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A look at how 2016 is starting off at the PEI MFRC...
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2016 is off to a busy start around here by the looks of it. As you wind down 2015, we here at the PEI Military Family Resource Centre wish you a very Happy New Year.

Expression of Interest: Inter-Com program

The overall objective of Inter-Com is to improve communication within all relationships by learning the attitudes and skills required to deal with conflict effectively. The program is a 12-hour course spread over four sessions.
After completing the Inter-Comm course participants will be able to;
-Describe how individual actions/inactions can affect the conflict path
-Describe the roots, patterns, and impacts of conflict
-Define personal conflict management styles and how they affect the conflict
-Describe effective communication skills (e.g., active listening and reflecting)
-Practice effective communication skills dealing with conflict
-Practice how to raise an issue in a way that contributes to collaboration
-Practice interpersonal Interest Based Communication skills
-Explain the Collaborative Communication Model
-Apply and practice Collaborative Model and communication skills through role modelling and role playing
This is an informative and interactive program that will really improve relationships by solving conflicts before they cause greater damage to the relationship than necessary. If there is enough interest expressed, the PEI-MFRC will try to accommodate a group this winter or spring. To express your interest and desire to participate in this four session Inter-Com program please contact the PEI-MFRC at (902)892-8999.
January Update from our Virtual Program Coordinator

A brand new year brings so many possibilities. I don’t believe in making New Year's resolutions, but I do believe in setting reasonable goals all of the year through.  Recently, at a Christmas party, I was asked what I do, and if I worked outside of the home. That is a question that I have been trying to answer for all of those who have never been part of a virtual workshop. So here goes, this is what I said:

As a military spouse, with more than 24 years of experience and 10 moves under my belt, I have felt lost and disconnected having to start over and reinventing myself and my career with each consecutive posting. To feel connected, I became certified as a Synchronous Learning Expert, and now I design and present virtual programs in addition to training MFRC staff across the country how to bring a live presentation to a virtual audience.  

Virtual Programming brings consistency from posting to posting, so that I don’t have to say goodbye to military connections (I can say I will meet you at the next virtual workshop).  Virtual Programming is a tool that brings CAF families together in an interactive, laugh-filled meeting room regardless of posted location. Virtual Programming brings consistency between programming so that all MFRCs across the country and OutCan can share presentations bringing communities together.
In January, for example, MFRC PEI in partnership with True Patriot Love is hosting a virtual guest speaker series that will bring together leaders in our community who have triumphed through challenges to become successful role models for all CAF families and actually all First Responders.   Here is your opportunity to invite a friend from a previous posting to share in the reality of PTSD and how perseverance can make positive changes in our life. Check out this month’s virtual calendar and register today to save your spot.

Also in January, MFRC Trenton is teaching military spouses how to become Entrepreneurs in the HERCS program that is being delivered in the virtual classroom for all CAF spouses regardless of their posted location. I am attending from my home office in Winnipeg, will you be joining me?   

Are you a parent of a military member?  Wouldn’t it be great to connect with other parents of military members throughout the country to ask questions and share similar experiences.  This can easily be done using the virtual platform. Would you like MFRC-PEI  to host a virtual connection for Military Parents?

In February, MFRC PEI is hosting a series on money management. I will be inviting my young adult children who are currently “adulting” and  can learn valuable life lessons in the value of the penny, how to submit taxes to name a few.  Who will you invite to join in this interactive money management series where you can ask questions and learn how to invest your severance?

To sum up, to explain what I do in a few words I would have to say,” Our world is a small planet, through my experience as a military spouse, I am passionate about bringing quality, interactive and informative; workshops, meeting, and recordings to all CAF families regardless of our posted location.   Register today, invite a friend.  

Enjoy the connections!
Rosetta Stone at MFRC

The PEI MFRC is now able to offer online second language training for military family members and veterans and their families. There are several licenses available and registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. Registration is free of charge, but there is a $10.00 fee for the headset required for the course. Application forms and policies are available upon request. For more information, please call 902-892-8999 or contact Lynn at

Welcome Baby Emily! 

We'd like to extend a huge welcome to the world to Emily Marie Riley, born November 4, 2015. Emily's father, John Riley, is a recently released CAF member. Miss Emily joins three other siblings.

