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November 2015

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If you like to entertain and your guests spend a lot of time in your kitchen, you should definitely consider adding a butler's pantry to your home. Numerous recent surveys have indicated a surge in interest today among homeowners for butler's pantries. Keep reading as we outline the advantages of this kind of space and describe several different location possibilities to consider.

Your Holiday Season in the Kitchen

Happy November! Before I get into this article I’d like you to go outside and check to make sure that all your hoses are disconnected from the water spigot. Go ahead. I’ll wait!

Now that we have avoided broken pipes this winter, let’s talk about the fun stuff we’re doing in the kitchen these days! A number of fun trends have emerged over the past year and what better time to talk about them than when we’re about to celebrate Thanksgiving. A lot of people will be stuffing a tremendous number of family and friends into their kitchen (hopefully they all fit!) this holiday season. One main trend we’ve seen is that people want an open concept. The idea of “open” is different for everyone, for some it is simply open to the dining room while others want their kitchen to literally be the center of their home and they want everyone there! It’s always a fun question to ask, “How open would you like it?”

Another really fun trend that we’ve been seeing is painted cabinets. You may be thinking, “Gee Cale, they’ve been painting cabinets for a long time now, what’s new about that?”  What is new and fun is the color that they’re painting the cabinets. We are getting ready to do a laundry room with a nice vibrant Wythe Blue from Benjamin Moore, while we’re doing a white with a gray glaze in the kitchen and a gray for the island only. There will be a great mix of modern designs with a comfortable feel to the home. Some people aren’t that crazy about the painted cabinets and they prefer to see the natural wood. There are some neat finishing techniques that can give your cabinets a distressed look right off the bat! One that comes to mind is the wire-brush finish. That’s right they take a wire brush and scuff the wood. It’s a great process that enhances the grain of the wood and allows the stain to be a bit more dramatic.

There are countless possibilities out there as well as a multitude of combinations to make your kitchen unique to your style. In the article below we talk about the resurgence of the butler's pantry. This allows you to keep the kitchen a bit more presentable while still having a great work space. I hope you all have a happy Thanksgiving and if you find yourself frustrated on how your kitchen lives during the holiday we’d love to talk with you about what we could change to make it fit your dreams!

From my family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!

Cale Kliethermes


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Butler’s Pantries Are Back

In large estate homes of the 1800-1900s, the butler’s pantry was a sizable room connecting the kitchen and dining room. It was where the fine china and silver serving pieces were stored, along with table linens. After servants prepared food in the kitchen out-of-sight, it was plated in the butler’s pantry, and then served in the dining room.

By the 1950s, most new kitchens featured built-in cabinets that allowed serving pieces to be stored where the food was prepared, for the sake of convenience. The butler’s pantry became a thing of the past.

Currently, as kitchens have evolved into entertainment spaces, butler’s pantries are making a comeback. Depending on homeowner preference and the layout of the home, today’s butler’s pantries are placed in a variety of locations and have a multitude of functions, in addition to storing serving pieces.

The modern day butler’s pantry is often located in a separate room adjoining the kitchen. When the kitchen is open to the rest of the home and used frequently for entertaining, a butler’s pantry helps keep the kitchen free of clutter. It provides a convenient, yet hidden spot for prep and clean up. The dining table and kitchen counters may be cleared and the dirty dishes quickly placed out of sight in the butler’s pantry until the party is over. This type of butler’s pantry usually includes a secondary sink, dishwasher, refrigerator, refrigerated wine cabinet and possibly a cooktop. It also provides storage for multiple small appliances that are used infrequently, such as a food processor or stand mixer. With this arrangement, the butler’s pantry becomes the perfect prep kitchen for a caterer and can be a staging area for serving meals.

Another location for a butler’s pantry would be in a hallway off the kitchen where it is discrete, but easily accessible. In this case, the butler’s pantry could feature a sink along with refrigerated cabinets for wine, cold drinks and snacks. Overhead cabinets provide storage for serving pieces and stemware. If a mini-dishwasher is included, this butler’s pantry may also offer the opportunity of a quick kitchen clean-up while entertaining.

A butler’s pantry can also be designed as an integral part of the kitchen/dining/living area, having the dual purposes of storage and serving. In this location the cabinets offer easy access to glassware and table service, while the countertop provides ample surface to set out a buffet of appetizers, drinks or dessert when guests arrive. A butler’s pantry can be dressed up with glass front cabinet doors and interior lighting that displays unique glassware or decorative serving dishes, thereby creating an interesting focal point in the room. By selecting cabinetry and finishes that coordinate with its surroundings, the butler’s pantry will enhance the look of its environment.


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