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Representation in the media is so important. It's vital that people from all different parts of society see their stories, perspectives, and people who look like them on TV, in film and theatre and music. 

For this edition, we have been taking a deeper look at representation in the media. 
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Priority for marginalised voices - Are you really repping though? 
by Ray Vincent-Mills

In this article, Ray explores the complexities of diversity quotas. Though quotas can be brilliant tools for inclusivity, does it count if it's inauthentic? Does it count if it's to make the company look better, opposed to having a desire to uplift and promote marginalised voices? Is inclusion for the sake of it worth it? Or is it merely a mockery to those who are trying to push through the artistic glass ceiling ? 
Quotas alone can't fix diversity - it's time to go further
This short but impactful article looks at how having diversity quotas aren't enough and more work needs to be done. It considers how "having minority staff and having minority staff that are empowered to speak up are very different things" and how workplaces need to do more to champion diverse voices. 

The performative nature of casting black actors in remakes of white stories
This interesting read looks into how Hollywood has a habit of casting black actors into remakes of white stories. It argues that instead movie producers need to invest time and money to new, enchanting stories. 

Color-blind vs Identity-conscious casting and examining Hamilton and Malcom & Marie | Khadija Mbowe
This fantastic video essay explores colour blind casting. Using many examples from theatre and film, it looks at the history of non traditional casting and why it is so popular. It questions what impact it has when the actors are people of colour, but the characters are all white and considers the power dynamics that are at play. It then explores Identity-conscious casting which is the opposite: taking into consideration the actor's skin colour, body shape and other characteristics. 

London theatre at risk of losing Arts Council funding over 'disappointing' diversity targets
This article looks at the Arts Council diversity report in 2020. It highlights how some London theatres are not doing enough to increase the diversity and representation in their organisation. You can find the diversity reports referenced here: Arts Council Diversity Data
And Lastly...

The art industry has a long way to go in terms of representation and inclusion. However, there is progress being made and its fantastic to see news such as Ncuti Gatwa being case as Doctor Who, the diverse casting in Regent Parks Legally Blonde, and the continued success of diverse tv shows such as Bridgeton. 

If you have anything you'd like to share about what we've looked at in this issue we'd love for you to get in touch! 
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