News, new products and special offers from Physical Sports First Aid, including buy one get one free on Rugby first aid kits and sale prices on Tensoplast EAB.
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Rugby First Aid Kit

Rugby First Aid Kit - Buy One Get One FREE

Our Rugby First Aid Kit contains exactly the same items as the recommended first aid kit sold by the RFU, but costs only £19.99!  And, now, for a limited time only it's even better value because we'll give you two for the price of one.  Check the special offers section of our website for more details.

With a good selection of dressings, plasters, bandages and ice packs this is a great little kit for basic first aid and makes an ideal bag for a juniors side.  (For a hard-charging First XV we'd recommend something a little more comprehensive like our Pitch Side First Aid Kit.)  We call it the Rugby First Aid Kit because we put it together to meet the RFU's specifications, but it is suitable for most other team sports too.
Tensoplast EAB

Tensoplast Sale

Tensoplast EAB is on sale! Tensoplast is the UK's most recognisable brand of elastic adhesive bandage, and the number one EAB for use in clinical settings.  Its high quality fabric and strong adhesive also make it a great sports tape.  We have it on special offer right now with prices starting at only £2.49 a roll inc. VAT.  We think this might be the cheapest you can buy Tensoplast anywhere on the web.

Concussion Basics for Sports First Aid

Concussion in sport is a topic of increasing concern, and most sports bodies now take it very seriously.  Concussion is not something to be ignored or ‘shaken off’ for a quick return to play, and if you are involved in sports first aid in any way you probably already knew this.  Unfortunately, the repeated occurrence of incidents such as Hugo Lloris continuing to play while concussed indicates that ignorance of the issues surrounding concussion persists at all levels of sport.  With this in mind, we’ve prepared a brief summary of some of the things to bear in mind when dealing with head injuries in sport.  Obviously, what follows is not an exhaustive guide to concussion, nor is it a substitute for adequate first aid training.

Read the rest of this article on our blog.
CPR Mask

CPR Mask

New Product!  If you don't already own one of these, you should.  A CPR mask (aka pocket mask) is essential equipment for first aiders. It improves the effectiveness of mouth-to-mouth and protects from cross-contamination by providing a physical barrier between you and the casualty.  Price: £4.86
Reusable Ice Bag

Reusable Ice Bag

New Product! Just fill this bag with ice and hold it against sports injuries for effective cold compression.  Reduces pain and swelling, and slows down bleeding. This bag has a waterproof inner and a non-drip cap for hassle-free use.  23cm diameter.
Price: £5.99
Spinal Board and Head Immobiliser

Spinal Injury Set

New Product! This is a great value bundle of gear for immobilising and lifting casualties with suspected spinal injuries. The set includes a robust plastic spinal board, nylon webbing spider straps and a head immobiliser.
Price: £232.80

Cohesive Bandage Case Quantities

Cohesive Bandage Cases

New Product! Now available in discounted case quantities, cohesive bandage is one of the most versatile and useful bandages around. It performs extremely well as a general-purpose sports tape.
Price: varies with size
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