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Whether it's at a party, a wedding, a concert or festival - most of us enjoy a dance. Not only does dancing bring joy and happiness but also has many other benefits. Studies have shown that dance not only improves physical health, but also has neurological benefits.

For this edition, we have been taking a deeper look at how dance can change lives and make a real impact to quality of life. 
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I Don’t Know, But I’ve Been Told, If You Keep on Dancing, You’ll Never Grow Old*
by Lui Sit

In this article Lui has been looking at the benefits of dance on the mind. 
She looks at how dancing is not only good for physical strength and social bonding but can also reduce the risk of dementia and other age related mental decline. 
It raises the question of why social dance isn't as widely available in communities as it should be. 

* Lyrics from Dance, Dance, Dance by the Steve Miller Band
People Dancing
This organisation aims give everyone the opportunity to enjoy dance. It supports dance artists, practitioners and organisations across the UK to provide excellence in community dance.

Dancing and the brain
This piece looks at the studies researching the effect dance has on the brain. It looks at the areas of the brain that dance activates and impacts. It references many different studies and looks at how it can benefit those living with Parkinsons disease. 

Dancing as a medicine for Parkinson Patient | Rafi Eldor | TEDxIDC

In this TED talk Rafi Eldor talks about his diagnosis of Parkinsons disease and how he uses ballroom dance as a medicine. Exercise is used widely to slow down the progression of the disease and Rafi talks about the joy he's found with dance. 

How the body (and mind) learns a dance
This fascinating article looks at 'muscle memory' and how dancers can remember vast amounts of choreography. Using examples from the American Ballet Theatre it explores the relationship between the body and the brain when learning and performing dance. 
And Lastly...

With Strictly Come Dancing beginning this week, I am so exciting to see all of the couples take to the dance floor. Every year I always admire how these complete beginners train and work hard to create beautiful dances. With all the physical and mental benefits of dance maybe it's time for us all to take on the challenge of learning a few more dance moves. 

If you have anything you'd like to share about what we've looked at in this issue we'd love for you to get in touch! 

And of course... Keeeeeeep dancing! 
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