December 2017
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The winter holiday season has arrived and along with it comes those cooler temperatures. If you have beautiful floor tiles installed in your entrance foyer or your bathrooms at home, these floors can feel rather cold this time of year—unless you have also installed electric radiant underfloor heating. Keep reading to learn more.

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Warm and Cozy Tile Floors

Porcelain tile is one of today’s most popular residential flooring materials. In addition to its durability and ease of maintenance, porcelain tile can make a huge fashion statement in your home. The 2017 Cersaie International Exhibit in September in Bologna, Italy inspired its many attendees with new terrazzo-look tiles, dramatic marble-effect slabs, geometric patterns, textured fabric-look, and an incredible variety of wood-look tiles. There are just so many gorgeous tiles to choose from that mixing different styles throughout the home is becoming a leading trend.

Despite the excitement of tile floors in your home’s entrance foyer, mudroom, sunroom, kitchen and bathrooms, during the cooler months that same tile can often feel chilly underfoot. Unfortunately, this can make the entire atmosphere in a room seem cold and uninviting to you and your guests. Envision a bathroom where you might find yourself stepping with bare feet onto an ice-cold tile floor when you finish taking your shower. B-r-r-r! For this reason, many homeowners are choosing to install electric radiant underfloor heating that can make a tile floor feel warm and cozy under your feet. The main goal, however, is to heat up the tile just enough for it to feel neutral, similar to how it typically feels on a warm summer’s day.
To install this type of heating, individual wires or a wire mesh is sandwiched between the finish layer of tile and the substrate. The advantage of the individual wires is that they are free form and can be fitted to irregularly shaped rooms and tight locations. A wire mesh, on the other hand, helps speeds up the installation process. It is available in rolls that will cover large areas quickly and can be trimmed and spliced to fit the size and shape of the room. For even faster installation, custom-fit mats may be designed to fit your room's exact dimensions. Smaller mats are also available for use in specific areas of a room, such as the floor space directly in front of the bathroom vanity. Certain mats are safe for wet-locations, and can be used to warm your shower floor and shower bench.  

The electric wires provide a low heat that slowly transfers to the tiles, making them warm to the touch. The tiles will radiate the warmth into the room, eventually raising the room temperature, and they will hold heat for a long time, even after the system is turned off. Radiant heat provides an even and discreet method of heat distribution, unlike a drafty and noisy forced air system. However, it is generally more pricey to operate and therefore better suited to smaller areas, such as bathrooms and mudrooms. It is also a good option for heating additions to your home, without the need to extend HVAC ductwork. A programmable thermostat with setback features will ensure that your floor is heated only when the room is being used, which will save you money.

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