Leaders Stepping Up!
Pastor Rodney Lord
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Praying God's Word and ...Believing It!
Cyrone Arnspiger
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Freedom Groups
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Travis Christman
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Ministry in
North Korea
Judy Ball
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Stepping Out- My time as at YWAM
Kaitlyn Hickey
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Disaster Relief
Judy Ball
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Thank You From
The Legters
Altia Letgers
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Leaders Stepping Up! Pastor Rodney Lord
We are excited to announce that in the area of youth ministry, Tyler Preston is stepping up to lead and serve. Tyler’s unique style...which you have seen in his announcements...certainly lends itself to be an engaging leader for youth. Tyler is also a passionate worshipper and young man of integrity. He has been a friend to our family for a number of years. We believe, and so does Tyler, that this is God’s timing in his life to step out of the comfort zone of the past and serve in the area of spiritual growth and development of our youth.  

Tyler will not be alone in this endeavor. I had a divine appointment a few months ago while I was at the hospital visiting someone.  I stopped in to see Chuck Blevins who leads the imaging department at small task.. In the conversation, we were reminiscing about all the youth parties and Bible studies that he and Heather helped lead and host in their home. Of course my wheels were turning and a week later, I asked if they would consider serving and assisting Tyler in developing the youth ministry. They agreed! If you know Chuck, you know he is a big kid at heart, loves to have fun, and is serious about spiritual matters. Heather is the well balanced adult/mom that will take care of many details and see everything that the guys miss. Someone has to be the adult.

We are very blessed at FGC to have new babies arriving, growing kids and youth, and young adults that are stepping up to serve. Over the past few years, these young men and women have been involved in Freedom Groups, Treasure Hunts, Streetlife in New York and other ministry initiatives. They are modeling some powerful things for the youth, and older adults to see. Two young adult leaders that are stepping up to provide further leadership within the college and career age group are Justin and Cassidi Shoaf. The Shoaf's came to FGC already having significant ministry training and have spent some time doing international missions. Their heart to see the Kingdom released into the culture through supernatural expressions of ministry is exciting. Prior to their missions deployment, they were working professional marketplace jobs in this area. We are a growing family and I am excited to see some additional structure and leadership to support the growth and direction in the lives of our young adults. I love the Shoaf's faith- filled adventurous spirit that they carry….it will inspire and challenge!
Praying God's Word and
...Believing It!
Cyrone Arnspiger
Year after year after year I've always prayed(and still do) Acts 2:38-39,  "For the promise is for you and your children and for all who are far off, as many as our Lord God will call to Himself."  This Word covers a lot more than just our children.

On January 3rd of this year I was crying out desperately for a renewed hope for my son and descendants. God lovingly gave me this word in Prov.11:21, "The descendants of the righteous will be delivered." The words leaped right into my heart bringing me a renewed hope. Praise the Lord!

One Sunday morning, we were asked to get into groups of 4 or 5 to pray.  Someone in the group prayed that the drugs that have had a hold on our children would lose their effect.  I was praying and affirming Prov 11:21, "The descendants of the righteous will be DELIVERED!"  Not too long after that Sunday, Col.1:13 pierced my heart.  It reads, "He has rescued us from the domain of darkness and transferred us into His Kingdom."

To make a long story short, my grandson called for help from the streets of Columbus.  My husband went to Columbus and brought him home. He said that the drugs didn't do anything for him anymore and that he was ready for help...and this time for real. Immediately, God opened the door for him to go to Tennessee for a year with Eddie James Ministry. He has been drug free and cigarette free since February 7th!
I encourage everyone to keep praying and believing God's Word...It never returns void!
Freedom Groups Travis Christman
Freedom! What a wonderful word. Who doesn't want freedom? We all want freedom. Obtaining and maintaining freedom is the hard part though. It is also part of what makes it so valuable. 

Freedom gets assailed from all angles. Our national and societal freedoms are under constant assault. Our personal freedoms are also constantly being challenged. Financial pressure can leave us in serious debt and financial freedom can seem to be only an unattainable dream. Family pressures can make us feel pulled in every direction to where we are not free to do what we feel called to do. Physical sickness and disease can lead us into prolonged and draining battles just to be able to function and sometimes just to survive. Mental and emotional struggles make us feel trapped inside our own minds and bodies, and spiritual forces can make us feel trapped in our past failures and lose hope. 

Hope and freedom are attainable! The enemy knows this, and that is why he tries to trap us in one final prison to keep us from attaining freedom. This final prison is isolation. Because of guilt, shame, embarrassment or fear, we isolate ourselves, putting ourselves in a prison never to be free. The worst part of it all is that the enemy traps us by using our own feelings and choices against us.

