JUNE 2015

Gratitude And Best Wishes To The Following FFLs Leaving Their Positions…
  • Yvette Anderson, St. Patrick, Cedar Falls
  • Allyson Brawner, St. Patrick, Waukon
  • Judy Calcari, Nativity, Dubuque
  • Patty Cook, St. Henry & St. Mary, Marshalltown
  • Nick Duffy, St. Patrick, Anamosa
  • Megan Gan—St. Joseph, Marion
  • Jeannine Grady, St. Joseph, State Center
  • Ana Hernandez, St. Henry & St. Mary, Marshalltown
  • Sr. Marilou Irons, Sacred Heart, Oelwein
  • Pam Johnston, Catholic Parishes of Waterloo
  • Ann Knier, Resurrection, Dubuque
  • Brian McGee, St. Mary, Waverly
  • Cathy Mills, Catholic Parishes of Waterloo
  • Tom Primmer, St. Cecilia, Ames
  • Brett Rauzi, St. Jude, Cedar Rapids
  • Kristine Strever, Spires of Faith Cluster and St. Francis Xavier, Dyersville
  • Eric Stromberg, St. Mary, Waverly
  • Angela Thomas, Resurrection, Dubuque

Watch for Registration Information Register for the August FFL/CSA Gathering Day!

August 11, 2015 is the FFL and Catholic School Administrator (CSA) Day with Sr. Pat McCormack.  Dr. Patricia M. McCormack, IHM is an international formation education consultant. Her practical experience in education includes both classroom and administration experience at the elementary, secondary, and college levels. Currently, Dr. McCormack is director of the IHM Office of Formative Support for Parents and Teachers, Arlington, VA. She is the author of the "Parent Partnership Handbook" feature of Today's Catholic Teacher magazine, numerous articles, and several books.  You can view her website at  The day will include the celebration of the Eucharist with Archbishop Jackels presiding and lunch. We will meet at Blessed Maria Assunta Pallotta Middle School, 3225 West Ninth Street, Waterloo. Registration information will sent through $dbqffl in a separate email soon—please watch for it and register as soon as possible.

YML Conference & Retreat

Thank you to all who took part in the Youth Ministry Leader Conference & Retreat on May 8th and 9th. We are grateful for your insight, professionalism and faith. As a part of the gathering, Youth Ministry Leaders were asked to provide some direction to the future of Archdiocesan youth programs and services. To view some of the conclusions as well and the tentative dates for the 2016 YML Conference & Retreat, please click here:

NCYC June Reports

NCYC Group Leaders will soon be receiving their June Report. This report will list the amount you will be billed in July if nothing changes in your group size between now and then. It is very important that you review this information and make sure that it is all correct. Let Kevin Feyen know of any changes in your group size as soon as you know them. Please note, the email will be automated and will come from If you do not receive this email by Monday, please check your spam.
Mark Your Calendar

For information on the enrichment offerings for Faith Formation Leaders and Catholic School Administrators, please click here:
Items from the June/July Executive Calendar
  • Evaluate May programming
  • Write a summer newsletter to parents with ideas for prayer time and family formational ideas with a summer theme
  • Direct Vacation Bible School
  • Order needed texts/materials
  • Organize and update files
  • Update/print handbooks for catechists and guardians
  • Make initial class groupings and room assignments
  • Continue recruitment of catechists
  • Review resources
  • Attend professional development opportunities if desired
  • Ensure signed contract and forms is sent to Director of Catechetical Services by May 15
  • Supply information regarding the Parish Status Report (if requested)
  • Ensure Confirmation Scheduling Form is sent in by the last Monday in July
  • Register for Annual Archdiocesan FFL Day

Hiring Process Materials for 2015-2016

The hiring packet for use in hiring FFL for the 2015-2016 year is now available here:
Information to Pass on to a New FFL

In FirstClass>Conferences>FFL Catechesis & Evangelization>FFL Resources, please find the document that details resources, books, documents, etc. that should be left in your office if you are leaving your position. Make sure the FFL that takes your position has pertinent calendars with both parish events and Archdiocesan offerings. Please take a look at this list and make your successor’s transition into the position easier. The document is called: Information to Pass On to a New Faith Formation Leader.
VLCFF of Dayton Update

Registration for Cycle 4 closed May 27. Cycle 4 goes from May 31 to July 4. Summer is a great time to try a VLCFF course. Cycle 5 begins July 19; registration runs from June 3 to July 15.

Take some time for your personal formation this summer. For a list of classes, go to If you have not yet used your free voucher for a class and would like to, email Julie Sanders at
Witness Grant Application

Information for the 2015-2016 Witness Grant was sent out through $dbqffl on May 27.

