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December is the month when homeowners are usually quite busy hosting big family gatherings and parties with friends. If your home is the epicenter for holiday celebrations this year, may you have lots of fun shopping, decorating and preparing delicious meals!

When you think about the best way to keep your guests delighted, perhaps one of the things that comes to your mind is the need for an entertainment area with a bar. Keep reading for some tips on how you can create this lively space during your next remodeling project.

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Entertaining in a Home Bar and Game Room

Today’s open kitchens and family rooms are wonderful, expansive spaces intended for food prep and serving, as well as for entertaining friends and family. But if you are eager for more intimate social gatherings as well, a private home bar and game room can be exactly what you are envisioning.

Homeowners often desire a designated space to entertain friends who like to get together and play pool, poker, or video games. This can be your favorite spot to enjoy a craft beer, a glass of wine, or a pour of whiskey. So look around your home and see if there is a suitable location where you can create a home bar and game room—perhaps in your bonus room, garage, or basement. Or you could include this fun place in your plans for a new addition.

It is important to decide what kind of functionality you want to have in your home bar and game room. If your preference is a wet bar, because you do not want to run back and forth to your kitchen, you will need to have appliances installed such as a refrigerator, wine cooler, ice machine, and sink. This requires plumbing and electrical work, of course. Built-in wall cabinets are useful for storing glassware, napkins, liquor bottles, various bar accessories, and snacks. If you have the space, a countertop bar with stools lets your friends sit close and socialize while you do the bartending. Bring your own personal style into the room by choosing the colors and decor that you love.

What kind of games will you typically play in your home bar and game room? If it is poker, purchase a sturdy poker table that provides plenty of room for your group of friends. Consider a multi-purpose table that allows you first to play poker or board games and then afterwards you can remove the cover and play pool. However, if you are really serious about billiards, a standard pool table is the best way to go. Perhaps you have a passion for old-school pinball and want to install pinball machines up against the wall, or you plan to include a Foosball table. On the other hand, if you and your friends prefer playing video games or watching movies be sure to arrange cushy sofas and lounge chairs around the big screen so you will be comfortable for extended periods of time. You may want to consider investing in gaming chairs that include speakers, cupholders, and immersive technology. No matter what type of games you choose, be sure to include built-in shelving or cabinets to store the various equipment that accompanies the games, and have plenty of electrical outlets installed.

It is important to plan ahead for your lighting scheme in your home bar and game room. Natural light feels warm and inviting, so it is good to incorporate numerous windows, if possible. Recessed overhead lighting spaced around the perimeter of the room makes sure there are no dark, shadowy corners. Under-cabinet lighting works well in the bar area, while pendant lights hung over the bar, billiard table or poker table also increase visibility. If you specifically desire a theater-style room for video games or movies, you may want to eliminate windows and be sure the recessed lighting is dimmable. And don't forget to install a quality sound system to increase the fun experience of your video gaming or movie watching!
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