Cover Preview of Sinister Wisdom 110: Dump Trump celebrating the best political writing by lesbians in 2018.
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September 14, 2018


Sinister Wisdom is wrapping up with 2018 with a bang! Sinister Wisdom 110: Dump Trump is rolling out of the print shop, bound and ready for readers! Soon the issues will travel to our mail house and then into subscriber's mailboxes. And what an issue it is!

Edited by Cheryl Clarke, Morgan Gwenwald, Stevie Jones, and Red Washburn, Sinister Wisdom 110: Dump Trump is a thick, incredible issue just in time to energize you for the midterm elections in November. Sinister Wisdom 110: Dump Trump will be on its way to you in October, if you are a subscriber of Sinister Wisdom. Not a subscriber? Click here!
Sinister Wisdom 110: Dump Trump features serious, satirical, and humorous writing in varied genres and forms, e.g., email correspondence, essay, poetry, short fiction, blog entries, novel excerpt, and interview—all reflecting lesbian ideas, notions, and actions of/for what it will take to unseat the Trump regime.

This issue of Sinister Wisdom emphasizes the ways in which struggle is a lifelong vision and commitment to realizing a better world, even if we argue that the Trump era represents a particularly urgent call to action. And to echo Morgan Gwenwald, lesbians have been doing this work a long time. As always, we include a range of lesbians/ queer voices of all races, ethnicities, ages, abilities, religions, and gender identities. We explore what Trump politics has meant to us as lesbians/queers, document its chronology, reflect on historical resistance, and commemorate the power of lesbian/queer art and activism against a hostile state. And finally this issue is an issue against forgetting that, lesbian resistance is, as Joan Nestle says, older than the Trump era and will last longer.
The cover of Sinister Wisdom 110: Dump Trump features wonderful artwork by Pamela Sneed. You can preview the cover here. In addition, the back cover has an amazing photograph by Morgan Gwenwald - we are saving that for subscribers, so no preview online! You will want to have this issue to see it!
If you are a subscriber, Sinister Wisdom 110: Dump Trump  will go in the mail to you in early October. Most subscribers and advance orderers should have their copy by the end of October. If you do not receive your copy by election day 2018, email me and I will investigate.

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It is a pleasure to have this issue documenting the lesbian legacies of resistance. I cannot wait to share it with subscribers!

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I'll be launching our fall fundraiser in October, so expect an email or two from me in the next few months about supporting Sinister Wisdom with a year end contribution.

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Two new Sinister Wisdom ebooks

Some readers have noticed that as we sell out of hard copies of Sinister Wisdom issues, I've been converting them to ebooks. The two latest conversions are for Sinister Wisdom 100: Anniversary and Sinister Wisdom 105: Passion Fruit and Wet Kisses. Interested readers can now purchase them as ebooks at Smashwords--and soon they will be available everywhere ebooks are sold. Contributors can download a free copy; email me for a code to snag your copy.

Two events celebrating Sinister Wisdom 109: Hot Spots!

In or around Gainesville, FL or Durham, NC? We have events coming up celebrating the release of Sinister Wisdom 109: Hot Spots! Join the rad womyn documenting southern lesbian feminist herstory at these events. More information when you scroll down in this enewsletter or online here.
Lesbian Reading!

Over the summer, I reread the work of Melanie Kaye/Kantrowitz and wrote about it for Lambda Literary. You can read the essay here. I really commend Kaye/Kantrowitz's writing to you. Check out her work--and also the issue of Sinister Wisdom that she edited. All of these issues are available in the Sinister Wisdom archive.

Next up on my reading list is the amazing new book by Sinister Wisdom subscriber and Violet Valley bookstore proprietor Jaime Harker. The Lesbian South looks like an incredible romp through lesbian southern literature. Grab yourself a copy so we can talk about it!

What are you reading? I always love reading tips from other readers and writers.

As always, share your thoughts with me about Sinister Wisdom. Think about how YOU can contribute to our continued work publishing, celebrating, and promoting lesbian literary arts, and join us in the revolution at hand.

In sisterhood,
Julie R. Enszer, PhD
Editor and Publisher, Sinister Wisdom

P.S. If you haven't ordered your copy of the 2019 Sinister Wisdom calendar, order it today! They are amazing and quantities are limited!

And don't forget "Lesbians are the Bomb" Poster! Still a few available!

Bibs and Bobs about Sinister Wisdom

  • Order the special Cloth / Hardcover Edition of The Complete Works of Pat Parker for $35.00 + $3.50 for postage by clicking here.
  • (This link takes you directly to PayPal for your order. To visit the Sinister Wisdom website and see more about the book, click here.)

Readers can also purchase a regular edition of Parker's complete works or our Pat Parker collection, which contains the complete works, Sister Love, and her chapbook Strong.


Celebrate Southern Lesbian Organizing with Sinister Wisdom!!

​Saturday, ​September 22, 2018 7 PM at the Pride Community Center of North Central Florida.
Stop by for readings and refreshments with the local contributors of Issue109, Looking back at Women Unlimited, Cultural Politics of the 1970’s, Gainesville Dykes – the song, and more! Local contributors include: Corky Culver, Barbara Esrig, Kate Ellison, Woody Blue, Rosalie Miller, Gerry Green, Amber Waters, Patti Carnuccio. For further info contact Barbara at
Thursday, September 27, Release Party at the Regulator bookstore in Durham North Carolina. 
Readers include the local contributors to SW109: Sherri Zann Rosenthal (on TALF), Laurel Ferejohn (on Our Own Place), and Jaye Vaughn (on Cedar Chest); and contributors to previous issues, including Mandy Carter (who will deliver introductory remarks), Mab Segrest (on SONG), Laurie Fuchs (on Ladyslipper Music) and Lucy Harris & Babs Brown (on live women's music production), and Lynn Hicks (on Full Circle Farm).

Sinister Wisdom Teaching and Reading Guide
Are you a teacher? An avid reader? Sinister Wisdom has put together a collection of Reading and Teaching Guides from back issues of Sinister Wisdom. These Teaching Guides provide the reader with ways to teach using back issues of Sinister Wisdom. Inside each Teaching and Reading Guide are issue summaries, discussion questions, class activities and more! The Reading Guides work great for peer-lead groups. To find out more about these reading guides, click here. More information on the teaching guides can be found here.
Remember, Sinister Wisdom provides free classroom and reading group copies of back issues at the request of instructors and group leaders. Read our herstory with your classes or your book groups and get free books!

Professional Services to Offer?
We have lots of things that volunteers can do at Sinister Wisdom. Right now, I am especially looking for an attorney who knows non-profit law to work with me to ensure that all of our registrations are completed properly and we are all buttoned up legally. I'd also love help from someone with accounting skills to do our account reconciliations quarterly. If you are interested, email

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