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Merry Christmas & HAPPY HOLIDAYS


                  From all of us at
Universal Collection Systems!!!!!


We have experienced another great year that would not

have been possible without YOU!  

We would like to take this time to say a Very Heart Felt and Warm Thank You.  Please take some extended time with your Family and Friends this Christmas season. 



Today many companies understand the value that social media tools bring to an organization, including enhanced enterprise communication and customer engagement.
But while social media generates many benefits in modern business, it also exposes companies to a great deal of risk.  Your organization must develop a risk-sensitive strategy to create an effective ethics and compliance program for your social media efforts.  It’s important to understand not only what social media risk is, but also what action should be taken to effectively respond to these risks. 
The average cost of a single social media risk incident is #3.5 million, according to a report by Blue Hill Research.  These incidents can lead to brand erosion, direct financial costs, legal exposure, regulatory penalties and litigation costs.

Community Involment

We offer programs & services in three major areas to help end child abuse and family violence.


We address issues of family violence and how it affects both children and adults. Our staff helps families learn how to identify and deal with family violence while offering clients a protected venue for child visitations


Through parenting education, we address the conflicts that arise from stressful parenting situations and divorce.


We address the issue of anger and explore alternative problem-solving skills, communication skills, the causes of anger, and reactions to anger as well as its aftereffects

The Exchange Club of Memphis
2180 Union Avenue • Memphis, TN
(901) 276-2200

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Memphis (BGCM) is all about creating opportunities for children through after-school education. We serve nearly 4,000 members between the ages of 6 and 18 each year by providing the fun experiences and critical guidance kids need to build bright futures.

Through a variety of academic and recreational programs, BGCM empowers members to make productive use of their time and wise decisions in their lives. It’s how we’re opening doors for Memphis kids every day, at the positive place for kids.

Be a Part of Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Memphis Join All boys and girls ages 6 through 18 may join. The parent or guardian will need to fill out a membership application available at a Club near you. Members are free to come and go as they choose and membership dues are kept low, so anyone can afford to join—or even work to earn their membership. Join now!



I heard about this kindergarten teacher.  She wanted to teach her students about self-esteem.

She said to her class “Everyone who thinks you are dumb, please stand up.”

She didn’t think anybody would stand and she’d make the point how no one was dumb.

But about that time little Johnny stood up.

She didn’t quite know what to do.

She said, “Now Johnny do you really think that you’re dumb?”

He said, “No Ma’am, I just hate to see you standing there all by yourself.”


When you have the weight of the world on your shoulders and need to talk to us about one of your consumers:

Call Donna Strickland
at 901-869-2633
Or Terry  Lewis
at 901-869-2631.

This will keep your call from going to a floor collector and expedite your service.