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WOW 2015 International Conference: Gender, Gospel, and Global Justice.
The Conference is less than 3 months away. So exciting! If you haven't booked yet, please do so soon so we know you're coming.

Conference Date: 18-20 September, 2015
Location: Downtown Philadelphia Marriott
1201 Market Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Registration information
Includes all conference workshops, opening event cake reception, morning and afternoon breaks.  
You are also invited to attend our academic seminar free of charge! This will be a once-in-a-lifetime theologically-driven experience with Mary Hunt, Elisabeth Schüssler Fiorenza, and Shannen Dee Williams during the day on Friday, September 18th

Up to 31 July fees will be $300
After 31 July fees will be $315

You can opt to share a room and conference organisers will match you up with another delegate. The rooms are large with two double beds in each.

If you use a different currency, the registration process includes conversion.



Important note about booking for the conference

When booking your hotel room, please do so only through the registration form operated by NIX on the WOW registration site. By contacting Marriott directly you are missing out on the special reduced rate that WOW has negotiated at $159 per room per night. The current rate offered by the Marriott on-line is $259 so if you book via WOW it is a big saving.
You will need a credit card to reserve/secure the room but no money will be taken from that card. It just acts to guarantee the booking. Rooms will be paid at the hotel at checkout.

We have merchandise!

T - shirts, bags, buttons and much more all with beautiful WOW logo.

Order here WOW 2015 shop

Make an exhibition of yourself
(or your organisation/book sale etc.)

We have already had a number of groups register for an exhibition booth but we would like more! 

We want our conference delegates to be exposed to as many inspiring and stimulating topics as possible so if you have something to offer, please book a booth

Booth price which includes one conference registration is $500

Exhibit space application will be accepted through Wednesday 26 August. 
Exhibit at WOW 2015

Applications for help with travel and conference expenses must be in by 30 June. Download the form here Click at bottom of "registration information" or contact Pat Brown

We have received applications for financial assistance from people who cannot otherwise afford to come to the conference. Please help enable them to share their valuable experience. 
Donate to solidarity fund

Please help us make WOW's third conference in Philadelphia 18 - 20 September a success.

Many ways you can support us 
  1. Pray (See the WOW 2015 conference prayer below). You will be joining with many throughout the world who are praying this lovely prayer.
  2. Register!
  3. Donate to help defray costs and support scholarships
  4. Donate air miles
  5. Organise a vigil calling for women's ordination at your local cathedral on a special feast day e.g. 24 May Pentecost and distribute flyers for the conference
  6. Tweet about the conference or mention on other social media #ordainwomen #WhyWOW
  7. Donate to the travel fund
Please reply to this email for information on any of these.
Some interesting links

In an age of sectarianism divided we fall

Jamie Manson writes  about Beth Fowler who is playing a character based on the life of Dominican Sr. Ardeth Platte. In 2002, Platte, along with Dominican Srs. Carol Gilbert and Jackie Hudson, cut through a chain-link fence at a Minuteman III missile silo in Colorado and used baby bottles filled with their own blood to draw signs of the cross on its walls!

One of the WOW team, Therese Koturbash is quoted in this article "YES to Ordaining Women in the Catholic Church!

Europe's fractious Catholics set out their views in synod questionnaire

Surprise! No biblical arguments against women's ministry!

“I have been constantly told by people working in the Vatican that they can’t say no to women deacons, they just don’t want to say yes" - Dr Phyllis Zagano


Christina Rees, a speaker at the WOW2015 conference, has been recognised as part of the Queen Elizabeth's birthday honours and made a Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) in recognition of her ‘services to the Church of England’.

Christina was spokesperson for the Anglican Movement for the Ordination of Women in the run up to the vote for women priests in 1992 and Chair of Women and the Church (WATCH) for over 13 years. 

Christina is a well-known writer, broadcaster, and public speaker, and a long-serving member of the General Synod. She has been active in many areas of Church life, including combatting institutional racism, supporting religious broadcasting and promoting lay and rural ministry. She has represented the Church at the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women, the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland and on the former Central Religious Advisory Committee

WOW congratulates Christina on this wonderful achievement and we are delighted to see the struggle for women's ordination recognised by the Queen.

