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September 2018
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Even though we can easily search the internet on our smart phones or tablets from wherever we happen to be, sometimes we need a quiet place at home to sit down and do office work, such as going through invoices that have come in the mail. Below you will find suggestions for how to create the perfect home office to meet your needs.

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The Perfect Home Office

Most homeowners like to have a space set aside in their homes for desk work, such as ordering products online or recording expenditures. In addition, certain homeowners have professions that allow them to work from home, or they have developed their own small online businesses for which they need office space at home.

The first thing to consider when creating your home office is the location. Take into account the nature of your work as well as the needs of other people who live with you. If you simply want to do occasional desk work, carving out a corner in your kitchen, living room or bedroom to install a small desk plus a few shelves and cubbies will suffice. When your business requires you to spend time on the phone with clients or manufacturers, it would be best to set up a dedicated office area that is insulated from household noise. This office could be fitted with interior glass windows, if you need to keep an eye on your children who are playing nearby.

Plan carefully how much desktop surface and storage space you will need. Some vocations may accomplish everything with simply a tablet and smart phone. Other occupations require significant desktop space, computers, shelving, file cabinets, a printer and other equipment. In this case, be sure to include sufficient electrical outlets, charging stations, WiFi connections, and lighting. In addition to task lighting, diffused ambient light can make your space feel more pleasant and motivating. Also include exterior windows that allow healthy natural light to enter your office. You may need to install a soft window shade that blocks glare from the computer during certain times of the day.

Another healthy choice that is getting more popular each year is to connect your home office to the outdoors through expansive sliding or folding glass doors. If this arrangement is not possible, then incorporate live plants into your home office decor. It is beneficial for your mind and body to be linked with nature, especially when you spend most of the day inside your home.  

If you frequent your home office on a regular basis, your office chair is one of the most important pieces of equipment. It needs to be comfortable and adjustable to different heights that fit your body size. Select a chair with lumbar support to avoid back problems.

One of the exciting things about working from a home office is the fact that you can choose the colors, styles, and decor that suit your personality. Maybe you are inspired by bold colors and patterns on the furniture or flooring, instead of the neutral tones that usually are found in corporate offices. Creative pieces of artwork hung on the wall can offer textural appeal.

Once you have everything in place and your home office is ready to go, the biggest challenge is self-discipline in completing your daily tasks. It will help if you get dressed, rather than come to work in pajamas. Set some regular work hours and then stick to them.
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