Do you know of a military family who has recently welcomed a child? We'd love to give a special shout out!
January Coffee Time

Coffee hour will be held on Tuesday, January 12th from 10:00am to 11:00am. This month’s coffee break will be held at  HMCS Queen Charlotte. Everyone is welcome… hope to see you there!
I heard a bird sing...

"I heard a bird sing
In the dark of December
A magical thing
And sweet to remember.
'We are nearer to Spring
Than we were in September,'
I heard a bird sing
In the dark of December."
- Oliver Herford, I Heard a Bird Sing

…and so, we are already seeing the days lengthen as we head into January, the month named for the Roman god Janus. Janus is represented with two faces looking in opposite directions: as retrospective to the past and prospective to the coming year. He is known as the god of doors and gateways. Here in the Northern Hemisphere, as the darkest days of December close the door on the past year, January opens the door to light and the excitement of possibilities for the next year.

As I was pondering the days becoming shorter through December, I thought it was a bit like the ending of an old  movie…you know, when it “fades to black.” We can review the year, credit the main characters and the role they played, rate the storyline, and decide if it was a “pan” or a “rave.” The good thing about life is that we get to write sequels every January, just like Rocky, Harry Potter, and Star Wars (hopefully not so much like the Halloween series or Nightmare on Elm Street!). Who will be in the cast, what’s the potential plot, how will the main characters develop as they draw motivation from their experience in the last movie? As Shakespeare says, “All the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players”. Go ahead; write your own script for the next year. Pan or Rave? You will be the critic.

Written by Program Coordinator, Bernadine Mullin-Splude

Virtual Book Club

Are you interested in connecting  with other military families in an interactive Virtual Book Club? The Introduction to book club originally scheduled in December was rescheduled due to lack of registration.

With winter just around the corner, many of us will be hibernating at home. What's more perfect than a book club where you don't have to leave your house, risk icy roads, and worry about weather conditions? Snuggle up with a blanket, some munchies, perhaps a drink, and talk great books with military families across the country!

NEW DATE: January 19, 730PM

Please register before January 16. We do need a minimal number of participants in order to run this session. Participants across the country welcome!

For more information:
Happy Holidays to our Island Military Families

A special thanks to all the military and veterans families and volunteers that attended the 2nd Annual Military Family Holiday Party on December 12th! Photos are posted on our blog:
Making New Year's Resolutions Stick


Lose weight? Check. Start exercising? Check. Stop smoking? Check. It can be daunting when your list of New Year’s Resolutions is as long as your holiday shopping list. In addition to the post-holiday slump, not being able to keep your resolutions by February, March, or even late January may increase your anxiety. When your holiday decorations are packed up and stored away, the frustration of an unused gym membership or other reminders of failed resolutions can make the later winter months feel hopeless. However, it is important to remember that the new year isn’t meant to serve as a catalyst for sweeping character changes. It is a time for people to reflect on their past year’s behavior and promise to make positive lifestyle changes. “Setting small, attainable goals throughout the year, instead of a singular, overwhelming goal on January 1 can help you reach whatever it is you strive for,” says psychologist Lynn Bufka, PhD. “Remember, it is not the extent of the change that matters, but rather the act of recognizing that lifestyle change is important and working toward it, one step at a time.” By making your resolutions realistic, there is a greater chance that you will keep them throughout the year, incorporating healthy behavior into your everyday life. APA offers these tips when thinking about a News Year’s resolution:

Start small. Make resolutions that you think you can keep. If, for example, your aim is to exercise more frequently, schedule three or four days a week at the gym instead of seven. If you would like to eat healthier, try replacing dessert with something else you enjoy, like fruit or yogurt, instead of seeing your diet as a form of punishment.

Change one behavior at a time. Unhealthy behaviours develop over the course of time. Thus, replacing unhealthy behaviours with healthy ones requires time. Don’t get overwhelmed and think that you have to reassess everything in your life. Instead, work toward changing one thing at a time.

Talk about it. Share your experiences with family and friends. Consider joining a support group to reach your goals, such as a workout class at your gym or a group of coworkers quitting smoking. Having someone to share your struggles and successes with makes your journey to a healthier lifestyle that much easier and less intimidating.

