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June 2018
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June is finally here and what fun it is to hear the happy sounds of the warm summer months. Birds chirping, children playing outside, neighbors mowing their lawns. Some of that fun can translate into more work for you, however, as you notice dirt being tracked inside your home. See our suggestions below for how helpful a mudroom can be!

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Mudrooms Make Life Easier

Summer is that time of year when kids are constantly running in and out of the house. They play outside with their friends and then rush back inside to get a snack and something to drink. For that reason, it is always good to have a mudroom right inside your home’s entryway where your children can take off dirty shoes so they do not make tracks into the kitchen.

A mudroom is also a transitioning space for adults who have been outdoors. Homeowners may be active in the garden during the summer months or they may regularly take their dog for a walk. Whatever their activities, they will also want a place to store muddy shoes, raincoats and umbrellas, to keep these items out of their indoor living spaces.

As you are planning your mudroom, the first thing to consider is location. Does your family primarily enter and exit your home from the garage or from a door that leads to the backyard? Place your mudroom in the area that gets the most traffic during the day.
Decide if you would prefer your mudroom to have cabinets with doors so that jackets and backpacks may be hidden from sight—an alternative that results in a less cluttered appearance. Or perhaps you would rather have open cabinets with hooks that make it easier for kids to hang up items as they pass by. A combination of both might be just right for your family. Installing cubbies, as well as shelves with baskets, helps organize all sorts of items such as hats, dog leashes, baseballs and gloves.

Be sure to include a bench that offers a place to sit while removing shoes and boots. Consider installing a shower space for rinsing mud off your dog, as well as your kids’ shoes. Provide a drip tray where wet shoes and boots can dry out without soiling the floor.

Additional amenities you may want to include in your mudroom would be a docking drawer with outlets for charging your mobile devices when you come back inside the house. A mudroom is also a great place to install an undercounter refrigerator where you and your kids can grab drinks and snacks without needing to enter the kitchen. Design a comfortable doggie bed so your pet can take a nap after playing outdoors.  

The appearance of your mudroom does not need to be dull and boring—choose materials that are attractive and fun. Since water and dirt will continually invade your mudroom, it is also important to choose finishes that are durable, scratch-resistant, moisture resistant and non-slippery. Make your mudroom user-friendly and efficient by selecting products that are low-maintenance. Porcelain tile with a matte finish is a good choice for the flooring, as is luxury vinyl tile.

Designing a brightly illuminated space is also necessary so everyone can find what they need as they exit your home, and so that clean up is easy. Include windows for daylighting, and then install light fixtures according to a layered lighting scheme that provides ambient, accent and task lighting.

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4 Mudroom Design Ideas for Active Families

1. Built-in Cubbies

A cubby is a small boxlike storage space. Cubbies are usually included in the top and/or bottom of mudroom storage cabinets. Cubbies can also be built into a hall closet to better organize the space.

For effective storage, a cubby should be at least 12-to-18 inches deep. Trays or baskets can be added to cubbies for storage that can be personalized.

Built-in cubbies are a practical solution for organizing entryway or mudroom clutter so it doesn’t migrate to other areas of your home.

In this semi-custom cabinet display unit, the overhead cubbies are shown in three styles—a solid door, open and a screened door. The doors conceal contents while the open cubby provides easy access to items. The cubbies are trimmed with crown molding.

2. Lockers

Mudroom lockers provide storage for larger items like coats, jackets, backpacks and athletic gear. They can be a long, narrow space with hooks or individual units with doors.

Lockers should be designed to be easily accessed by users. If you have small children you will want to be sure the locker and hooks are placed at an appropriate height for the child to hang items.

Lockers should be about 18 inches deep. Height can vary depending on users and storage needs although an optimal height for the entire unit is about 70 inches. Width can vary depending on the available space and number of users.
Above Left: Three lockers with double hooks provide ample storage for heavy jackets and coats. There are open shelves in the lockers for smaller items such as hats, gloves and scarves. Below the lockers there is storage for footwear.

Above Right: Built-in lockers with cabinets and drawers make it easy for family members to keep coats, jackets and shoes organized.


3. Benches

Benches are great for mudrooms. You can purchase a bench or have one custom made for your entryway.

Right: A large bench with pullout drawer storage was built expressly for this mudroom. The deep drawers can be used to store seasonal items.

4. Simple Storage Solutions

Also, consider these simple, cost-effective solutions to organizing your entryway:
  • Add a wall-mounted coat rack
  • Add an umbrella stand.
  • Provide trays for boots and shoes.
  • Add accessories for pets
If you are interested in creating or updating a mudroom for your home, talk with your contractor to determine a layout for your space and to discuss design and cabinet options. A design-build professional can help you maximize your space and select and install storage units that meet your family’s needs.



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