More about Sinister Wisdom 111: Golden Mermaids + the next selection of Sinister Wisdom back issues from "the vault" + some January reading recs! Open for lesbian goodness!
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January 15, 2019


Sinister Wisdom 111: Golden Mermaids is arriving at the doors of lesbians everywhere! And by everywhere I do mean across the United States and around the world - we have readers as far flung as Australia, Egypt, and Israel. All of these women around the world are opening their mailboxes to find Sinister Wisdom 111: Golden Mermaids. When your copy arrives, be sure to take a picture with the issue and email it to me so we can post it to Facebook! We love featuring readers and seeing copies of the issue out in the world!

Sinister Wisdom 111: Golden Mermaids is a collection of reflections on lesbian actions and ideas through a multitude of lenses. Sinister Wisdom 111: Golden Mermaids features some of the most profound contemporary writing and art by lesbians. Stories range from harrowing to hilarious with deeply personal tales from inspiring contributors including Tai Farnsworth, Savannah Slone, Lynette Yetter, Lahl SarDyke, Kinnery Chaparrel, Madari Pendás, Kai Coggin, Deborah Miranda and many more. You do not want to miss this great read!

Sinister Wisdom 111: Golden Mermaids is out; most subscribers and advance orderers should receive their copy by the end of January. (One lovely way I know that women are receiving it is they send me notes--with checks to renew their subscription and support the journal!). If you do not receive a copy by Valentine's Day, email me, and I will investigate and get you a replacement without delay. 

If you are not yet a subscriber to Sinister Wisdom, no worries-- you can still order a copy of the issue! Order a single copy here or subscribe to Sinister Wisdom today

New Collection from the Sinister Wisdom Vault: Dyke Creativity!

Two years ago, in January 2017, Sinister Wisdom debuted our collections from "the vault" (the back issues of Sinister Wisdom with a rich collection of lesbian writing, lore, literature, and locutions) with the Dump Trump Collection. These collections have been a hit - with most of them selling out!

On the two year anniversary of the Sinister Wisdom vault collections, we are thrilled to announce our next collection of back issues: Dyke Creativity. This collection features Sinister Wisdom 81: Lesbian Poetry - When? And Now!, Sinister Wisdom 73: The Art Issue and Sinister Wisdom 51: New Lesbian Writing.

Interested in the unabashed artistic expression from lesbian women documenting their joys, struggles and crucial experiences from the near past? Are you fascinated by the fantastic herstory documented and scribed by lesbian artists and creating a dialog between the transcendent lesbian experience of then and now? 

This special collection of three issues invites readers into the world of Dyke Creativity, as expressed in the pages of Sinister Wisdom over the past twenty-five years. The Dyke Creativity Collection gathers three issues with great writing and thinking by lesbians that continues to be relevant for our time. Sinister Wisdom 51 features a photograph of Terri Jewell on the cover, incredible poetry, short stories, novel excerpts, and a transcript from a speech at the 1993 March on Washington as well as much more highlighting the spirit of sinister wisdom present in 1993. Sinister Wisdom 73: The Art Issue is a visual feast of artwork by lesbians on each and every page. Sinister Wisdom 81: Lesbian Poetry? When--and Now! is a collection of urgent and powerful poetry published in 2010 linking contemporary lesbian poets with lesbian poets of the past. These three issues document the vitality of dyke creativity in the world and are certain to inspire, challenge, and nurture readers today.

Sinister Wisdom is offering this collection at three rates with our usual sliding scale: $4.00 which covers the cost of postage only, $10.00 which covers postage and a small contribution to Sinister Wisdom to help us keep doing our work, $15 is for womyn who can give a little more to Sinister Wisdom and cover the cost of the issues and postage. Make your selection at the Sinister Wisdom website, and I'll post these issues to you without delay. Order a set for you--and a set to share with a friend. We need lesbian words and ideas now more than ever to resist Trump and this era of US politics.

The Dyke Creativity Collection features the drawings, paintings, quilts, sculptures, photographs, poetry and expressions of lesbian artists reflecting the variety of intersectionalities that contribute to the lesbian experience. Order this integral collection of herstory here!

Of the other collections, only the Liberate! collection, especially designed for readers as they are coming out, is still available. You can order it here.

Sinister Wisdom 107: Black Lesbians--We Are the Revolution turns one!

It is the one year anniversary of Sinister Wisdom 107: Black Lesbians--We Are the Revolution! Thank you and many honors to JP Howard and Amber Atiya for editing this extrarodinary issue, dedicated to elevating the voices of African-American lesbians to be heard, seen and known. One year later and this issue continues to be, and will continue to be, a poignant and important discussion of the intersectionality of race in the lesbian community.  This issue is still available to order here!

Thank You for Donating to the Sinister Wisdom Annual Campaign!

The Sinister Wisdom fall fundraiser goal was to raise $7,500 to continue publishing the journal into 2019. Not only was this goal met, we exceeded it! Thank you all for your contributions, through renewing subscriptions and making charitable gifts, Sinister Wisdom can continue to uplift and sustain a space for lesbian creativity. The lesbian community's continual support and generosity to Sinister Wisdom is exceptionally encouraging.

Need to renew your subscription, or perhaps make a charitable gift yet in 2019? Click on either of the links to make your commitment for 2019. I greatly appreciate your support.

Also-- don't forget to order a sleek Sinister Wisdom 2019 Calendar  while it's still in stock! Almost all gone!

Good Lesbian Books!

I'm always reading books by and about lesbians. The latest good read is Looking for Lorraine: The Radiant and Radical Life of Lorraine Hansberry by Imani Perry. This excellent biography of Hansberry is an extraordinary contribution to both our lesbian herstory and also to the intellectual herstory of lesbians. I highly recommend this book to you.

It's January in Florida which means our days are sunny and our nights are cool and comfortable. Absolutely my favorite time of year here! As always, thank you for reading this newsletter, thank you for supporting Sinister Wisdom and for all of the work you do to nurture, support, and ignite revolutionary lesbian communities. I see you and appreciate you.

In sisterhood,

Julie R. Enszer, PhD
Editor and Publisher, Sinister Wisdom

PS During our winter inventory, I discovered a handful of the 2017 posters so these are still available! Order one here--and don't forget our new lesbian badge! Also available for sale in limited quantities.
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