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As the warmer days approach, most of us get enthused about spending more time outdoors. Maybe you enjoy hiking, fishing, or camping with the kids. We hope you have lots of opportunities this year to get involved in whatever outside activities you get a kick out of! But remember, you can also delight in outdoor fun at home. Take a look at some of the great ideas from The New American Remodel 2019.

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TNAR 2019—A Captivating Remodel

The New American Remodel was displayed as an educational tool for remodelers and designers during the International Builders Show (IBS) this year. The history of TNAR 2019 is quite fascinating. The Design Build team discovered a sprawling 1950s ranch-style home in downtown Las Vegas and jumped at the chance to revitalize it. With the continuously rising prices of newer homes in the far away suburbs, many buyers are looking for remodeling opportunities closer to downtown. They like being where the action is.

This home wasn’t a part of a master plan, so the team had the ability to create something unique for IBS. Surprisingly, even though the property is just a few minutes from the Strip, it has an agricultural zoning designation. TNAR team declined the idea of raising farm animals, but instead chose to feature a remarkable backyard orchard with fruit trees and flowering plants.

The look of the home’s exterior is modern, but also conveys an aesthetic similar to the other homes on the street. The theme is organic earth tones with rough stone veneer, stained wood siding and dark metal roofing as the dominant features. Old railroad ties found in the existing backyard were recycled into attractive screening fences.


The new floor plan is arranged around a beautiful central courtyard. This type of layout is actually very traditional, dating back thousands of years. The C-shape creates a protective barrier from both sun and wind, enhancing the home’s energy efficiency. Nestled within that protective environment on the first floor is a comfortable outdoor living space, outdoor bar and large swimming pool with accompanying spa. Another large, inviting outdoor living area is located on the second floor.

Several walls that once separated the interior from the exterior were removed to eliminate boundaries between the indoor and outdoor living spaces. The same stone and wood siding on the exterior are used on the interior, creating a seamless transition. The wide open spaces create a perfect traffic flow for entertaining. Glass wall panel sliding systems allow these open rooms to expand even more.


It is quite obvious the house was designed for entertaining. The main kitchen includes two induction cooktops, an electric grill and teppanyaki, four wall ovens, two large refrigerator-freezers, and a workstation sink. The butler’s pantry adjoining the kitchen incorporates another grill, a pizza oven, a built-in coffee system, and an urban cultivator for growing herbs. In addition there are two outdoor kitchens, five gas fireplaces, and eleven flat screen TVs. There are definitely plenty of activities for get-togethers.

This home feels warm and inviting—a relaxing way to spend more time outside at home. Consider adopting some of these ideas when you remodel your home.

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