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Celebrating the release of Sinister Wisdom 112, calls for submissions, Sinister Wisdom on Wikipedia, lesbian books & more lesbian goodness!
April 15, 2019


Sinister Wisdom 112: Moon and Cormorant is landing in mailboxes of subscribers across the 50 United States and around the world! The issue arrived at the US post office on April 4th and started wending its way through the system. My copy arrived on Saturday, packaged in the envelop and filled with fun inserts. Has yours arrived? If it has, post a photo of you and the issue and tag our social media accounts! If it has not arrived, it will soon! 

I cannot wait for lesbians around the world to have Sinister Wisdom 112: Moon and Cormorant in their hands! Sinister Wisdom 112: Moon and Cormorant has had a long journey through the minds and hands of writers, editing, printing and binding to arrive in your loving arms to be consumed and shared with all your lesbian-lovin' friends!

The global lesbian community is becoming increasingly connected through the deeply personal yet universal lesbian experiences bared within the pages of Sinister Wisdom, and Sinister Wisdom 112: Moon and Cormorant is another beautiful and eclectic string in the heart-lines that bind us all together.

The cover of Sinister Wisdom 112: Moon and Cormorant features the unique artwork of Australia-based artist Jane Bartier. Her loom art creates the perfect eccentric and distinctive mood for this issue, preparing you to dive in and experience the poetry, prose and artwork of amazing contemporary lesbian artists. When your issue arrives, make sure to take a cool picture and email it to me so we can post in on the Sinister Wisdom Facebook page! We love to see the interesting faces and places of the Sinister Wisdom community, and feature every single aspect of our community of readers! 

Sinister Wisdom 112: Moon and Cormorant includes the new work of contributors Marilyn Hacker, Rita Mookerjee, Christina M. Wells, Mie Astrup Jensen and many more! Sinister Wisdom 112: Moon and Cormorant also includes a tribute to beloved writer and editor of Sinister Wisdom Michelle Cliff including a reflective essay on relearning history through herstory and theirstory by Red Washburn and a reprint of the iconic essay by Michelle Cliff on claiming her identity. 

Not a subscriber? Sign up for a subscription to the journal today! Each subscription includes four amazing issues of Sinister Wisdom. Four fabulous issues are coming in 2019--subscribe today so you don't miss out on some amazing lesbian content! 

Want to just order Sinister Wisdom 112: Moon and Cormorant? We are always happy to ship copies, order individual copies here.

Become a contributor to Sinister Wisdom!

Sinister Wisdom is seeking submissions from around a multitude of themes to reflect and uplift the various expressions and identities of the community. We welcome you to come create, laugh, learn, teach, argue, draw, write and celebrate with Sinister Wisdom by submitting to possibly be published in a future issue of Sinister Wisdom! Sinister Wisdom is currently searching for works around the following thematic issues: In addition, our calendar editor, Sara Gregory is accepting art submissions for the 2020 calendar until midnight tonight! If you have work, look for Sara on instagram or search the Sinister Wisdom social media for more details about submissions! I had a preview of the 2020 calendar and I can assure you it is going to be fantastic. We will open up advance orders in July so stay tuned for more!

It is integral to the lifeforce of Sinister Wisdom and the entire lesbian community to hear from the minds and experiences of all facets of lesbian life. In addition to the special, themed issues, Sinister Wisdom accepts general submissions year-round, and we look forward to the contributions only you can give! Before you submit, please read over Sinister Wisdom's rules on what we publish, submission guidelines and style guide. Then, once you are ready to submit, use our online submission management system Submittable!

I anticipate the diverse and creative contributions you'll submit to help sustain the innovative and dynamic body of work of Sinister Wisdom into the far future!

Sinister Wisdom 87: Tribute to Adrienne Rich available as ebook

At Sinister Wisdom, we deeply value the works of both our present, and our past to fully illuminate the larger lesbian experience. Inspired by this value, I am excited to announce that Sinister Wisdom 87: Tribute to Adrienne Rich is now available as an ebook at Smashwords and wherever ebooks are sold.

Sinister Wisdom 87: Tribute to Adrienne Rich features work by Cheryl Clarke, Rachel Tzvia Back, Elliott batTzedek, Elana Dykewomon, Stephania Byrd, Jocelyn Heath, Jewelle Gomez, Antonia Matthew, Alexis Pauline Gumbs, Lynda Koolish, Jenny Factor, Chris Shorne, Bekah Steimel, and Alison Bechdel. Including an obituary for Leigh Star and more. 

I hope you enjoy the revitalized availability of this very special issue of Sinister Wisdom! Be sure to tell us what you think after giving it a read.

Other news in the world of Sinister Wisdom...

One of our current interns recently added contributions to the Sinister Wisdom Wikipedia page! The Sinister Wisdom page on Wikipedia is a small but slowly expanding overview of the past and present narrative of the journal. Through adding small contributions to the page, the story of Sinister Wisdom can reach the eyes and hearts of more and more interested people around the world, and hopefully inspire others to become involved in making herstory with us.

Do you love Sinister Wisdom? Do you have information about Sinister Wisdom you feel is missing from the Wikipedia page? Help us expand the digital footprint of Sinister Wisdom by contributing the valuable knowledge on the Wikipedia page, and let me know what you added! 

Lesbian Books!

I recently finished reading Saskia de Coster's new novel We and Me. de Coster is a lesbian writer in Belgium and the novel is newly available in English from World Editions. There are not lesbian characters in the novel, but the sensibility and the critique that information the novel is definitely lesbian. Particularly for fans of international literature, this is a fun book. I also read Daisy Johnson's Everything Under, which was a finalist for the Man Booker Award last year and is an amazing novel. Part magical realism, part reenvisioned fairy tale, Everything Under is a riveting novel about gender and growing up. I highly recommend it.

As always, thanks for your support of Sinister Wisdom. You'll be hearing more from me over the next weeks as we continue our spring subscription drive and roll out a few exciting new projects, so stay tuned to Sinister Wisdom and enjoy Sinister Wisdom 112: Moon and Cormorant!

In sisterhood,


Julie R. Enszer, PhD
Editor and Publisher, Sinister Wisdom
Copyright © 2019 Sinister Wisdom, Inc., All rights reserved.

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