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January 2019
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We have come to the beginning of a New Year! Time to consider some delightful new ideas for your kitchens and baths that will elevate the look of your home into the year 2019 and beyond. We are sharing photos and descriptions of some of the latest designs in cabinet hardware available. Take a look!

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Make a Statement with Cabinet Hardware

Sometimes the smallest details make the most lasting impression. That certainly is the case with decorative cabinet hardware. When remodeling your kitchen or bath, you often find yourself more concerned with the cabinets and countertops, making sure your choices are perfect for the spectacular look you want. However, the hardware you select has a significant design impact on your cabinets. It will either enhance the appearance, or do just the opposite. Therefore, it is important not to make hardware selection a last minute decision. Take the time to consider whether the hardware is simply calling attention to itself, or is it intensifying the beauty of your cabinets?

Simple, clean lines with minimal decoration is forecasted to be the design trend for decorative hardware in 2019, whether the style of your kitchen or bath is transitional or contemporary. Today’s exciting warm new finishes—such as matte black, brushed gold and satin bronze—pair well with both white and dark wood surfaces, making your cabinets really pop. Popular finishes from recent years—like polished chrome, satin nickel, and oil rubbed bronze—are still available as well.
Hardware is one of the ways you can personalize your cabinets. The old rule that everything has to match no longer applies. Today, everything is about mixing it up; finding things that you love and pulling it all together to express your own personal style. Experiment with mixing different hardware designs that have the same finish, or use the same hardware design, but in different finishes. Knobs and pulls fashioned from natural stone, glass or leather provide other options. How refreshing it is to know that no one else will bring together the exact same combination of cabinets and hardware that you choose for your kitchen.

For a very modern, sleek appearance, your cabinets can be designed with hardware that is almost invisible. For example, hidden pulls are installed at the top edge of a cabinet door or drawer front so just a tiny portion protrudes, yet these pulls are quite easy to grasp with your fingers. Some cabinets have integrated handles, which means there is an inward notch or beveled edge that you can grab ahold of to open the door. And then there are push latches that actually are invisible from the outside. These latches are installed inside the cabinets, and when you push gently against the cabinet door it automatically opens.

In addition to aesthetics, one of the most important considerations should be how your cabinet hardware functions and feels to your hand. Since you continually open and close your cabinet doors and drawers, hand comfort and accessibility is vital. For some people with limited hand mobility, a pull may be easier to grasp than a knob. In this case, test out your preferred handles before you make the final choices.

The Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Accessories

Functional kitchens are created by cabinets. The depth and placement of drawers and cupboards determines what can be stored. Cabinet accessories help to improve organization and access in drawers and cupboards. Today, cabinet makers offer a wide range of accessories that are specifically designed to fit to their cabinets.

Here are some the most popular cabinet accessories from their lines that make a kitchen more efficient and functional.

1. Pullout Trash and Recycling Bins

A cabinet accessory most homeowners ask for is a pullout for trash and recycling bins. There is nothing more unsightly than a trash can in a kitchen. If you’ve shopped for them, you have probably found that choices are limited and you will have a trash liner hanging over the edge of the can in full sight. Pullout trash bins are often installed near a sink and dishwasher where the depth can accommodate one or two receptacles.

2. Lazy-Susans and Carousels

Before lazy-susans were invented corner cabinets were difficult to access and often became wasted space. Corner carousels help to keep contents organized and at hand. Many kitchens have a carousel in a base cabinet but they’re also great in upper cupboards to store small items such as spices, oils and vinegars. (below left)


3. Pullout Shelves

Pullout shelves can be installed in almost any cabinet and help to make the full depth of the cabinet easily accessible and visible. Many of these shelves have an edge to keep contents in place. (above right)

4. Pullout Pantry Units and Space Fillers

A pantry closet with shelves can easily become disorganized. Often we store canned, bottled and box food products in pantries so it’s important to be able to easily access contents and check supplies and product expiration dates. Pullout units enable you to see everything that is stored and quickly find items you need.

5. Flip-down Storage

Often the cabinet below a sink is fitted with a panel that resembles a drawer with no utility. This is an area where it’s helpful to have a place for pot scrubbers, bar soap and sponges to keep them at hand. A panel can be fitted with a hinge and an insert that will accommodate these items. (right)

6. Cabinet Dividers

Some of the most difficult items to store and have easy access to in a kitchen are baking sheets and cutting boards. Cabinets can be fitted with vertical dividers to keep these items visible and from becoming damaged or bent. (below left)

7. Storage Drawer Plate Organizers

More homeowners are finding that deep drawers are ideal for storing plates and bowls that they once stored in cupboards over the counter. When plates are in drawers it is important to keep them from sliding together and chipping. Dish organizers made for drawers are sized for plates and bowls and keep them intact. (below right)

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