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Settlement Offers 

Settlement offers provided with the validation letter may overshadow the consumer’s validation rights. Courts are not in agreement on this subject and at least one court has held a settlement offer provided with the validation notice overshadowed the validation period. This court found that a validation letter that contained language to suggest that the consumer should call to arrange a settlement to gain the collector’s cooperation circumvented the FDCPA and overshadowed the validation notice. Another court held that a settlement offer that expired before the validation period did not overshadow the validation notice as it did not demand immediate payment nor did it state the consumer has less than thirty days to dispute the debt. One time offers can sometimes be considered false or misleading; especially, if the collector can offer the discount at any time or can offer more of a discount than is presented. One district court determined that successive settlement offers that included end dates were not false or misleading under the FDCPA. The court concluded “a settlement offer that states the proposed discount and the length of the offer, but does not expressly nor implicitly indicate no other offer will be made” does not violate the Act even though more favorable terms in the future are likely.
Debt collectors should avoid presenting settlement offers as one-time only opportunities when such offers may be presented in the future. A debt collector also should not misrepresent the settlement authority granted by the creditor.
Debt collectors should not offer settlements in an amount greater than that authorized by the client.  If the client authorizes a onetime, take-it-or-leave-it settlement offer, the debt collector should only make such offers once to avoid allegations of false or misleading practices.  Debt collectors should be careful making settlement offers on debts that are beyond the statute of limitations as some courts have ruled such offers could mislead consumers into believing the debt is judicially enforceable when it is not.  


ACA International



The Redbird Season is moving right along!  Don't forget we have tickets on a first come basis so let me know if you would like to go.. It really is a beautiful park and loads of family fun.

Collector of the Month

Terri has been with UCS for 3 years. She tackles all assignments with dedication and a smile. She has an awesome work ethic. We are proud to have her here at UCS.


Collector's Pledge

The ACA Pledge encourages members and their employees to make a voluntary, pesonal commitment to treat consumers with dignity and respect in every aspect of their work.  Since putting the Pledge in place we have found our collectors have a sense of Pride in their jobs and learned that we exist to help solve the challenge of our consumers to take care of their debt in a timely fashion.

Community Involment

We offer programs & services in three major areas to help end child abuse and family violence.

We address issues of family violence and how it affects both children and adults. Our staff helps families learn how to identify and deal with family violence while offering clients a protected venue for child visitations

Through parenting education, we address the conflicts that arise from stressful parenting situations and divorce.

We address the issue of anger and explore alternative problem-solving skills, communication skills, the causes of anger, and reactions to anger as well as its aftereffects

The Exchange Club of Memphis
2180 Union Avenue • Memphis, TN
(901) 276-2200

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Memphis (BGCM) is all about creating opportunities for children through after-school education. We serve nearly 4,000 members between the ages of 6 and 18 each year by providing the fun experiences and critical guidance kids need to build bright futures.

Through a variety of academic and recreational programs, BGCM empowers members to make productive use of their time and wise decisions in their lives. It’s how we’re opening doors for Memphis kids every day, at the positive place for kids.

Be a Part of Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Memphis Join All boys and girls ages 6 through 18 may join. The parent or guardian will need to fill out a membership application available at a Club near you. Members are free to come and go as they choose and membership dues are kept low, so anyone can afford to join—or even work to earn their membership. Join now!



Recently two men stood before St. Peter at the gates of Heaven to get their Mansions.  One was a Pope and the other a Lawyer.  The Pope was given a small simple house by a creek and the Lawyer a Hugh House on a hill. When St. Peter was asked why the Lawyer got the Big House on the Hill he responded:
Popes we have but the is the FIRST Lawyer Ever!



When you have the weight of the world on your shoulders and need to talk to us about one of your consumers:

Call Donna Strickland
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This will keep your call from going to a floor collector and expedite your service.