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I just want to make sure you saw this note about subscribing to Sinister Wisdom. I'm finalizing our July 2019 issue this week and would love to be able to send it to you as a subscriber as soon as it publishes.
Also, just for our email recipients: I have a few extra copies of the amazing Mother's Day cards designed by Minnie Chiu, an incredible artist and activist. These cards are especially designed to share with all women who mother - teachers, role models, friends, and mentors - to recognize and validate the many ways women support us in our lives. I'd be happy to mail one or more of the cards to you for you to share with the women who mother you. One card is $2, and we have a great discount for five cards. You can order cards here. And see the preview of what they look like here (or scroll down for an image of the card below!)
If you can subscribe or donate to Sinister Wisdom, I'd sure appreciate it.
Thanks for supporting lesbian culture, lesbian writing, and lesbian activism.
In sisterhood,

April, 2019


How much lesbian goodness is in your life? Want to increase your engagement with lesbian stories, lesbian literature and lesbian art? A subscription Sinister Wisdom might be just what you need to increase the lesbian energy circulating around you! Subscribe to Sinister Wisdom today and receive a unique and powerful year of issues crafted to empower and uplift lesbian voices.

Four times each year, Sinister Wisdom publishes a thoughtful, beautiful, provocative and important issue; issues are released on the fifteenth of the first month of each quarter. On April 15th, Sinister Wisdom will publish Sinister Wisdom 112: Moon and Cormorant. This issue features the eclectic contemporary artwork and poetry of lesbians around the world, along with a dedication to Sinister Wisdom editor Michelle Cliff. Sinister Wisdom has an exciting lineup of issues coming in 2019, engage in lesbian art and community with us! For subscribers, sapphic goodness continues coming to your door—every quarter!

If you subscribe today, I’ll send you Sinister Wisdom 112: Moon and Cormorant for free and start your subscription with the July issue and extend it through spring 2020. Every issue of Sinister Wisdom is absolutely spectacular. You do not want to miss a single one.

Sinister Wisdom is dedicated to sustaining a avenue for lesbian rebellion and creativity through publishing unique and thoughtful issues that promote the expansion of the lesbian imagination and philosophy. A small and tight-knit group of people always sustains community institutions like Sinister Wisdom. For Sinister Wisdom to continue to survive and thrive, we need to continue to expand our subscribers and supporters. Can you become a subscriber to express your ongoing support for lesbians and lesbian creativity?

Your subscription or tax-deductible charitable contributions help to make our publishing in 2019 and far into the beautiful lesbian-loving future a reality. Also, consider giving a gift subscription for your friend, soulmate or colleague who would love Sinister Wisdom. Thank you for the support you have already shown Sinister Wisdom and the lesbian community, and I look forward to welcoming you as a subscriber.


In sisterhood,

Julie R. Enszer, PhD


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