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July 2018

Dear <<First Name>>,

The Fourth of July gave this month an entrance like none other during the year! We hope you enjoyed your celebration with patriotic pride and a deep sense of gratitude to God, our Founding Fathers, and to those who sacrificed to give us our freedom throughout our nation’s history up to today.

Perhaps this “attitude of gratitude” can serve as motivation this summer. Along with fun vacations at the beach and grilling in your backyard, maybe you would like to get involved in some volunteer work. We recommend the non-profit organization Rebuilding Together Atlanta (RTA). Get to know more about this amazing organization below.

Have you been wishing your home had a welcoming front porch to enjoy and to shelter family and friends during the summer rains and heat? A front porch is worth even more than you might realize. Keep reading to discover some of its advantages. You might want to consider adding a front porch in your next remodel.

We continue to wish you a wonderful summer!


H. Dale Contant, MCR, CRPM, UDCP

President | Principal Owner

ADB Thanks RTA’s Jan Jordan

Atlanta Design & Build recently had the opportunity to thank Jan Jordan, former Executive Director of Rebuilding Together Atlanta (RTA), for the incredible good she has done over the years for so many others. 

Rebuilding Together Atlanta (RTA) is a non-profit organization that we at Atlanta Design & Build applaud and help support. Volunteers from the Georgia Power Company and leaders in the community started RTA in 1992. RTA works to assure low-income homeowners, particularly older adults, military veterans, and people with disabilities live in warmth, safety, and independence. Everything is provided for free to these individuals. The goal is to make a sustainable impact in partnerships with communities. Dale Contant holds the purpose of RTA in such high regard that he served on their board for several years.

Jan Jordan was the Executive Director at RTA for over a decade until her retirement in 2015. She was inspired to get involved with RTA due to her past experiences of working in the non-profit field. “Working to help others always motivated me to do more,” explains Jan. “It gave me a sense of pride and joy!”

After retiring from RTA and having open-heart surgery, it became difficult for Jan to navigate the steps leading from the back of her house to the outside courtyard. “But another precious gift came our way from Atlanta Design & Build,” says Jan. “Now with new steps and railing, I can go up and down the steps with no fear of falling. Thank you, Dale, Vicki, and the ADB carpentry team.”

ADB is so pleased to be able to show our appreciation to Jan Jordan for all she has done to help our community. In her indelible fashion, Jan expressed her appreciation as well:  “Thanks to the staff, RTA Board of Directors, and Dale Contant, President of Atlanta Design & Build for the wonderful gifts.”

Read more about RTA and this project

ADB Cheers on the Braves

The Atlanta Braves team of formidable rookies have far surpassed expectations!   Who could have dreamed the Braves would have four (4) team members on the All-Star team! The team’s surprising prowess makes watching the games this season entertaining and exciting.
Dale enhanced the excitement for ADB team members by providing the opportunity to watch games in person at the Braves’ amazing new SunTrust Park stadium. He purchased season tickets to share with our team. Thank you Dale, and the incredible Atlanta Braves for a great season of baseball fun! Chop On!

Left: L-R: Dale Contant, Mike Pike, Sydney Contant Nunes and Caio Nunes
Right: L-R: Nancy and Randy Pergrim, Tracy Brown and Bill Brown taking the photo

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The Value of a Front Porch

Back in 1981 Robert Davis had a vision for creating the town of Seaside on his family’s 80 acres near Seagrove Beach in the Florida Panhandle. His inspiration was the Florida towns of yesteryear where people spent lots of time on their front porches chatting with friends and neighbors who were passing by. The Seaside houses were built with large porches, and the town was designed as a walkable community to help develop this same kind of warm, friendly neighborhood spirit from days gone by. After the creation of Seaside, hundreds of similar communities were founded based on this concept.

In 2018, the popularity of the front porch is once more increasing. Research suggests this may be influenced by the number of millennials who are currently buying homes. Many of these young adults value person-to-person interaction with neighbors but aren’t sure how to connect. They feel that having a front porch will increase their opportunity for saying hello.

This is a desirable concept that you and other homeowners may want to consider adding to your homes as well. Perhaps you already have a backyard deck and patio that integrates your home’s interior with some beautiful and relaxing outdoor living spaces. This is a private place where you can grill steaks and invite your family to join you. However, a front porch can be a fun place to spend time outside in a more public location. Enjoy watching children go buzzing down the sidewalk on their electric scooters, and young couples walking their dogs.
Front porches offer much more than the opportunity to connect with the neighbors on your street, they also provide a chance to host festive events that spill out into the surrounding neighborhood. For example, you could organize a block party that features talented local musicians who perform in the intimate setting of your front porch. These kinds of concerts are happening around the country and go a long way towards developing a close sense of community.

Front porches also help you keep an eye on your neighborhood for safety purposes. When it is obvious that people are sitting outside on their front porches, there is less chance that someone will try to get away with some kind of offense on your street.

Certain front porches extend around the corners of a house, while others are limited to the front facade only. As you are planning your front porch, the style and size of your porch should fit the architecture of your home, yet offer valuable and attractive living space. It should be large enough to allow ample furnishings and still permit people to move about comfortably. The proportion and scale of the columns and balustrades are important to consider. Many new easy-care vinyl or wood-composite products are available as an alternative to the traditional wood planks, balusters and railings that require regular maintenance. Provide attractive exterior lighting that makes it possible to enjoy your porch at all times of the day.



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