February 2019
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The fond memories you associate with your home can sometimes cause you to overlook aspects of your home that need improvement. Ask yourself what kind of impression the outside of your home makes to a casual observer driving by. Below we list 10 ways you can improve your home's curb appeal.

Cody Byrd, AMB, AR, CGR, CAPS, CGP
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10 Ways to Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

As you drive by your home, does it look exciting or boring? Stylish or dated? Well-tended or neglected? In other words, does it have curb appeal? Curb appeal is something to strive for, since it increases the value of your home in several ways: It helps contribute distinctiveness to your neighborhood; it makes your home feel more welcoming to friends and family; and it increases the attractiveness of your home to buyers, should you ever decide to sell it. The following ten home enhancements can make a huge difference.

1. New paint, siding and trim can greatly improve the aesthetic of your home. Before painting, repair any obvious defects in existing materials, such as cracked or rotting boards. Add character to your home with fresh new colors and interesting trim details that are appropriate to the architectural style. Accent trim can make your doors and windows really pop.

2. Choose black window frames since this color is on trend and extremely popular. The bold, enchanting color makes your windows stand out and get noticed. Black window frames fit any architectural style and give an older home an updated look.


3. Dress up the front entrance and make a big impact. Adding an impressive front portico lends depth and interest to a plain facade while also offering protection during inclement weather. Make your front door the main focal point by painting it a contrasting color or installing a door with glass panes that let more light into the interior. One or two unique light fixtures at the door provide safety as well as good looks.

4. Add a front porch that provides additional living space for fun get-togethers. Select comfortable easy-care furniture, along with cozy pillows and rugs that make your home look inviting.

5. Design an inviting pathway to your home’s entrance. Replace a plain concrete sidewalk with the warmth of a winding pathway made from brick or stone and bordered by flowers and plants. Another attractive option is a stamped and colored concrete walkway.

6. Upgrade the driveway if it is stained, cracked or has weeds sprouting up. If your driveway is over twenty years old, it would be best to redo it entirely. Otherwise, depending on its condition, the driveway can be resurfaced less expensively, or patched where necessary.

7. Improve your landscaping by trimming overgrown plants and adding new planting beds. Remove weeds as well as dead or dying shrubs and perennials. Edge planting beds with stone or precast-concrete blocks. Install sprinklers and an irrigation system. Make sure any new plants you buy are suited to our climate to make upkeep easier. 

8. Low-voltage landscape lighting provides safety and security as it illuminates your walkways. It can also highlight interesting and attractive details of your home and yard. 

9. Install a new garage door that coordinates with the architectural style of your home and adds eye-catching appeal. Windows provide light for the interior of your garage, along with extra charm on the exterior. Choose opaque glass if privacy is a concern. 

10. Repair or replace the roof if the shingles are old and showing signs of wear. If you begin the roofing project with a clean roof deck, add an ice-and-water-shield membrane along the eaves.

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