example below to enlarge.
  • You can also use this feature to export your map to a PDF and then share it with others.
  • Please let us know what you think! This is a work in progress, so let us know if there's anything we should change or add. 

Data downloads & PDF maps

  • We've added links at the HTC 2020 map so you can download the same data we use for the map, if you'd like to do your own mapping or analysis.
  • For each state you can download an Excel list of tracts with detailed information & a link to a tract shapefile for that state.  You can also extract county-level data from each Excel file and shapefile.
  • For each state and county we provide a PDF map of hard-to-count tracts. On the county maps, each tract is labeled with its ID so you can cross-reference tracts on the map with the Excel table.
  • You can access the data in 3 places:
    1. the "Data" link at the top of the map (click image below to enlarge). Note that you can also download a nationwide Excel file here too;
    2. When you select or click on a state, the left-hand panel provides state-specific links; and
    3. When you select or click on a county, the left-hand panel provides links (see example below; click image to enlarge).


The HTC 2020 map in action

Organizations at all levels - large & small, nonprofits & government agencies, media outlets, & more - are putting the HTC 2020 map to good use.  Here are a couple of recent examples:


We've added a note to clarify the 2010 self-response on the HTC 2020 map.  For each county and state, we display the following (using Brooklyn, NY as an example, which had a 67% mail return rate in 2010):
  • (IMPORTANT CLARIFICATION: This doesn't mean that only 67.0% of Kings County's population was counted in 2010. Rather, it represents the percent of households that mailed back their census forms, or "self responded." The Census Bureau had to count the remaining 33.0% of households in person during the Nonresponse Follow-up operation. But there is a greater risk that some people were missed or counted incorrectly during this follow-up.)
Hope that helps!

We look forward to hearing your suggestions for improving the map. Please contact the Mapping Service at the CUNY Graduate Center with your feedback.


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