July 2019
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It’s July, and summer is settling in to stay for a while. It’s a time of year to savor the cooler evenings and spend more time unwinding. But the laundry never waits; it always multiplies and needs to be managed.

How much time do you spend doing laundry? More than you want to consider. Why not spend that time in a beautifully appointed space that has both function and a luxurious aesthetic? Read more to learn about the latest trends in laundry rooms, from customized cabinetry, to efficient ways to dry your clothes.

If you really can’t wait to escape the drudgery of your laundry, why not finally plan that outdoor kitchen you’ve been daydreaming about for years? Cooking outdoors will keep your kitchen much cooler, and you can enjoy the beauty of nature. Read our blog on outdoor kitchens and the various features that can be included to make them perfect for you.

We hope that even though the chores still need doing, and the meals still need cooking, that you find some time to enjoy the slower pace of summer. If you want help with indoor or outdoor remodeling projects, contact T.W. Ellis today!

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Enjoy A Daily Dose of your Backyard with a New Outdoor Kitchen

It is a beautiful summer day, warm, but with a slight breeze blowing, and a cloudless blue sky overhead. Why would you want to be cooped up indoors, sweating over a hot stove, watching this scene from a window? Getting outside and into nature frequently, even if it is just your backyard, is a necessity. People are so starved for the natural world that some medical professionals are prescribing time outdoors as a treatment option for various health issues, including an ailment coined by author, Richard Louv, called “nature-deficit disorder.”  


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The Newest Laundry Room Trends of 2019

Depending on the amount of square footage you have in your laundry room, you can create a beautiful and functional space incorporating several of the newest design trends. Some 2019 trends include multiple sets of machines—perfect for large families—specialized storage, space-saving solutions, and efficient drying devices.

Custom Decluttering Solutions and Dedicated Spaces

Custom cabinetry has made its way into the laundry room with amazing organizational details, like pull-out ironing boards, tilt-out hampers, drying drawers, and nooks designed to hold laundry baskets. Some homeowners choose to have a pantry located in the laundry room with plenty of storage for nonperishable foods and kitchen gadgets currently cluttering up kitchen cabinets and countertops. There are vertical roll-out cabinets with space to hang brooms, mops, and dusters, as well as plentiful storage for cleaning and laundry products.

Folding counters and folding tables are a must. After all, isn’t getting the laundry folded and put away the hardest part of the process? How many times have you carried a basket of clean laundry around the entire house looking for a clear, low-traffic, or pet free, area to fold it?

Beside the washer and dryer is also a perfect location for a sewing table. Drawers and cabinetry can neatly store all your sewing supplies, craft supplies, or wrapping supplies depending on your needs for the space.

Save Precious Resources and Money: Using the Latest Efficient Drying Tools

Saving energy is imperative in these times, not only for environmental purposes, but for our wallets. Many clothes require line drying or laying flat to dry. Stand-alone drying racks are unsightly, leaving your laundry in plain view and taking up premium space.

If you own delicate pieces of clothing and find yourself running out of space, a drying closet, or tilt-out drying rack may be the best space saving, electricity free option for you. Besides saving money by using the dryer less often, air-drying clothes reduces wear and tear and saves money on costly replacements.

Looks are Everything: Even in Hidden Spaces

Even though the laundry room is essentially a private space, meaning most of the time, guests do not spend much time there, homeowners are opting for high end, colorful finishes in the newest laundry rooms. Quartz countertops, beautiful cabinetry, and bold colors are becoming more of the norm when homeowners remodel these utilitarian spaces. After all, we spend a significant amount of time washing our clothes. Why not make the most of a space that marries both form and function? 

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