Freedom is never obtained in isolation but in community. Freedom groups want to be that community for you. In freedom groups we share, learn and grow together into the freedom God has for us. Many have experienced it and you can too as you push past that which would want to hold you back and put you in isolation. Together we will laugh, learn and grow. There are no experts in freedom groups, but there are others who share what they have learned on their journey into freedom. Consider joining a group and finding freedom in your life too. Don't let anything hold you back! Be free today!
Freedom Groups
Tuesday 10:30AM @ Freedom Gate Church (Women’s group-led  by Norma Farnsworth)
Wednesday 6:30PM @ (Women’s group-led by Victoria Williams at her home in Williamstown,WV)
Wednesday 6:30PM @ Freedom Gate Church (Women’s group-led by Linda Ruf)
Wednesday 6:30PM @ Lafayette Hotel (Men’s group-led by Pastor Rodney Lord)
Saturday 9:30AM @ Cornerstone Inn, Beverly, OH (Women’s group-led by Susan Bebe)
Other FGC Groups
Young Adults  (Twice a month on Sunday, April 2nd, April 23rd- After Service)
Youth (6th grade and up- Twice a month on Saturday 6-8PM, April 8th and April 22nd)
In-Depth Bible Study (Saturday 7:00AM- noon) Led by Don Wehr. Come when you can and leave when you have to. (Breakfast served around 8AM)

Young Marrieds (Once a month on Sundays at 6:30PM April 9th, May 21st, July 2nd)
Ministry in North Korea Judy Ball
How many in the church remember when we sent a shipping container filled to the brim with supplies to North Korea? We were assisting an orphanage with food, clothing, and toys along with a washer and dryer and linoleum for the floors. The lady who started that humanitarian  work was arrested in North Korea in April of 2015 and expelled from the country. That work has been stopped. But we have another extraordinary opportunity coming up that will allow us to partner with our friends who introduced us to that amazing project. Dr. David Roh has been asked to be the Dean of the new PUST (Pyongyang University of Science and Technology) Medical School.
Drs. David and Mary Roh will spend April in Pyongyang and return in September for the entire fall and spring semesters. Will you pray for them? In our fall mission conference will will be sharing any financial needs they may have. But our current assignment is prayer.

Linked below is the news report of the Founder Sandra Suh being expelled from the country and a very compelling video of a young lady who escaped and describes the living conditions inside there.
Stepping Out- My time as a YWAM missionary Kaitlyn Hickey
Another 6 months with Youth with a Mission has come and gone. This season has been so much different than the last. Although I wasn’t on staff during a Discipleship Training School (DTS) in Akron, there really is no “off season” in YWAM. 
We spent a lot of time working on the 100 year old mansion, preparing it to be able to be used for DTS lectures and housing students and missionaries. 
It was great being back in a YWAM community, and by that I just mean being surrounded by people who love Jesus and live it out every day. I’m going to miss our spontaneous worship nights and just texting the outreach regulars to join me. Pictured here are the ladies I would barely have to ask and they’d go with me to Bridging the Gap, a Bhutanese church service, downtown/ different parts of the city, a nursing home, coffee shops, Haven of Rest, etc. 

One day we felt we should reach out to the homeless. After handing out a few sandwiches and praying with several homeless people, we headed to the library and met a lady sitting in the lobby. She did not appear to be homeless at first, but we found out that she was staying at Haven of Rest (an organization that provides shelter and food for the homeless and needy). After talking and praying with her we found that she had never accepted Jesus as her personal savior. She only related God with going to church and trying to do better. As the Holy Spirit led, we were able to meet up with her again at Haven of Rest and she gave her heart to the Lord. Later on, on my birthday, we went back to visit her with flowers and she was doing well. She got the new job we had prayed with her about previously, and some of the ladies that lived with her stopped and told us how amazing and sweet she was while we were talking with her. Not only did God answer our prayers about her job, but it was obvious she was living out the life of a Christian every day.

I really am missing Akron and all the people there, but the way we did outreach and partnered up with ministries in our own city could work in any city. This is not even close to being the end… It’s just the beginning! I got engaged in the middle of all of this and just moved to Michigan City, IN where I’ll be living until God leads us elsewhere. I’m inspired more than ever to bring what I’ve learned to Michigan City and everywhere else we end up in the world.

Thanks again to every person who prayed for me and with me, gave a donation, or scheduled a photo shoot so I could do this! It’s funny how at the very beginning of all of this I couldn’t see how I’d get near enough of the money I’d need. Looking back, I realize even more that all I had to do was take the first step and trust God. You’d think I’d be a pro at trusting God for what seems to be impossible, but I’m still learning. More than ever though, I know in my heart that Jesus is so good no matter how I feel or what I’m going through and that He is completely trustworthy!

For Kaitlyn’s entire blog(with more pictures) go to:
Disaster Relief Update Judy Ball
Joe Stevens, MOV Disaster Relief director, came to give us a report on the ongoing work in Clendenin, WV as a result of the June flooding. He showed pictures of the progress made and work still being done to restore this devastated community. Freedom Gate Church gave over $7000 to the relief projects, which included a large gift to Elk Valley Christian School. We also used a portion of the $7000 to buy heaters for families still living in campers. The majority of the donations were given to Joe Stevens and his teams to rebuild a severely damaged Baptist church and parsonage.  
Our hearts were moved as we heard the sincere report of the appreciation of the people of Clendenin. An additional offering was received for $1239 on March 19th when Joe was here. Thank you, Freedom Gate family!
Thank You From The Legters
Our dear Freedom Gate Church:
Muchas Gracias! Thank you so very much for being part of the Lord's work in this part of the world!
This is such a historical time to be alive! I guess the generations past never thought we would be facing such a manifestation of calling good what is bad & calling bad what is good. You need to know that it is happening everywhere.
Please, pray for us to be strong & full with the Spirit of God to equip the people assigned to us for such a time as this.
We love you & thank you for the good seed sown into our lives & assignment here in Mexico. Pray for discernment & strategies; health & provision for all of it.
God Bless you as you establish God's Kingdom on earth. 
The Legters family
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