Spring/Summer 2014 Newsletter
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Chapter Updates

As of June 2014, MAP has 26 confirmed chapters—including chapters in Australia and Canada! On the MAP website, you can now access a complete archive of events for each chapter here, and a selection of MAP events organized here.While we cannot include a description of all of the exciting things from this Spring, here are some highlights:

Speakers and Panels

  • University of Michigan: Talk by Kristie Dotson (Michigan State): “What Are We Doing Here Anywhere? Considering Professional Philosophical Praxis”
  • University of Toronto, St. George: Talk by Chike Jeffers (Dalhousie): "The Ethics and Politics of Cultural Preservation"
  • UPenn: Panel discussion on standpoint theory, the history of women in philosophy, the value of role models for graduate students, and on encouraging students from minority backgrounds to enter academic philosophy. 


  • Sexual Harassment and Bystander Training:  The Binghamton chapter hosted an “Active Bystander Training” workshop for graduate students with university's counseling center, and the UCR chapter worked with the university’s Title IX office to host an informational workshop for philosophy graduate students on sexual harassment.
  • TA Workshops: Chapters at UCR, CUNY, and Stanford hosted workshops on pedagogical tools for teaching in diverse classrooms.


  • Departmental Impact: Two faculty members appointed as climate liaison officers at CMU. 
  • Anonymous Grading: Chapters at both Princeton and CMU initiated anonymous grading among graduate teaching assistants. 
  • Collaboration: The Boston University chapter co-sponsored an event with Graduate Women in Science and Engineering (GWISE) on stereotype threat.

Upcoming Projects


Online Presence

This summer we’ll be launching a Facebook page associated with MAP. This will allow us to spread information quickly, draw attention to news stories of interest to MAP members, and (maybe?) post selfies. Look out for a friend request soon!

We’ll also be setting up a MAP YouTube channel, where we hope to host recordings of events submitted by MAP members. If you may be hosting a film-worthy MAP event in the near future, we’d love to hear from you!

Collaboratively Developed Resources

Throughout the coming year, members of the MAP network will be working together on three collaborative projects, with the aim of creating a set of publicly available resources concerning (i) Data Collection, (ii) Developing and Implementing Climate Surveys, and (iii) TA Best Practices. Look out for these on the MAP website next year!

End of Year Updates

Feedback Surveys and Video Meeting

In June, all chapter representatives returned an end-of-the-year feedback survey to document how the year went for their chapter, and to offer feedback on MAP’s central organization. Many representatives reported increased awareness of and discussion about issues of under-representation in their departments since the establishment of a MAP chapter:

"Since the creation of the MAP chapter climate issues became more visible in the department. Both faculty and students seem to be more aware of the issues faced by women and minorities. As a result of the discussions opened by the MAP sponsored talks, our department ran a climate survey and presented the results to the graduate student body. These results are being used to improve climate issues in our community."

"Conversations on MAP-related issues were happening more frequently, fluidly. I believe a genuine culture of curiosity and concern about issues related to women and minorities in our field is being fostered here at [school], and safe spaces for open and respectful dialogue on these issues are increasing."

All chapter representatives were then invited to an end of the year video-chat meeting to discuss their year, exchange ideas with other representatives, compare notes on what worked and what didn’t, and brainstorm collaborative projects. These meetings were both productive and invigorating. Many of us came away with new ideas for projects to implement in our home chapters, and advice for improving the work that is already going on. 

End of Year Report

We are in the process of compiling an “End of the Year Report” describing what we have learned from the feedback surveys and the end of year meetings. When it is completed, the Report will be available on the MAP website. 

Thanks for your continued support in MAP. We encourage you to forward this newsletter to students or faculty who may be interested! 
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