MAY 2015

Deanery FFL Meetings for May

The meetings for May can be found at Here you will also find recommended agenda items.
Mark Your Calendar

Please mark your calendar for our annual "beginning of the year" gathering on Tuesday, August 11.  We will meet at Blessed Maria Assunta Pallotta Middle School in Waterloo.  The day will run 8:15 AM to 3:00 PM.  Dr. Pat McCormack, IHM will be our speaker.  Archbishop Jackels will celebrate Mass.  Additional details will be sent in the coming months. Watch for information on offerings for the whole year coming soon.

Items from the May Executive Calendar
  • Project numbers based on spring registration
  • Complete the Self Evaluation Instrument for Faith Formation Leaders, found in FirstClass/Conferences/FFL Catechesis & Evangelization/FFL Resources
  • Study program evaluation, formulate program goals
  • Follow-up with FFC to approve catechetical program calendar for next year
  • Direct senior recognition, catechist, board appreciation
  • Finalize plans for Vacation Bible School
  • Evaluate sacramental preparation and celebrations
  • Evaluate family life and human sexuality component
  • Recruit needed catechists
  • Update professional portfolio
  • Ensure signed contract and forms is sent to Director of Catechetical Services by May

Hiring Process Materials for 2015-2016

The hiring packet for use in hiring FFL for the 2015-2016 year is now available here:

If You Are Leaving...

In the event that you are resigning your current position as an FFL, please let our office know no later than May 15 so that we can properly express our gratitude to you.  And best wishes from our staff to you in your next endeavor.

Information to Pass on to a New FFL

TIn FirstClass>Conferences>FFL Catechesis & Evangelization>FFL Resources, please find the document that details resources, books, documents, etc. that should be left in your office if you are leaving your position. Make sure the FFL that takes your position has pertinent calendars with both parish events and Archdiocesan offerings. Please take a look at this list and make your successor’s transition into the position easier. The document is called: Information to Pass On to a New Faith Formation Leader.

VLCFF & Congratulations!

Registration for Cycle 4 classes began April 15 and closes May 27. Cycle 4 goes from May 31 to July 4. Summer is a great time to try a VLCFF course. Take some time for your personal formation this summer. For a list of Cycle 4 classes, go to If you have not yet used your free voucher for a class and would like to, email Julie Sanders at

The following have received certificates from Dayton:
  • Marge Krawczuk, Colorado - Guidelines for Refreshing Our Facilitating Skills
  • Toni Pint-Burke, Waterloo - Theological Reflection: Key to Connecting Faith and Life
  • Charlene Vig, Mount Vernon - Theological Reflection: Key to Connecting Faith and Life

Witness Grant Application

Information for the 2015-2016 Witness Grant will be sent out soon. If you have any questions, please contact Julie Sanders at (563) 556-2580 ext. 267.

Parish or Cluster In-services

Please click here to access the form for your in-service information done at the local level. You should plan two in-parish/cluster in-services each year. The form should be returned to Julie Sanders by June 1, 2015 at

If you need ideas or help planning your in-services, contact Julie Johnson at

Discussion Topics for Every Faith Formation Leader and His/Her Pastor

  • How are things going this year?
  • How is this year measuring up based on the goals for the year?
  • What are some things we want to look at for next year?

From Mary Pedersen, Director of Adult Faith Formation

From Mindy Hart, Director of Ministry to Persons with Disabilities

The May newsletter with resources for providing ministry with Persons with Disabilities is now available. Check it out at

From the Educational Resource Center

The Education Resource Center (ERC) has posted a new mini-catalog on the Media Picks web page. It highlights resources for end-of-the-year drill and review. Check out the resources found at the link below.  Please forward this to your catechists and teachers. Contact Kim at or Tricia at for more information or resources. Visit:

FFL Self-Evaluation

In FirstClass>Conferences>FFL Catechesis & Evangelization>FFL Resources, you will find a self-evaluation tool that is provided for you to evaluate the past year and look forward to the next. Learn more by clicking here.

To Teach as Jesus Did

The offering, “To Teach as Jesus Did”, designed particularly for distribution to new catechists (but can be distributed to all catechists), is distributed separately through the host group $DBQFFL and is also available by going to

Registration Materials for 2015-2016

These materials are now posted in FirstClass>Conferences>FFL Catechesis & Evangelization>Registration Forms for your convenience. Sample forms are available in both English and Spanish.

FFL Book Club 2014-2015
For information to lead a discussion, visit:

Upcoming Event


Beginning of the year gathering

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