Cover Preview of Sinister Wisdom 111: Golden Mermaids the first issue of Sinister Wisdom in 2019 is winging its way to subscribers today!
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December 28, 2018


Sinister Wisdom is launching into 2019 with a bang! Sinister Wisdom 111: Golden Mermaids is winging its way through the postal system as of yesterday en route to your mail box and ready to be admired, read, devoured, and shared! I cannot wait for you to have this great issue profiling the best contemporary writing by lesbians.

Sinister Wisdom 111: Golden Mermaids is an amazing gathering of lesbian writers and artists; some names you will recognize, some names you will not, all you will want to remember. Sinister Wisdom 111: Golden Mermaids is on its way to you in January, if you are a subscriber of Sinister Wisdom. Not a subscriber? Click here!
Sinister Wisdom 111: Golden Mermaids features serious, funny, beautiful, heart wrenching, and wonderful writing and art—all reflecting lesbian ideas, notions, and actions in our contemporary world. I hope you love this issue and will share it with friends to remind them of the important work Sinister Wisdom is doing in the world.

The cover of Sinister Wisdom 111: Golden Mermaids features wonderful artwork by Meagan Lyle. You can preview the cover here. In addition, the back cover has an image titled "Moving Women" by Sara Koppel. I am saving that image for subscribers, so no preview online! You will want to have this issue to see it!
If you are a subscriber, Sinister Wisdom 111: Golden Mermaids  is in the mail to you right now. Most subscribers and advance orderers should have their copy by the end of January. If you do not receive your copy by Valentine's Day 2019, email me and I will investigate.

Not a subscriber? Sign up for a subscription to the journal today! Each subscription includes four amazing issues of Sinister Wisdom. Four great issues are coming in 2019, so subscribe today to not miss a single one!

Want to just order Sinister Wisdom 111: Golden Mermaids? We are always happy to ship copies, order individual copies here.

It is a pleasure to have this issue documenting amazing lesbian writing being done today. I cannot wait for you to have it in your hands!

Support the Sinister Wisdom Annual Campaign!

Our fall fundraiser has nearly raised the $7,500 we need to continue publishing Sinister Wisdom in 2019. To date we have raised $7,131.55. So between now and December 31st, we just need to add an additional $368.45 to reach our goal. Have you renewed your subscription? Have you made a charitable gift to Sinister Wisdom this year? If the answer is no, please renew or make a gift before midnight on December 31st. I appreciate your support.

Some women have figured out the very best way to ensure that they get every single new issue of Sinister Wisdom: they are Sinister Wisdom sustainers! For a low monthly payment (starting at just $3 bucks a month!), Sinister Wisdom sustainers get every copy of the journal in their mailbox and never have to worry about renewals.

Our sustainers are growing thanks to the generosity of the lesbian community. I'd love to have you join as a sustainer today. Sustainers pay through paypal; just select the option from the first dropdown box on this page. (Alternative, if you want to arrange for your bank to mail a monthly check or if you want to do a direct payment through your bank to Sinister Wisdom, that is just fine!)

There are so many good reasons to be a Sinister Wisdom sustainer. If your monthly budget can support Sinister Wisdom, I hope you will consider making this commitment to the journal. One of the perks of being a sustainer is that each month when your payment comes through, I share an email with you of a behind the scenes snapshot of life at Sinister Wisdom. Sign up today to get that email each and every month.

Sinister Wisdom Celebrates Lesbian Lives!

One of my great pleasures in 2018 was editing and publishing Sinister Wisdom. It was an amazing year of issues and special projects (both Sister Love and our 2019 calendar are wonderful!). Thank you for your support to make this work possible.

I am excited about what new sinister wisdoms we can imagine and enact in 2019!

As always, share your thoughts with me about Sinister Wisdom. Think about how YOU can contribute to our continued work publishing, celebrating, and promoting lesbian literary arts, and join us in the revolution at hand.

In sisterhood,
Julie R. Enszer, PhD
Editor and Publisher, Sinister Wisdom

P.S. If you haven't ordered your copy of the 2019 Sinister Wisdom calendar, order it today! I have just a handful left. I'll ship copies again on January 2nd so you should receive yours early in the new year to spend every single day of 2019 with Sinister Wisdom!

Bibs and Bobs about Sinister Wisdom

  • Order the special Cloth / Hardcover Edition of The Complete Works of Pat Parker for $35.00 + $3.50 for postage by clicking here.
  • (This link takes you directly to PayPal for your order. To visit the Sinister Wisdom website and see more about the book, click here.)

Readers can also purchase a regular edition of Parker's complete works or our Pat Parker collection, which contains the complete works, Sister Love, and her chapbook Strong.

Sinister Wisdom Teaching and Reading Guide
Are you a teacher? An avid reader? Sinister Wisdom has put together a collection of Reading and Teaching Guides from back issues of Sinister Wisdom. These Teaching Guides provide the reader with ways to teach using back issues of Sinister Wisdom. Inside each Teaching and Reading Guide are issue summaries, discussion questions, class activities and more! The Reading Guides work great for peer-lead groups. To find out more about these reading guides, click here. More information on the teaching guides can be found here.
Remember, Sinister Wisdom provides free classroom and reading group copies of back issues at the request of instructors and group leaders. Read our herstory with your classes or your book groups and get free books!

Professional Services to Offer?
We have lots of things that volunteers can do at Sinister Wisdom. Right now, I am especially looking for an attorney who knows non-profit law to work with me to ensure that all of our registrations are completed properly and we are all buttoned up legally. I'd also love help from someone with accounting skills to do our account reconciliations quarterly. If you are interested, email

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