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Hello from the Pit of Hell
Snuggle up with Some Reading Distractions

Hello from the pit of hell, where we all currently live! Actually, I’m in the Michigan region of this hellscape, a state that I’m sure you’re sick to death of hearing about, so I won’t dwell.

Anyway it’s about to be the gloomiest part of an already terrible year, and since it’s dark most of the day and you can’t risk going outside and getting breathed on, you might as well snuggle up with some reading distractions, right? I like a mix of genres, but I never want to read anything that feels like a high school social studies assignment, so you can get your smart and sober historical recommendations from someone who is actually interested in learning. I’m here for you babes who wanna have fun.

—Samantha Irby

A Jamaican British journalist living in London and trying to find love after a nightmare breakup! What more could you want? I read this book in a horrible British accent in my cursed brain, and even that couldn’t ruin this masterpiece.

If I were smarter, I'd write a thesis on short stories as an art form, but I barely graduated high school and I hate research so I won’t. Sometimes it’s nice to read a piece of amazing writing in ten minutes and feel extremely accomplished.

This is a book of flash horror stories by some amazing writers, and it’s perfect for times when you don’t have the bandwidth to read a whole book but still need a little emotional jolt while sitting on the toilet.


OK so the premise of Lindy’s newest book is that The Fugitive is the only good movie and that every other movie pales in comparison, or something along those lines, and honestly??? She is correct.

I recommend this book to literally everyone, because it’s absolutely absurd. It’s about dolphin lovemaking and trailer parks and anatomically correct
sex dolls and supercomputers and quarantine, and it’s hilarious. The perfect book.

Native American horror that is both kinda funny but also deeply unsettling? HELL YES.

I love YA that feels real and grounded, and I also love messy familial relationships and nascent romance and wearing all black and texting, and this book ticks so many of my boxes.

A heartbreaking, darkly comic book about a pregnant young woman who delivers pizzas and becomes obsessed with a customer. It also has the coolest cover ever, which will make you look super interesting if you leave it out when people come over.

I read a lot of thrillers because I LOVE TO BE THRILLED!!!!!!!! I live for the urgency of a whodunit, and this story is twisted and exciting and straight up good as hell.

I mean, not to put too fine a point on it, but Louisa Luna is seriously great, and why would you read a good book and then not immediately read its sequel??? Just get both, quit playing!


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