Please take a minute to respond with your "initial" intention for participating in The Witness Grant for 2015/16 as soon as possible. We ask all faith formation programs and Catholic schools to opt-in or opt-out of this great opportunity for your parishes and schools. This allows us to contact those sites we have not heard from so everyone has an opportunity to participate if they so desire.  This request takes about two minutes, the link is:  Thanks for responding to this response form, it greatly helps in budgeting and planning. Please share this memo and your response at the next faith formation commission meeting/Catholic school board meeting.  If you have any questions, please contact Julie Sanders at (563) 556-2580, ext. 267.
Parish or Cluster In-services

Please click here to access the form for your in-service information done at the local level. You should plan two in-parish/cluster in-services each year. The form should be returned to Julie Sanders as soon as possible at

If you need ideas or help planning your in-services, contact Julie Johnson at

Discussion Topics for Every Faith Formation Leader and His/Her Pastor

  • How are things going this year?
  • How is this year measuring up based on the goals for the year?
  • What are some things we want to look at for next year?

From Mary Pedersen, Director of Adult Faith Formation
  • Please inform your parishioners of the Archdiocesan Conference on the Family, November 7, Five Sullivan Brothers Center, Waterloo. Here are just a few of our breakouts:  Protecting Your Children in Today's World; Family and Finance; Parenting the 21st Century Teenager. Learn more by clicking here.
  • IMPACT STARTS! Please join us and also contact your catechists and volunteers who would benefit from IMPACT, starting this September. This will nourish their personal and spiritual lives and aid their ministry. Learn more at

From Mindy Hart, Director of Ministry to Persons with Disabilities

You can view newsletters with resources for providing ministry with Persons with Disabilities at
From the Educational Resource Center

The Education Resource Center (ERC) has compiled a listing of resources to correlate with the K-8 Religion Curriculum Guide.

Media including instructional posters and poster sets, learning and review games, multi-sensory learning kits, storybooks, DVDs, and more can assist you in developing or supplementing lessons for each of the Essential Learnings listed under each of the Goals for each of the grade levels.

Additionally, online resources for both students and adults are correlated so that catechists, as well as parents of children in the program, can further explore the Learning Essentials for personal growth or catechetical purposes.

Catechists may choose to use online resources during their formation sessions. Additionally, they might email online links to families, asking that the resources be utilized in the domestic church:

•    Email a link to a coloring or activity page.
•    Share a link to a tool for creating a 30-second video about application of the lesson, and ask families to work together to create a sharable project.
•    Offer a link on an adult video reflection on the topic of the day for parents.
•    Direct families to a web site with instructions for a craft relevant to your topic.
•    Provide students with a link to a web site for creating a crossword puzzle or seek-and-find worksheet, assign the task of creating and printing a worksheet to review a topic covered in your formation sessions, and ask that the worksheet be brought to the next session to share as an opening activity.

The ERC hopes to post the listings of these resources in the Fall, but if you are interested in exploring these resources at this time, please contact the ERC at 563-556-2580 X214 or email

Contact Kim at or Tricia at for more information or resources. To go to the ERC website, click here.
To Teach as Jesus Did

The offering, “To Teach as Jesus Did”, designed particularly for distribution to new catechists (but can be distributed to all catechists), is distributed separately through the host group $DBQFFL and is also available by going to
Registration Materials for 2015-2016

These materials are now posted in FirstClass>Conferences>FFL Catechesis & Evangelization>Registration Forms for your convenience. Sample forms are available in both English and Spanish.
Introducing the 2015-2016 FFL/CSA Book Club Book

The Church of Mercy: A Vision for the Church by Pope Francis
In the year since he was elected, Pope Francis’s simple message of mercy, service, and renewal has spread to every corner of the world. Through his gentle demeanor, selfless actions, and welcoming call for service to others, Pope Francis has captured the attention of a world longing for an authentic message of hope—we want to hear what he has to say.

Collected from Pope Francis’s speeches, homilies, and papers presented during the first year of his papacy, The Church of Mercy is the first Vatican-authorized book detailing his vision for the Catholic Church. From how to be citizens of the world to answering God’s call for evangelization, Pope Francis's deep wisdom reminds us that the Church must move beyond its own walls and joyfully bring God's mercy wherever suffering, division, or injustice exists.

Named TIME Magazine’s 2013 “Person of the Year,” Pope Francis is helping the Church continue toward an authentic Christianity that is faithful to the Gospel and resonant with the world’s greatest needs. The Church of Mercy encourages each of us to ignite the flame within to help share the light of Christ and revitalize the Church. (from

Each FFL and CSA will receive a copy of the book from the Archbishop Kucera Grant.  This year, everyone will also receive the accompanying study guide.  Books will be distributed in August.

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