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May 3, 2019


I hope you are enjoying your fresh copies of Sinister Wisdom 112: Moon and Cormorant! I'd love to hear your feedback about the newest issue, the second issue of 2019. If you aren't already receiving issues of Sinister Wisdom (we publish four a year!) consider becoming a subscriber for plenty of new lesbian goodies! 

In the spirit of spring and the upcoming summer, Sinister Wisdom has many exciting announcements. 

Notes for a Revolution!

As a special summer surprise, I cooked up a blank book this spring with an intrepid group of interns and volunteers for lesbians to do their own creative writing, list making, and memory collection. The Sinister Wisdom blank book, titled Notes for a Revolution, is 144 blank pages with inspiring quotations for women and plenty of space for writing. The blank book is available to all for just $14 plus postage of $2.75 here! I hope that you will consider giving these beautiful, coil-bound notebooks as gifts throughout the next year!

We are taking preorders now and will be mailing out finished coil bound copies of this amazing blank book in June. So place your order and watch your mailbox in the lovely month of June.
For forty-three years, Sinister Wisdom has been creating, publishing, and promoting lesbian literature, art, and creativity. We hope to do it for another forty-three years. Imagine what lesbian goodness Sinister Wisdom might create next. Help make these visions a reality. Thank you for joining this journey.
Order your copy of Notes for a Revolution today--and order a few extras to share with family and friends!

Mother's Day cards!

With Mother's Day right around the corner, we would be delighted to send you a few extra special Mother's Day cards designed by the amazing Minnie Chiu. If you received a copy of Sinister Wisdom 112: Moon and Cormorant you may recognize the card that came with your issue. 

The card reads:

"On Mother's Day, I want to THANK YOU and all my FEMINIST teachers, mentors and role models for helping me understand that the most IMPORTANT job I have in the world is to give birth to myself."

Inside the card you can write your personalized message to whatever mothers and mentors have impacted your journey. One card is $2; three cards are $5; and five cards are $7. Order now while supplies last, and before Mother's Day passes by! We will post all cards first class on Monday, 6 May 2019. After that we cannot guarantee delivery by Mother's Day. So get your order in today!

Check out the Sinister Wisdom digital archive!

Sinister Wisdom Digital Archive makes decades of issues of Sinister Wisdom available to anyone and everyone around the world! Sinister Wisdom prides itself on the intentional elevation of contemporary lesbian thought and artistry, as well as the archival and longevity of lesbian words from the near past. The words of lesbian women from the early years of Sinister Wisdom should be accessible to future generations of lesbians to read and find inspiration. Sinister Wisdom continuously works to digitize and archive back issues from the recent past, and within the last month have added the following issues. 

Sinister Wisdom 58: Open Issue
Sinister Wisdom 63: Lesbians and Nature
Sinister Wisdom 65: Lesbian Mothers & Grandmothers
Sinister Wisdom 66: Lesbians and Activism 
Sinister Wisdom 67: Lesbians and Work
Sinister Wisdom 68/69: Death, Grief and Surviving 
Sinister Wisdom 70: 30th Anniversary Celebration 
Sinister Wisdom 71: Open Issue
Sinister Wisdom 72: Utopia
Sinister Wisdom 73: The Art Issue

And that's only the beginning! Sinister Wisdom is dedicated to sharing this wonderful herstory for everyone to appreciate and inspired by. In addition, many back issues of Sinister Wisdom are available in print--dating back to 1989! Click here to buy some Sinister Wisdom classics.

Sinister Wisdom Ebooks

Many issues of Sinister Wisdom available to purchase as ebooks! Sinister Wisdom 87: Tribute to Adrienne Rich was the most recent issue made available to purchase, featuring the works of Elana Dykewomon,Jewelle Gomez, Alison Bechdel, including an obituary for Leigh Star and more. 

Other issues available to buy as an ebook include:

Sinister Wisdom 109: Hot Spots
Sinister Wisdom 105: Passion Fruit and Wet Flowers
Sinister Wisdom 100: Anniversary
Sinister Wisdom 97: Out Latina Lesbians

In Celebration of Pat Parker...

In February, Sinister Wisdom celebrated the one year anniversary of Sister Love: The Letters of Audre Lorde and Pat Parker 1974-1989. Pat Parker and her influence on feminism and poetry is an integral part of modern herstory, with her modern impact stretching to her work Poem to Ann #2, being sampled on Solange's new album

Sister Love: The Letters of Audre Lorde and Pat Parker 1974-1989 was recently featured on the New York Public Library podcast The Librarian Is In! Podcast hosts Frank and Gwen discuss the book and the powerful friendship and lives of Audre Lorde and Pat Parker. Make sure to give it a listen!

The remarkable bond between the two lesbian-mother-warrior-poets is illuminated in Sister Love through their 15-year long correspondence. With handwritten and typed letters and postcards, the correspondence of Lorde and Parker included various items such as articles, money, and video tapes. For more Pat Parker content, there is also Sinister Wisdom 102: The Complete Works of Pat Parker available in paperback and cloth,  or as an ebook!

Ms. Magazine

Finally, an article I wrote describing the process and labor of love that has been being both editor and publisher of Sinister Wisdom for nine years was published on the Ms. Blog! I am  thankful for the connections I have cultivated, the voices I have heard and the dedicated activists I've met that make herstory every single day. Sinister Wisdom has given me the opportunity to be engaged in the world lesbian community, and I am invigorated to continue to work of getting radical lesbian art and words into every community. Feel free to read the article and share to continue spreading the good word of Sinister Wisdom around the globe!

As always, thank you for your continued support for Sinister Wisdom, and sustaining lesbian art and voices!

In sisterhood,

Julie R. Enszer, PhD

Copyright © 2019 Sinister Wisdom, Inc., All rights reserved.

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