October 2019
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You bought your home for a reason, and maybe you still love it, even if your family’s make up or your lifestyle has drastically shifted since you first purchased it. Moving is stressful and expensive. Why not have a home addition or remodel solve your space issues? Read more for some ideas to consider when planning your home’s expansion.

Cody Byrd, AMB, AR, CGR, CAPS, CGP
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Adapt Your Home to Your Lifestyle with a New Addition

Why choose an addition for your home? Maybe your family has grown, and you need to increase your home’s square footage? Maybe your interests have changed, and you need a dedicated space to pursue work or hobbies? Maybe you have a parent retiring, and you need more room for them to comfortably move in with your family?

Whatever your conundrum, a well-designed home addition lends itself to expanding not only your square footage, but your lifestyle as well. After all, moving is a huge hassle and expense. Rather than going through the steps of selling their home and finding a new one, many homeowners prefer remaining in their current home and having the space they need added on.

Business or Pleasure?

More homeowners than ever before work from home. Technology has given us the gift of telecommuting, so regardless of your location, you can have the job of your dreams. A home office is, ideally, separate from the bustling activity of your household. A quiet, private space encourages you to block out the sights and sounds of your household and increases your productivity.

Maybe you want to spend your time at home pursuing hobbies? Whether it’s sewing, crafting, fine art, or learning an instrument, a dedicated hobby room helps store materials used for your artistic pursuits and creates a getaway from your household. Features like built-in shelving and custom cabinetry are wonderful for keeping supplies well organized. With everything stored at an arm’s reach, you can maximize your creative time. Best of all, you don’t have to put everything away if you are planning to come back to your project soon—you can just pick up where you left off. A closed door hides your creative clutter from the rest of the house.

Growing Families

Today more U.S. families live in multigenerational households. It can be rewarding to have multiple generations under one roof, but maybe you need an additional bedroom, bathroom, an in-law suite, finished basement, or a new master bedroom retreat? Additions can solve a lot of logistical issues when you’re expecting another child or preparing for parents to retire. Even families with close relationships benefit from the privacy a well-executed addition grants a household. A first-floor in-law suite for a parent can be built with Universal Design to plan for current or future accessibility needs. It is far less expensive to tackle issues of accessibility during a remodel than later!

A finished basement or family room addition can help a large family maintain separate common areas. Family members can watch different movies, or entertain their own guests, without disturbing one another. Creating a master bedroom addition can free up a smaller bedroom as well as adding an additional bathroom to your home! Not to mention the added bonus of having a place to rest and recuperate from the rest of the household (whom you likely help care for in myriad ways). Regardless of your family’s changing needs, a home addition is usually more cost effective than moving, and it not only increases the size of your home, but the quality of your lifestyle as well.
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