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November 2019

Dear <<First Name>>,

November is here and with it the realization that the holidays are sneaking up on us. The cooler weather entices us with excited anticipation for fun-filled events planned. Let us know if you see a home transformation that would improve next year’s celebrations. Amidst the hustle and bustle, we hope you take time to reflect on all of your reasons to be thankful.

Do you know how to create interest when updating your home, or do you struggle to create character in a dated or plain space? Read this month’s blog on ceiling features to include in your next remodel. Known as “the fifth wall” in a room, your ceiling can be a perfect area to express style and create interest.  

We also have an article on how to choose the fixtures, function, and look of a new kitchen island—a place where you spend so much of your time. If you are remodeling your kitchen, including an island is a wonderful idea. When you hire a professional remodeler, we can find the perfect size and style of kitchen island that works best with the layout of your new kitchen. For your remodeling project, we help you find a design that transforms your home and enriches your life.

We hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving! As we prepare to spend time with family and friends and share bountiful meals, let’s truly recognize with gratitude our many blessings.


H. Dale Contant, MCR, CRPM, UDCP

President | Principal Owner
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When Remodeling, Choose a Statement Ceiling

As part of a renovation, or addition, consider following a recent trend by incorporating a statement ceiling into the room or rooms being worked on. Ceilings are sometimes referred to as a home’s “fifth wall.” Many homeowners miss out on the chance to take advantage of this extra bit of real estate by making a stylish statement.

Continue Reading for some practical reasons you may choose to highlight your ceiling.

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Kitchen Islands Aren’t Going Anywhere but They Are Evolving

Kitchen islands have been essential in designing luxury kitchens for years. A well-thought-out island makes an excellent work surface, but the trend has evolved as the main uses of the kitchen island have expanded. Islands are frequently the center of the home, a place where guests and family members are drawn together.

Another benefit is that with plugs for laptops, tablets, and phones the kitchen can do triple-duty as a workspace, or a hub for relaxing as well as for meals. Large islands can use a lot of space, so some homeowners may prefer the option of dining at their island if they have to forgo a separate seating area, or if they prefer the option of a casual dining space and a separate, more formal dining area.

Additionally, islands are wonderful for entertaining. Rather than being cloistered away from your guests while cooking and prepping, an open concept layout with an island invites your guests to be a part of the prep work—or at least keep you company while you prepare food. An island countertop is the perfect space to set up a buffet or an array of hors d'oeuvres. If your party is geared more toward cocktails, set up bar stools at your island and chat with guests while you mix their drinks.

Eye on Style: Express Yourself with a Unique Centerpiece

If you’re more excited about the aesthetics of having a kitchen island than the functionality, you probably want to know what’s on trend. Furniture-style islands are one trend that may appeal to you. These pieces have furniture-like details, and you can select a different color than your cabinets. Bold use of color is making a comeback in the kitchen. An olive, matte black, or blue island is not only a fresh and stylish choice, but it also gives you a chance for some self-expression in the kitchen.

You can select whatever color and type of countertop material that you like, but it has to be heat resistant if you’re including a cooktop. Neutral quartz and quartzite countertops are becoming one of the most popular choices for counters and islands. Granite is fading in popularity.


Workhorse: What Should Be Included in Your Island

Depending on your preferences for a work triangle, you can include either a sink or a cooktop (or even both) in your island. If you include a sink, you will probably decide to have the dishwasher incorporated into your island for convenience. Below-counter microwaves go well in an island because they are unobtrusive and save counter space, while being centrally located.

If you decide to have a cooktop in your island, you will need a range hood for ventilation while cooking. If you don’t want a range hanging down over your kitchen’s centerpiece, consider a slot range hood that disappears back into your counter when not in use. You may also consider an over-the-island range like this Cirrus range by BEST range hoods: it is flush with the ceiling, yet powerful enough to eliminate smells or smoke from cooking.

Pragmatic Choice: Choose a Professional to Install Your Island

If you are considering a kitchen remodeling project and you want to include a new island, weigh your needs and wants for the space and communicate with your designer and remodeler. They can make measurements to have the precise and ideal layout, configuration, and island size for your space. After all, putting too large of an island into your space is one of the more regrettable decisions homeowners make. Every touch, from lighting to electrical outlets, is an important part of creating an island that meets all of your needs, while also being a worthy centerpiece to a new kitchen. Get a professional to help you decide the best dimensions and features for your kitchen’s island.



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