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Sinister Wisdom 116: Making Connections

April 15, 2020

Dear Sinister Wisdom Sisters,

I hope that this email newsletter finds you healthy and well and sheltering in place. It has been a difficult few weeks for everyone in the United States--and around the world. I hope that each of you and your beloveds are finding ways to make the best of this difficult situation and finding small joys in your daily lives. In my household, we have been spending lots of time with our beloved St. Bernards and cooking up a storm. My recent experimentations have been with making French baguettes. They are delicious, and we are reveling in the joys of homemade bread. May your life be filled with similar pleasures.

By the time you receive this email, the majority of our subscribers should have received their copies of Sinister Wisdom 116: Making Connections in the mail. I am so excited to share this issue. Early feedback has been fantastic. Sinister Wisdom 116: Making Connections is the fifth issue of Sinister Wisdom's series of work edited by the Southern Lesbian Feminist Activist Herstory Project, documenting the vital lesbian-feminist activism that proliferated in the US South during the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s.

Sinister Wisdom 116: Making Connections details the extensive networking of lesbian booksellers, publishers, writing groups, and newsletter through engaging interviews, first-person narratives, and innovative graphic timelines. It is a stunning collection.

If you want to order an individual copy of Sinister Wisdom 116: Making Connections, you can order one here. Of course, I would love it if you would subscribe to the journal, which you can do here. Finally, if you find yourself with a little extra this month, Sinister Wisdom always loves to receive your donations. All contributions go to support the on-going work of the journal.

Sinister Wisdom relies on donations to keep operating and sending out copies of the journal to subscribers and for free to women in prison and mental institutions. We have a robust monthly giving program that starts at just $3 a month and ensures that you will be a subscriber at that rate (just $36 a year) for life. If you are able during this difficult time, to sign up as a monthly sustainer, I'd be grateful. You can do so here. Click on the link below Monthly Payment Options.

Initially, when we were in the early days of the coronavirus crisis, I struggled to read books and finish long-form text projects. You may be having similar struggles. I think within the past week I have passed that hurdle, but if you are struggling, I appreciate the struggle--and I hope it passes for you soon.

Two things about COVID-19 and reading. First, if you want more to read at this moment, we are happy to send out any back issues (published before Sinister Wisdom 100) for the cost of postage only. Just email me with what issues you'd like to have, and I'll invoice you for the $3.20 to mail the issues (a bit more if you want more than three issues). You can also send any of the back issues still in stock to friends, family, and others looking for a good read. Pop me an email and I'll get things all set up for you.

Second, I've read some great books lately that I want to commend to you. This past month, the best book I read was Ginger Gaffney’s Half Broke. Gaffney is a horsewoman and this book is a memoir of her life with animals as well as her work on a ranch with formerly incarcerated people helping them become horse whisperers. Gaffney writes, “There are no perfect, pretty people at the ranch. We are the ugly, the difficult, the invisible, the broken. Nothing is hidden. It is why horses have always been easy for me. They’re honest.” This book is an honest and moving memoir that I highly commend to you.

I've also been loving Ellen Bass's new collection of poems Indigo and am looking forward to picking up Jaime Anderson's book on women's music. What are you reading and loving these days?

Thank you so much for your support of Sinister Wisdom. As we face this newest national crisis, the work of Sinister Wisdom to preserve and promote lesbian literature and culture seems crucial. Sinister Wisdom is a vital part of our culture and I appreciate your support in keeping it alive and vibrant.

In sisterhood,


Julie R. Enszer, PhD
Editor and Publisher, Sinister Wisdom

PS Please do share Sinister Wisdom 116: Making Connections with friends and colleagues. Telling these stories about feminist books, feminist book culture, and feminist spaces is one way that we become energized to create new feminist and lesbian projects.

Oral Herstorians Collection

Three of the issues written, edited, and compiled by the Lesbian Feminist Activist Oral Herstory Project availabe as one set! The first issue was Sinister Wisdom 93: Southern Lesbian Feminist Herstory 1968-1994. Their second issue was Sinister Wisdom 98: Landykes of the South. Their third issue is  Sinister Wisdom 104: Lesbianima Rising. You can now have all three of these issues, including the current issue, Sinister Wisdom 116: Making Connections, for only $25. Order today!
CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Disabled and d/Deaf Dykes have always been at the forefront of the movements for greater access and rights for all disabled and d/Deaf people. Sinister Wisdom invites and welcomes poetry, fiction, nonfiction, art, and genre-bending works from all disabled and/or d/Deaf Lesbians. As long as you identify as disabled--including mental illness and chronic illness--and Lesbian, we'd love the chance to read your work. The guest editor of this issue is Valerie Wetlaufer. SUBMIT HERE. Deadline is May 31st!

Sinister Wisdom's most recent Sapphic Classic published cooperatively with Inanna Publications & Education Inc, A Generous Spirit: Selected Works by Beth Brant has been chosen as a finalist for the Lambda Literary Awards and The Publishing Triangle Awards!

You can purchase a copy of this issue here. Order as an ebook here
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