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“[S]o wise; so gripping; so mythical and dangerous; so infused with surreal beauty.”
Justin Torres,
author of We the Animals
“Robinson’s stellar, revelatory fourth entry in her Gilead cycle . . . beautiful, superbly crafted.”
Publishers Weekly, starred review
“This is in every regard a Nick Hornby novel—funny, precise, clever, and pointed  . . . [A] love story perfectly attuned to the[se] strange days.”Vogue
Talented Miss Farwell Bookshop
“A Machiavellian marvel, a modern Becky Sharp, a character to root for despite your better judgment.”
Rebecca Makkai, author of The Great Believers
“[A]n excellent way to revisit Radiohead’s Kid A
. . . 
a springboard for thinking about the shifting fortunes of rock music, the Internet, and the uneasy century.”
—Ezra Koenig of Vampire Weekend
“Writing this memoir was incredibly hard, humbling and healing. My sincere hope is that you are moved to a new understanding . . . about the resilience of the human spirit.”
Mariah Carey
“Everything tastes good at Barbuto; Jonathan Waxman is a genius in the kitchen, and now I'll be a genius in mine!”
Katie Couric
“Russell helps us understand that the components of our identity are in fact technologies. . . . [P]owerful.”
Lil Miquela, Instagram robot
Booksellers Recommend
“A powerful debut short story collection. At times the stories are funny and at times they take on an ethereal and dreamlike tone almost like fables or fairy-tales. They’re a deep dive into the psyche of womanhood and what it’s like to be a girl in the world. Short story fans—do not miss this one!”—Kelsy April, Savoy Bookshop & Cafe
“Reading Scorpionfish I felt transported to Athens in the summer and also into the narrator’s life. The death of her parents, a recent breakup, and a connection with a stranger force her to reckon with her dual identity and present self. I both couldn’t stop reading this and never wanted it to end!”—Althea Lamel, Book Culture
“A contemporary novel set in a gritty French garrison town that made me think about the effects of military service in countries other than my own.”
—Mimi Hannan,
La Playa Books 

After surviving a trauma she cannot bring herself to name, twenty-year-old Bianca Vogelsang comes home carrying an eerily lifelike doll in her arms—a doll she calls Jubilee.
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