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A Newsletter from the BVCSD
Bear Necessities

Issue 3 | April 2020
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Good News!
Late last year, with the generous help of Leana Bowman, Jeff Gletne, and Jeannie Taylor, we were able to apply for a CalFIRE grant to address the fire hazard posed by hundreds of acres of dead trees on the north/northwestern slopes of the valley.

We are thrilled to announce that we have been awarded the grant, which totals $1,026,144. This grant will be used to engage a professional logging company to fall, limb, buck and remove trees and treat slash. With over 85% of our conifer forest dead due to bark beetle and drought, this will have a tremendous impact on reducing the potential fuel and fire risk in our valley.

The project will take place between August 2020 and March 2024. We will be reaching out to seek participation from landowners in this area. Updates will be provided through the Bear Tracks magazine, District Facebook and Twitter, and our website as well as this newsletter.

Thank you again Jeff, Leana and Jeannie. We couldn't have done it without you!
New Way to Contact the CSD
COVID-19 Resource Repository
With everyone working from home, we know it has been difficult to contact us. In response, we have created a new website contact form that allows you to reach out to each division within the CSD. 

We will respond to all emails within 24 hours, excluding weekends.

Our after-hours emergency number for water is still being answered. That number is(661) 821-3239 ext. 10 
We have created a COVID specific page on our website that collects all the information we publish.

Additionally, there are links to relevant resources including government agencies, help for students and workers, emotional health, a link to the City of Tehachapi resource page listing restaurants offering curbside pickup and more!
Go to our COVID-19 Resource Page
Go to our Contact Form
Your BVCSD and COVID-19
From Bill Malinen, General Manager

Hello Residents and Neighbors:
I know this is a very difficult time for all of us, and we hope you are well and able to deal with the daily issues we learn about the Coronavirus and what it is doing to our community, nation and world.
By now everyone should have a good understanding of this terrible virus and its devastating impacts to an individual and our collective health.  At the Bear Valley CSD, we take this situation very seriously, and have been engaged in managing our essential services in light of the restrictions placed on all of us.  We have closed our CSD office to the public, though we have minimal staffing to respond to take phone calls or forward messages.  The lobby of the Police Department is open (with social distancing) to provide new residents with gate access information/stickers.  We are NOT providing RFID tags during this time.  Our April 9th Board of Directors meeting and all CSD committee meetings have been canceled.  We will let you know when we may be returning to some sort of normal scheduling.  In the meantime, we will continue to use our internet channels to keep you informed on news and information.  You can sign up for the CSD electronic newsletter and view our Twitter feed on our website.  Please share this with others.
CSD website -
CSD Facebook -
BVS Nextdoor -
CSD Twitter -
We have been actively monitoring the situation through daily conference calls with the Kern County Emergency Operations Center (EOC), which links all Kern County Communities together with the Kern County Public Health Officials.  We are in contact with our partner BVSA, keeping abreast of each other’s actions and plans.  We are all facing the same challenges, and collectively, we will overcome this together.  We are grateful for our dedicated staff who have worked to continue doing what they do - especially our Police and Gate staff, who are at the greatest risk by the nature of their daily contacts with residents and visitors.
Each day we learn more, and it is now clear that the single greatest weapon against the Coronavirus is Social Distancing (keeping at least 6 feet from one another).  All individuals, as a part of our community, state and nation must do their part to stop the spread of this insidious virus.  Simple steps we all MUST do to slow and eventually stop this monster:
  • Wash hands with soap and water often
  • Avoid touching eyes, nose or mouth.
  • Practice Social Distancing
  • Stay away from work, school and other people, if you can
We are fortunate in Bear Valley to not currently have the type of serious Coronavirus outbreak other communities are facing.  We are also blessed to have friends and neighbors who are lending a hand to others as needed, and helping lift our community spirit.  Thanks to you all for your help in keeping Bear Valley Springs special and safe.

