Do you forget to refill prescriptions?

Never forget again with Health Minder, a service that reminds you when your prescription is due to be refilled.

Our pharmacy technicians personally call you with your reminder. If you have questions about your prescription, they can help you quickly find an answer. Health Minder is a free service. If you'd like to sign up, let your pharmacist or pharmacy technician know.

Out of refills?
When your prescription is out of refills, we will call you to see if you'd like us to call your doctor to request additional refills.

As always, we save you time with our free delivery program. Our delivery team delivers to your home or work - whatever is easier for you!

Our free delivery range extends to Lewiston, Auburn, Sabattus, Lisbon, Greene, Mechanic Falls, Poland, Poland Springs, and Minot. Products purchased from Bedard Medical can also be delivered to Norway and South Paris.

Mobile RX

Mobile RX allows you to refill prescriptions, view Bedard Pharmacy's information, and view your prescription profile - all from the ease of your Android or Apple smartphone. Start to use Mobile RX in three easy steps:

1. Download Mobile RX from your mobile app store. Enter (207)783-1410 (Auburn) or (207)786-0138 (Lewiston) as your pharmacy's phone number.

2. Create an account to view your prescription profile: Click "sign up" under my RX profile, fill in the form and answer the security questions.

3. Type prescription numbers in Express Refills tab, or scan prescription bottle barcodes to quickly refill your prescriptions. You can also check Bedard Pharmacy's hours, location and contact info right from the app.


Heat Safety

The dog days of summer have arrived, and with them come high temperatures. Everyone is at risk to be affected by the heat, but especially infants, children, elderly, and overweight people. Peak heat hours are usually from 1-5pm, so if you can, avoid outdoor activities on especially hot days during those hours.

Antihistamines, diuretics, some blood pressure medications, and alcohol can lead to dehydration or sun sensitivities, putting you at an increased risk of heat stroke. Ask your pharmacist if any of your medications may affect you in hot weather.

Prevention is key! Drinking water is the best way to stay hydrated, which helps your body beat the heat. Sports drinks may be used as a supplement, but avoid those with high sugar content - they may actually cause or worsen dehydration.
Remember your four-legged friends as well! Animals do not sweat and cannot tell you they are hot. They need breaks and water too!


Upcoming Events

Triple Crown
Emily's Run 5K

Sunday, July 20th
8:30 am
E.L. High School, Auburn

Bedard will be cheering on all of the runners at the Triple Crown Emily's Run 5K race on July 20th! Stop by our tent to purchase compression socks, Bondiband arm bands, and other fitness goodies. To register for the Triple Crown Emily's Run 5K, visit


Did you know...

...Bedard Pharmacy delivers to businesses.

If your business is in the Greater Lewiston-Auburn area, Bedard Pharmacy will work with your HR department to offer a prescription delivery benefit to your employees.

Prescriptions are delivered to your office in plain white sealed bags, so your employees don't have to wait in line for their prescriptions.

If you would like more information about our business delivery program, please contact Michelle Andrews at (207)784-3700 x1108.

Scooter Sale

Celebrate your independence with a new scooter. From 6/30/14 - 7/5/14, scooters at Bedard Medical Supplies are on sale, with prices starting at $999! 3-wheel, 4-wheel, and heavy duty scooters are available.
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