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February 2018
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February is a transitional month. The holidays are over, yet the fun activities of spring have not yet arrived. One thing you can do to get your juices flowing is to start planning your home remodeling project. Below we are introducing some brand new smart products you may want consider for your home.

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"Home wasn't built in a day."

—Jane Sherwood Ace

Home Design Ideas: These Are Predicted to Be the Biggest Trends in 2018

With a new year comes new design trends. If one of your resolutions in the new year is to give your home an upgrade, this is the perfect time to keep an eye out for design inspiration. While the weather is snowy and cold, you can start compiling ideas you’d like to show your trusted design-build contractor, who can help you find the designs that will be best suited to your home. Whether you’re thinking about doing a home addition or a home remodel, we’ve compiled a list of the most popular predicted design trends for 2018. Below you’ll find ideas for every room of your home, from the bathroom to the kitchen, and everywhere in between.

1. More colorful kitchens

All white kitchens are predicted to be less common as people opt for pops of color or neutrals in the form of grays and blues. Warm wood tones will also be popular for cabinetry.

2. Warmer colors throughout the home

Houzz predicts that warm, rich colors will start being seen throughout the home when 2018 hits. Reds, earthy shades, and warm grays will be more common. Green will also make an appearance in earthier tones.

3. Vintage lighting

Modern light fixtures are being put aside, while vintage light fixtures will be the hot item, creating a more rustic look. Worn copper pendant lighting is predicted to be especially favored in places like the kitchen or dining room.

4. Sink updates

White and stainless steel sinks will decline in popularity, while sinks made of stone materials and copper will become more common. Sink styles are changing too, with more homeowners favoring functional and spacious trough and bucket sinks in both the bathroom and the kitchen.

5. Millwork and wainscoting

Millwork, or wooden walls with designs etched into them, and other details like wainscoting are becoming more popular in living areas and bedrooms, while accent walls are becoming less common. Statement ceilings painted in colors that pop against a room, or have an interesting visual design, are also being worked into rooms more often—a trend predicted to continue into 2018.

6. More modern bedrooms

While vintage pieces and warmer colors may be seen in other areas of the home, minimalist designs and cool, soothing colors are becoming more popular in bedrooms. Furniture is being kept to a minimum here as well, keeping with the minimalist theme and creating a more relaxing space.

7. Natural elements

Natural elements never seem to go out of style, and this will still be the case for 2018. Look for wood and stone accents, and the earthier color tones mentioned above. Homeowners are also taking inspiration from the places they live. For example, if you have a camp on the lake, more natural elements will be especially fitting there.

8. Brass accents

Keeping with the theme of warmer color tones, brass accents are also gaining in popularity as homeowners move away from cooler tones like brushed silver and stainless steel. Consider trying out this trend in the form of sink faucets, or hang a brass framed mirror in the bathroom.

9. Concrete accents

Concrete has been a popular choice for kitchen countertops and flooring, and this popularity is predicted to continue. It will also start showing up in both furniture and tile designs.

10. Wallpaper like backsplashes

Subway tile has had a good run, but more complex designs reminiscent of wallpaper are now entering the scene in both bathrooms and kitchens. Larger slabs of tile are also becoming more popular, which can be easier to maintain since they have less grout to clean.
Looking for more home remodeling ideas? Contact our experienced design-build team at Design Builders & Remodeling, Inc, they’ll help you determine which design ideas will best suit your home, and turn your vision into a reality.

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Smart-Home Connectivity

This year the Design & Construction Week (DCW) took place in Orlando while the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was going on simultaneously in Las Vegas. Both shows were exhilarating to attend because of the multiple high-tech consumer products that were introduced throughout the exhibit halls. Innovations in smart-home connectivity made a huge impact at the shows this year—it is definitely the big trend in 2018. Amazing new smart-home connected appliances and devices created curiosity and excitement in everyone as they gathered around the products to give them a try.

The International Builders’ Show and the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show were the two shows co-located at the 2018 DCW. Numerous companies entered their latest, spectacular, top-of-the-line products in the Best of IBS Awards and the Best of KBIS Awards competition. Not surprisingly, a great majority of the award winners are products designed for smart home connectivity. Here are some examples:

Imagine having a smart thermostat in your home like the ecobee4 (pictured above) that you can control through its touch-screen, a smart device or voice. Alexa voice service lets you ask your ecobee4 to adjust your home’s temperature, while ecobee4 also delivers comfort and energy savings via sensor technology.

Or perhaps you would like a smoke/CO alarm like the Onelink Safe & Sound (pictured right) that sends alerts to your devices in an emergency. Built-in Alexa voice services provide hands-free commands, while multi-room intercom functionality lets you communicate with your family, or listen to music.

The VELUX Active system (bottom photo) monitors the indoor air climate in your home, as well as local weather forecasts. Then it automatically opens and closes your skylights and skylight blinds as needed. VELUX Active uses a smartphone app, Apple HomeKit, and provides voice activation control.  

Would you like to own Samsung’s Front Load Washer with QuickDrive? Not only does it offer a faster wash time, the intelligent Q-rator laundry assistant takes the guesswork out of doing laundry from a mobile device. It provides automatic recommendations for optimal wash cycles, and monitors your washer to keep it operating at optimal performance.

Left to right: Samsung QuickDrive Front Load Washer, Samsung Family Hub smart fridge, and GE Kitchen Hub.

In addition to these award winning products, the 2018 exhibits included refrigerators that have cameras inside. If you are out grocery shopping and wonder if you have enough milk, you can find out through your smart phone connection. Samsung’s Family Hub smart refrigerator has a large screen on the door that can act as your recipe finder, weather channel, smart speaker and more.

Or you could install the GE Kitchen Hub above your kitchen range to function as a ventilator, while it also controls all of your smart-home devices even if they are not made by GE. The hub lets you watch recipe videos, listen to music, check on the weather and make video calls.

There are so many wonderful smart products available in 2018—many more than we have listed here. Which products would you like to have in your home? Luckily you do have some time to mull it over because several of them will not be available until the summer or fall.



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