Join Us for "Giving Tuesday"   
Mon. Dec. 19 ~ Activist Holiday Party          Inauguration Day Jan. 20 Rally           Jan. 20 Night ~ Party for Progressives

12th Annual Activist Holiday Party 
and a dozen other orgs to celebrate the season.

Monday, Dec. 19, 7-9:30 pm
Potluck Food, MUSIC, Entertainment, Trump resistance information
You Are Invited To - Celebrate Solstice!  Everyone Welcome
Joyce Beers Community Center
3900 Vermont in Ralph's shopping center, (1.5 blocks north of University Ave., between Panera's and Aladdin's restaurants).  Please park in underground shopping center parking lot to avoid towing!
Gather to celebrate and prepare for the challenges in 2017 with like-minded friends to bring peace, racial and social justice to the forefront of the public dialogue and to the center of our activism. 
Prepare for a good time with  Great Company.  Please bring a dish to share.  If you have a folding chair, please bring it.  
Short updates and reports from the emerging San Diego alliance to resist the Trump initiatives and promote a People's Agenda and the demonstration on Inauguration Day, January 20, 2017

More info at or call 619-283-1100.

Above: ASD General meeting, 100+ attending to resist Trump's regressive agenda.
TRUMP ALERT Defend 50 years of progress!
Join us to build a coalition in defense of Justice & Democracy
Every Monday  @  Grassroots Oasis

Monday nights at the Grassroots Oasis there will be meetings at 7 p.m. to alliance building and movement building strategy   Feel free to invite allies to join the coalition -- We will be planning to sponsor an Inauguration Day rally.  RSVP on Facebook
Location: Grassroots Oasis, 3130 Moore Street
More info and directions
Please attend or email us at to be put on our mailing list for future meetings.

Many demonstrations planned for Inauguration Day (Before the People's Ball)  and the week before and after.  Check out our partner, San Diego Free press for many rallies and activities.


It's Giving Tuesday
Please Read this!

Activist Alert, an urgent request

"Giving Tuesday" is a national campaign to bring funds to the causes that are dear to your heart.

If the Trump agenda has you furious and worried about the future YOU HAVE TO READ THIS!

Since 1999: For 18 years Activist San Diego has been organizing for the causes consistent with your values. We have sponsored or co-sponsored over 700 social justice events!

2001 - 2011 Activist San Diego was a co-initiator of the San Diego Coalition for Peace and Justice and worked for more than a decade to end the wars aggression in the Middle East. ASD organized against the torture of prisoners and the destruction of Fallujah. We sponsored "gold-star father" Fernando Suarez del Solar on national & International tours for peace.

2011 ASD played a strong supportive roll in Occupy SD
2012 -2013
Activist San Diego organized for immigrant rights  2014-2015 ASD co-founded the Black and Brown Lives Matter Coalition helping lead many of the public mobilizations against police shootings.

In May of 2016 ASD formed the "Love TRumps Hate Solidarity  Network" which called clergy, labor, immigrant groups and youth together for a press conference and rally outside of the Civic Center when Donald Trump came to San Diego during the campaign our totally peaceful and positive mobilization was met by abusive police misconduct.

And while we did all this grassroots activism, ASD founded the first Community Radio station in San Diego. KNSJ is the 1st local station to air Ralph Nader, Thom Hartmann & Democracy Now! with Amy Goodman.  KNSJ has more Environmental, women's, labor, local musicians, and Standing Rock/Native news than all the rest of the radio stations in the county combined!

A special invite to become a member and participant of ASD and KNSJ.0rg
Join now

Nov. 2016 The day after the US elections ASD called a press conference and mobilization downtown to highlight the fears that are resonating in many communities and to show determination that we will not to let the Trump administration turn back the gains of the last 50 years.

Today activists face the biggest challenge of our lifetimes! We need your help!

ASD relies on YOU the grassroots donor for 95% of our support. A powerful and effective grassroots movement-building strategy  depends on your donation.

This 'Giving Tuesday' become a member and click on the link and pledge $ 5 to $25 a month or give a one-time donation to kick organizing it into high gear to build a resistance movement that will make you proud... We're going to make Trump's head spin.


Thanks to those of you who helped or met us at the Holiday Peace Bazaar Dec. 4.  We have some more sustainable succulent baskets for adoption at Monday's Activist Holiday Party, please call 619-283-1100
Get involved with Activist San Diego,
networking for social justice:  

  For info 619-283-1100


Save the date!
The biggest Gala and Extravaganza of 2017 will be Friday January 20th, Inauguration Day,  after the street demonstrations.

Buy DISCOUNTED on-line tickets
A Party for Progressives
... our causes, our determination, our heroes. LIVE Music food and festivities and a keynote speech by Greg Palast and others to be announced.  Martin Eder 619-871-9354

Listen to and KNSJ 89.1 fm 
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to grow an Activist Resistance to stop Trumps divisive politics
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We are still 100% volunteer driven, but we want to offer more effective social justice leadership and local action.


It is as easy as clicking the Donate Now button at
Your support comes with the continuing satisfaction that you are empowering San Diego and supporting  your values

Thank YOU from all of us!

PO Box 5631,
San Diego 92165


Several Electors have already demanded an Intelligence Briefing on Russia's interference in the United States presidential election.  However, we the People of the United States demand that the entire Electoral College be briefed on Russia's interference before the Electoral College Electors cast their vote on Monday, December 19, 2016.    Please sign this petition - link to

We need to raise $8,000 NOW! We are a 100% volunteer organization, but we need to step up our game with your help. We to need to train the next generation of young activist, stand with native peoples, organize and mobilize with unprecedented effectiveness. For this we need resources.

Join, unite and mobilize with us!

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