Don’t beat yourself up. Perfection is unattainable. Remember that minor missteps when reaching your goals are completely normal and OK. Don’t give up completely because you ate a brownie and broke your diet or skipped the gym for a week because you were busy. Everyone has ups and downs; resolve to recover from your mistakes and get back on track.

Ask for support. Accepting help from those who care about you and will listen strengthens your resilience and ability to manage stress caused by your resolution. If you feel overwhelmed or unable to meet your goals on your own, consider seeking professional help. Psychologists are uniquely trained to understand the connection between the mind and body. They can offer strategies as to how to adjust your goals so that they are attainable, as well as help you change unhealthy behaviors and address emotional issues.

True Patriot Love Series: Virtual Program

The primary purpose of OPERATION: Building Bridges is to connect military, veterans, and community health care providers and learn how leadership and perseverance can positively affect mental health throughout the military community.

There are three amazing speakers in this series. The first speaker, Kim Mills, is a military spouse and well-known author of The second speaker, Vince Savoia, is the Executive Director for  Heroes are Human, The Tema Conter Memorial Trust. The third speaker, Jody Mitic, is a retired military sniper, author, a motivational speaker and an advocate for wounded veterans and people with disabilities.

Register for Speaker 1: Kim Mills, January 12, 730PM

Register for Speaker 2: Vince Savoia, January 20, 800PM

Register for Speaker 3: Jody Mitic, January 28, 730PM:
Call for Testimonials

Have you used one of our services or had a positive experience with one of our staff members? We'd love to hear from you! The PEI MFRC is collecting testimonials from our clients—you can send them to us either via Facebook or email ( Help us spread the word about the PEI MFRC!

You can also leave a review on our Facebook Page!
Twiglet's First Birthday

Exciting news! We just received a shipment of Twiglet's First Birthday put out by the Natasha's Wood Foundation, and we have some available for purchase at our office ($10 each).

Illustrations are by children all over the country! Two illustrations are by PEI youth!

All sales of this amazing picture book will go toward arts, education, and sports programs for children of emergency workers, Veterans, and serving members!

Calling Young Artists: Want to be Published?

The Natasha's Woods Foundation, which just recently published Twiglet's First Birthday, is accepting artwork from artists aged 6-18, for its second book: A Pollen Fairy Named Squirt.

Deadline to submit artwork: January 31, 2016.

Read this excerpt from A Pollen Fairy Named Squirt to get your creativity flowing... 

Hi my name is Squirt, I'm tiny and bright and I can change colours even at night. Can you imagine how light a pollen fairy is? On a dark windy night Squirt is sent tumbling down the street and up into the sky.  The moonlight offers tiny Squirt hope.  Make a wish little Squirt. You must believe that no matter where you land, I'm sure you'll find a friend that will offer you a hand..." Says the moon.  All Squirt wishes for is to find a new house, but she find more.  Squirt finds a new home in Natasha's Wood.  A great big maple leaf, as big as a dish, catches Squirt and gently lowers her to the ground.  Here in this beautiful secret garden, Squirt finds other magical friends - fairies, dragons and a unicorn - that are full of love and magic, just like Squirt!...

For more information, visit the Natasha's Woods Foundation:

Support the Troops Hockey Game

Come watch the Charlottetown Islanders take on the Gatineau Olympiques, January 8, 7PM. Reserve your tickets by calling the MFRC office (902.892.8999). Tickets will be available the night of the game at the Eastlink Centre (look for the MFRC table).
  • Free to serving CAF members
  • Additional adult family/friends: $10
  • Additional students/children: $5
Winter Activities at PEI Public Libraries

As the cold weather settles in, don’t forget about all the great services, programs, and activities offered at your local public library: technology support, info sessions, arts and cultural activities, book clubs, hobby and interest sessions, games nights, lego clubs, art journalling, programs for teens, school-aged preschoolers and infants…there is something for all ages (services and programs vary by location). Be sure to check them out at

Education & Employment Assistance

The PEI MFRC has entered a partnership with Career Development Services (CDS). Career Development Services offers services in 6 locations across the Island: Bloomfield, Charlottetown, Souris, Summerside, Wellington, and Montague. All services are free of charge. Whether you are looking for work, changing your career, returning to the workforce, or exploring career and training opportunities, CDS can help. They offer a friendly and confidential environment where you are able to learn about career options, discover your skills and abilities, and search for employment. Website:
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