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April 2018

Dear <<First Name>>,

It was William Shakespeare who said, “April hath put a spirit of youth in everything.” It is the month when spring truly bursts forth with much more consistency than March. Long-awaited blooms appear in flower beds and landscapes—as do deer. Read on for a few hints to protect your flowers from becoming lunch.

What amazing outdoor panoramas we are blessed with here in our area! At Atlanta Design & Build one of our goals is to enrich our clients’ experience with their home’s outside environment through creating the perfect outdoor living space for them. For example, take a look at the wonderful 2017 CotY Award-Winning screened porch and deck we completed.   

The fun of being together along with the desire for privacy is all a part of a typical multi-generational household. Each member of the family will appreciate being able to retreat to their own separate bedroom suite when they want to unwind. Enjoy our description below of a home that was designed both for multi-generational living and to showcase technologically advanced building innovations.

With many delightful days ahead, we hope you enjoy this month to its fullest. 


H. Dale Contant, MCR, CRPM, UDCP

President | Principal Owner

Deer ’n Blooms

Many of us in Georgia enjoy the beauty of nature displayed in plants and the gentle wildlife traipsing in our yards. As temperatures get warmer, the long-awaited flowers of spring start to bud before showing themselves in full bloom. Homeowners aren’t the only ones anxiously awaiting their arrivals, however. What greater frustration than seeing our beloved Bambi munching on our dearly prized landscape!  

Here are some tips to care for BOTH, protecting your foliage without harming the wildlife:

Apparently, plants that feel fuzzy or hairy or have prickly and fibrous leaves are not preferred by animal tongues or taste buds. Per several gardening sites, including these plants in your garden can help deter their being eaten; for example, lamb’s ear, Jerusalem sage, globe thistle, Iris, etc.  
Multiple sources also speak to using plants with strong fragrance to keep the deer away. Several suggest planting marigolds or flowering herbs like lavender, thyme, sage, rosemary and oregano. Planting these amidst flowers or around a bed as a barrier may keep deer from approaching other blooming plants. You may have success planting garlic amidst your tulips.  

Check with your local garden center for more ideas on plants that fit the categories above, and   see what else they may suggest. A few years ago I purchased a powder that touted itself as a deer repellent for a friend. She had to re-apply after rain, but said it worked to keep the deer from her blooms.   

While researching for this article, I even found Deer-Repellent Wildflower seeds available online. I know what I’m trying in the flower boxes at my retaining wall. Let me know if you try any of the above and how it works for you. Hope we all have a spring filled with great blooms and plenty of views with Bambi.


photos courtesy of Barbara Brown Photography

Outdoor Living Space Enhances a Backyard View in Canton

One of the delights of living in our area is the opportunity homeowners have of admiring magnificent outdoor scenery right in their own backyards. For years our clients had been enjoying the surrounding panorama of many towering trees from their simple uncovered wooden deck. Now they were dreaming of a screened porch that would provide them with the same gorgeous views, but protect them from wind, rain and insects.

“I have always wanted a screened porch. The porch allows us to enjoy the view in shade and comfort. We are very happy with the end result!”

The Atlanta Design & Build team worked with these homeowners to transform their existing deck into a delightful screened porch, created a new open deck, and seamlessly connected the two together while integrating access to their backyard.

See more photos and how we were able to transform this outdoor living area.


Create an Innovative Multi-Generational Home

Are you planning to remodel your home to provide a comfortable, accessible suite for your elderly parents who are moving in with you? Or perhaps you wish to offer private living space for an adult child who is returning home. Maybe you are anticipating both your parents and your adult child coming to share your home. In today’s culture, multi-generational homes are becoming ever more popular as extended families make plans to come together under one roof.

The reNEWable Living Home 2018 was on display at the International Builders Show in Orlando in January as an inspiration for remodelers and builders when working on their own multi-generational projects. The creative design of the home allows three generations to live comfortably together, but enjoy private space when needed.

The two-story home includes a spacious owners suite and an in-law suite for aging parents on opposite ends of the main level. Each pleasant suite contains a separate bathroom, walk-in-closet and laundry facility. The shared open kitchen, dining room and great room integrate smoothly with an outdoor living area, patio and pool for the entire family’s enjoyment. Each of the hallways measure 42 inches wide, with 48- to 60-inch-wide spaces in the main circulation areas, so family members can easily use mobility equipment if needed.

Upstairs is an amazing urban-inspired flat that provides everything an adult child would need, including a combined kitchen/living space and office. Three additional bedrooms with baths are designed to be flex-spaces that can be used for purposes other than bedrooms, such as office space or hobby room. The central area on the second floor offers a game room and mini kitchen for entertainment.

A unique aspect of the reNEWable Living Home are its innovations in design, technology, materials and construction standards. Five key categories played a vital role in all the plans that were made, and should be considered as you plan to remodel your home to become multi-generational:

1. More Savings—Contains enough renewable energy sources to meet a Net Zero Energy standard, meaning it produces all of most of the energy it consumes.

2. Better Health—Proactively helps manage the health of the indoor air quality through features likes its progressive Aprilaire Ventilating Dehumidifier and HVAC control system, as well as CertainTeed AirRenew Drywall that breaks down formaldehyde.

3. Real Comfort—Innovations in building techniques that keep the interior quieter and provide consistent temperature and humidity levels, such as the HercuWall panelized wall system that is air tight and disaster-resistant.

4. Peace of Mind—Smart features that respond to occupants, connecting them to their home, like Wi-Fi enabled devices that adjust temperatures and lighting, enhance security, control kitchen appliances, and play music.

5. Thoughtful Design—The multi-generational floorplan was designed to promote a balance of family connectivity, individual space and physical needs. A soothing palette and clever storage solutions help eliminate stress and contribute towards relaxation.

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