Pope Francis – no words of encouragement
Pope Francis is not considering and women for leadership posts in the Vatican. Article here
In his recent encyclical on the environment Laudato Si  there are 172 references at the end:  Popes, bishops, male theologians – not one woman has been referenced – no Hildegard of Bingen, no Catherine of Sienna. This ignores half of humanity. This is why we need WOW 2015. Come and hear great women theologians and activists, and if you want to get excited about the environment, join us for a panel presentation on the eco-Feminism of Elizabeth Johnson, as well as many other timely topics!

Love is our Mission - A Church for All
At the end of an inspirational conference it’s good to have somewhere to take one’s enthusiasm.
Please join us after the WOW conference closing ceremony on Sunday 20 September at 3pm. WOW will be co-hosting a vigil with other Catholic reform groups in the city of Philadelphia starting at the Cathedral at 3pm. We will celebrate the impending arrival of Pope Francis to the US and join together to pray for a successful visit.
WOW has negotiated an extended special rate of $159 for a limited number of rooms in our conference hotel (Marriott Downtown) for Sunday night so please book your room as soon as possible as they are selling out fast (direct price is $299 per room).

The eucharist dilemma
The major problem of eucharistic theology in our century is not that people do not understand and value the meaning of Eucharist. The problem is that they do.
The Eucharist, every child learns young, is the sign of Christian community, the very heart of it, in fact. And who would deny the bond, the depth, the electrical force that welds us together in it? Here, we know, is the linkage between us and the Christ, between us and the Gospel, between us and the Tradition that links us to Jesus himself and to the world around us. No, what the Eucharist is meant to be is not what’s in doubt.
What’s in doubt is that the Eucharist is really being allowed to do what it purports to do—to connect us, to unify us, to make us One. The truth is that as much as Eucharist is a sign of community it is also a sign of division. For the sake of some kind of ecclesiastical political fiascos centuries ago between the East and West, we close the table between Orthodox and Uniate—though the faith is the same and the commitments are the same and the vision of life and death are the same.
What’s in doubt, too, is that the division between baptized men and baptized women can possibly witness to what we say is the faith: that men and women are equal; that women are fully human beings; that God’s grace is indivisible; that discipleship is incumbent on us all; that we are all called to follow Christ.
At the end of one presentation after another, women make it a point to continue the discussion with me. “I used to be Catholic,” they begin. “I was a Catholic once,” they say. “I’m a recovering Catholic now,” they announce. It’s a sad litany of disillusionment and abandonment by a Church they once thought promised them fullness of life and then let them know it is their very persons that deny them that.
Call it “holy” communion if you want, they tell me, but it’s not. Not like that. Not under those conditions.
So they go away to where Jesus waits for them, arms open, in someone else’s Christian church. There’s something about it that simply defies the lesson of Mary Magdalene or the Woman at the Well or Mary of Bethany or Mary of Nazareth. They go where every minister of the altar, every bishop, every lawgiver, every homilist, every member of every Synod on the planet is not male. They go where they can see “the image of God” in themselves in another woman. They go where eucharistic theology, which we’re told makes us one, is palpable.
—from “Eucharist” by Joan Chittister, Spirituality Magazine, Volume 18, March-April 2012, No 101. Dominican Publications: Republic of Ireland.


WOW Conference Prayer
We are mindful that Your Spirit, Loving Creator, has awakened in us and in those upon whose shoulders we stand, an awareness of Your Life and Voice within and around us. We listen, clothed in the sacred garments of the Good News of Jesus the Christ. We listen, assured that You have formed and gifted our hearts and minds for all that calls us forward. We listen, believing with gratitude, that you have prepared us for this moment in history when women shall stand firmly and fully in any and every dimension of ministry.
Help us, those who plan this important conference, and those who plan to participate in its offerings, to drink deeply of Your Wisdom and Vision as revealed in the Gospel. May that Cup of the Gospel assist us as we gather from around the globe to create a conference which will offer ways to seek and proclaim, and thereby reveal the Gospel pathway of justice for women and men, their children, people of faith everywhere, and for our living planet that nourishes all life dwelling upon it.
Our hope and our belief is that Your Justice will arise anew in every person attending this conference, and that this same Justice, in the power of Love, will fill willing hearts with courage and commitment to carry forth Love’s Embrace around this planet to wherever and whomever is in need of Love. Help us and all people whom we serve to immerse ourselves in the Gospel.
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