August 2019
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August is here and kids are getting ready to go back to school. The excitement of beginning a new school year is contagious. It’s the perfect time to redecorate your child, or grandchild’s, bedroom. Let the kids in your life have some decision-making power in their new space’s design. At the same time, choose a look to transition through the years into young adulthood.

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Lenoir Kitchen to Entertain

Objective: To open up the kitchen and living area, as well as creating a larger, brighter kitchen perfect for entertaining.

The Backstory of the Lenoir Kitchen

The clients purchased their forever home in Lenoir, NC back in 2017. They lived in it for almost a year and were ready for some change. Originally being built in the ’70s, the home had no major renovations and was showing signs of age. Eager to start, the couple called us to help with their kitchen renovation.

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Timeless and Eclectic Trends in Children's Bedrooms

Do you find yourself redecorating a child's bedroom more often than you would like? Children's tastes change as they discover what they like or unfollow the trends of their peers. Save yourself both time and money spent overhauling their entire decor. Follow some of the guidelines below.

  • When it comes to furnishing a child's bedroom, a race-car or princess bed may be too fleeting as practical furniture options. Instead, select well-made, classic furnishings for kids to grow into. They can either take these into young adulthood as useful keepsakes or leave them behind.

  • One of the latest children's room trends is using heirloom pieces. Keep in mind the level of wear and tear pieces may incur while in a child's space. Refrain from giving children something irreplaceable or valuable (until they are more mature).

  • You can mix and match contemporary and vintage styles for an eclectic look. There is no need for a child's bedroom to have all matching components. Vintage or antique finds are wonderful for children's rooms. Please be mindful that paints or finishes are not lead-based!

  • Focus on keeping the color scheme simple. If your child's favorite colors often shift, you may opt for a neutral shade on the walls rather than a neon shade of paint they (and you) will tire of. Let them select a bedspread, throw pillows, or other accents in the color de rigueur: these items can be easily switched if they fall out of favor. Buy a few plush toys rather than using an entire character theme because kid's preferences often change.

  • Creating whimsical details is a good contrast from the sophisticated furnishings and color schemes that are currently popular for children's rooms. Some fun additions include fairy doors, built-in playhouses, wall murals, or themed bunkbeds (think forts and castles). These touches will be outgrown before long, but a little whimsy softens a space with a sophisticated backdrop.

  • Breaking the room up into separate zones gives your child a sense of structure. Dedicated zones can help kids keep their room well-organized. Adding reading nooks, study corners, craft tables, or loft beds helps divide rooms by task and also maximizes space.

Allow the children in your life to choose some components of their new space, while also planning for the future. One of the biggest trends in children's rooms at the moment is sustainability. There is nothing sustainable about frequently overhauling the entire decor of a child's room. When you teach children how to care for their own space and they help design their environment, it gives them a sense of pride and accomplishment. Start the process of teaching them to look after their room as young as possible, and as they mature, they will be in the habit of caring for their own environment.


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