Emergency Mobilization Dec. 5 @ 6pm

Join the "We Can't Breath" Die-in

'Peace on Earth Holiday Bazaar' Sat. Dec 6

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Eric Garner: Emergency Mobilization

Join the "We Can't Breath" Die-in

Friday Dec. 5 @ 6:30 pm
Starting at City Heights Performance Annex

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The choking death of Eric Garner by New York City police last July was captured on a cell phone for the world to witness the unnecessary death of yet another unarmed black man who did not resist arrest, his apparent crime was selling individual cigarettes. He died for this crime being choked to death in a need legal stranglehold while crying for help  " I cannot breathe, I cannot breathe..."

Once again a grand jury chose not to indict Ofc. Daniel Pantoleo even though the video showed clearly that his life was not endangered by this unarmed suspect.
"We as a community will not accept the impunity by police officers or the grand jury. We will not accept the murder of an armed, innocent citizens. No more… This is got to stop now!!
For more information see   #Hands up  #Don't Choke
Got to see this video!

Help us Build a Movement for Social Justice
*ASD's Commitment to building the community's organizing capacity*

DEC. 9th  and every 2nd and 4th Tuesday at 7-9 pm,  Activist San Diego and our partner, United Against Police Terror - San Diego, will be meeting at the Activist Center, 4246 Wightman, in City Heights.  We meet in solidarity with friends we know who are building a people's movement in Ferguson/St. Louis and countless other cities who rallied.  Our intent is to establish a permanent presence in this work with a new generation of activists. For more info at or our partner,  United Against Police Terror - San Diego  on FaceBook
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Come join ASD & KNSJ
10 am- 2 pm
@ Mid-City Gym   4302 Landis St. SD
Buy our  affordable succulent ;  619-283-1100

Dec. 6th - Sat.   The “Peace on Earth Holiday Bazaar” for crafts and alternative holiday shopping; a great turnout year after year. We’ve grown to over 25 wonderful local not-for-profit community orgs that are working for a peaceful, just, & environmentally healthy world. Buy your potted succulents and crafts from ASD and KNSJ to support your favorite causes. Help us at the table 619-283-1100  Read more...

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Thanks to your support we were able to be there to help organize a
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Activist San Diego steps up to the
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We rallied, we marched - Outraged yet Peaceful.
Now to Build a People's Movement for Equity and Social Justice

Activist San Diego is indebted to you for your support.  Hundreds of you turned out for one of the 4 days of consecutive actions in which ASD played a major role.  Like you we felt outrage at the lack of justice, but we turned that frustration into a tremendous outpouring that promises to strengthen multiracial and multi-generational activism.  We are determined stop the growth of  militarized and racialized policing and shed light on the discriminatory practices that  undermine peace and social equity.
But we face a crisis: A new generation of youth and community are coming forward, yearning to get involved.  ASD is eager to train and work with this new energy, but we lack the financial resources of a coordinator, facilities and the tools that successful organizers need make a breakthrough.

The future is bright with your support!  After 6 years in the bureaucratic trenches to establish a new FM radio station, KNSJ 89.1 FM is poised to become a tranformative agent of education and communication  for a new generation.  Now we need to connect our informational mission to our mobilization mission.  With your commitment ASD can train these new forces to rebuild a people's movement.
   For 15 years Activist San Diego and been there for you... and with you.
At this very moment ASD needs YOU to step forward and pledge ongoing financial support to create new organizing capacity.
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Activist Holiday Party

MonDec. 15th @ 7 pm

Joyce Beers Community Center
Across from Trader Joe's
3900 Vermont Street; San Diego, CA 92103
 KNSJ & ASD Holiday Party Music & Entertainment at Joyce Beers Community Center.  Our yearly food and festivities celebration of all things progressive. Bring a Potluck dish to share. For peace in the New Year!


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