COVID-19 and Law Enforcement

From Tim Melanson, Chief of Police

Your Bear Valley Police Department is proud to serve the community, especially through tough times.  Navigating the waters of a pandemic has been a challenge for everyone, and presents particular challenges for those in public service and other essential services.
The Bear Valley Police Department will be here for the residents and visitors of the Valley.  We are taking special precautions to ensure the Valley is protected and that officers are available to respond.  For “in-progress” emergencies, call 911.  When officers respond and must enter a home, they will be equipped with protective equipment to protect both the resident and the officer. 
For non-emergencies, or if you need to file a report, you can request a phone call from an officer instead of them coming to your home.  Call 661-861-3110 and tell the dispatcher you want the officer to call. 
The Gate serves an essential service to the Valley in screening all incoming visitors.  Our Gate staff will continue to perform this function.  It is critical that residents comply with the emergency orders of the state and county.  You can also do your part when it comes to allowing visitors into the Valley.  If your visitor or contractor is “non-essential”, residents should NOT authorize them passes.
Together we will get through this crisis.
Be safe
Transfer Station Schedule & Operations
From Dave Van Wagoner, Public Works Director

The Solid Waste Transfer Station has begun the new hours and days of operation. 
Hours: 8 am to 8 pm Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday
Closed: Mondays, Thursdays and holidays

Because of the pandemic, the reconfiguration project has encountered delays, but staff are still working to complete the project.

By now, residents should be used to seeing permanent staff in both the Household and Greenwaste areas. These staff members are there to help direct traffic through the site if needed, as well as provide answers to solid waste questions residents may have. They are also prepared to provide educational information about the waste disposal process: What can and can't be accepted at the transfer station and options residents have to dispose of items that are prohibited at the site.

To be clear, we have not instituted any new rules for the site, we’re just enforcing those rules that have always been in place.

As a reminder, here is a list of items we are NOT permitted to accept:
  • Treated/processed lumber including plywood, pallets, fencing, paneling, etc
  • Cleaners
  • Stains and varnishes
  • Batteries
  • Automotive fluids
  • Pesticides and herbicides
  • Paint
  • Light bulbs
  • E-waste (TVs, monitors, electronics, etc)
  • Construction/building materials
  • Refrigerators, air conditioners, water heaters, and other appliances
  • Tires
  • Autos & Auto parts
  • Trailers
  • Furniture
  • Metal/Scrap iron
  • Concrete, rock, dirt
All hazardous waste materials must be disposed of at the Kern County Special Waste Facility (661-862-8922).

Additionally, landscaping contractors must provide a manifest to be able to dump green waste at the site.  This manifest must include the type and amount of greenwaste and the address where it was collected.  It must also be signed by the homeowner who the contractor is working for.
Following is a list of those who will be permitted access to the transfer site:
  • Residents who have a window decal (provided at the time of residency for access through the main gate)
  • If no decal is present, residents must present a current BVSA amenities card proving residency
  • Contractors must present a manifest
As we have had repeated problems with illegal dumping and access to the site in the past, please be patient as staff ensures rules are being applied and followed.  We anticipate these new procedures will help us to get a better handle on illegal dumping, as well as minimize fines for prohibited items that find their way to the Tehachapi landfill. Another result of these controls will see a decrease in the amount of waste coming in to the site, which should help us save costs of trash hauling by our contractor.
Security cameras are now operational and being regularly monitored, which help us track down any violations that occur.  When the site reconfiguration project is complete, residents will notice better access and flow, increased lighting and better drainage management and dust control.  Our goal is to make your visit to the Transfer Station as quick and safe as possible.  We look forward to seeing the improvements the new changes will bring to the site, as well as the positive experience our residents will realize.

Did You Know?

The BVCSD has an Emergency Operations Plan designed by our DPAC committee. This plan is based on a universal framework used by governments, first responders, hospitals and other service entities throughout the United States.

The intent is to ensure consistency, scalability and logical progression that enables various entities and jurisdictions to coordinate with each other and the State/Federal government in the event of an emergency.

This EOP is designed to handle any emergency by planning to address tasks that are broad but common rather than planning to handle specific events.

Because the District does not have any medical care facilities, our EOP calls for Public Health emergencies to be managed by the Kern County Department of Public Health. If needed, the District EOC would be activated to support the Kern County EOC, but we have not yet had need.

You can view the document here: 

Emergency Operations Plan Pt 1
Emergency Operations Plan Pt 2



Please lend us your intelligence and expertise. Resident volunteers are needed for the following positions:

Administration Committee: 2
Finance Committee: 2
Public Safety Committee: 1
Disaster Preparedness Advisory Council (DPAC): 7
Our community is owned and run by our residents. We need you!
Upcoming Events
All events have been cancelled for the foreseeable future. Updates will be provided via our Website, Nextdoor, and Facebook channels when applicable.
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after-hours emergency call:
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Police Department
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Dispatch: 861-3110

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