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It's been a while since the last enews but that's because so much has been happening! We have celebrated our Jubilee for Women Priests in Rome and demonstrated in Krakow while meeting there for our annual steering committee.

Anniversary offer

It seems like yesterday but it's a year since the WOW conference in Philadelphia, Gender, Gospel and Global Justice.  - see below for offer of free downloads but hurry! Offer ends Friday 23 September.

Pope Francis has
 set up a commission to study opening the diaconate to women.

Much has been written about this. WOW sent out a press release
Members of the commission  hold very different views see National Catholic Reporter

We wait and pray

Giuilia Bianchi's beautiful posters
“Inspired by prophets and mystics, against clericalism and power, women priests open their communities to divorced, gay, and all those whom the Church does not invite to their Eucharistic table. I was shown a model of world where if there is no justice for the smallest and the weakest, then there’s no justice at all. To me those women are a symbol. They are showing us the primacy of conscience and how to renew our own tradition.” 
Giulia Bianchi
Our "Pop-up office" at the La casa internazionale delle donne
Via della Lungara, 19 Sala Tosi
We prayed at the statue of St Joan on her Anniversary
1 June Open the Door to Dialogue
The panel (l to r) Jamie L. Manson, Rev Dana English, Dr. Marinella Perroni and Kate McElwee (chair)
The WOW cocktails served at the reception afterwards. They were named after Pope Francis' comments about women: "Strawberries on the cake" and "Feminine Genius"
Open Door Witness at Piazza Pia
WOW - Opening the “Door to Dialogue.”
This attracted much comment and was the first time we had held a witness in Rome with permission - and a police escort!
We walked the pilgrims' path to St. Peter’s for the Jubilee Mass for Priests. We had pilgrims' tickets.  Pope Francis has said, “this Jubilee Year of Mercy excludes no one”, so we took our place in prayerful vigil in the square. 
The Jubilee for women priests received a lot of press coverage
Vatican Insider  OMG Journal  The Tablet The Guardian Le Figaro and many others
WOW! It's a year since our conference in Philadelphia. Rekindle memories here
To mark this anniversary you can download the WOW 2015 talks for free for a week

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We've heard of the first man to land on the moon What about her?

WOW steering committee met at U Pana Cogito Pension in Krakow 21 -24 July. This was the actual 20 year anniversary of WOW which began in Gmunden in 1996.
We took a break from our meeting to hold a vigil to mark The feast of the "newly upgraded" Mary Magdalene (WOW issued a press statement about that). Our posters translate as
Mary Magdalen, Apostle and Priest
Priestly Ordination for Women

We stood outside Cardinal Dziwisz's home. We were not well received by the majority of Krakow residents although a few supported us.
We had written to Cardinal Dziwisz to request a meeting but received no reply so we handed the letter in. We then visited the The Square of Mary Magdalen and held up our posters and pictures. 
All these events and actions cost money to organise. We need your help. Please donate to the work of WOW
Donate to WOW here
For the new evangelization, we need a new "assumption" ... women in the episcopate!
Para la nueva evangelización, necesitamos una nueva "asunción" ... mujeres en el episcopado!
Per la nuova evangelizzazione, abbiamo bisogno di una nuova "assunzione" ... Le donne nell'episcopato!
Pour la nouvelle évangélisation, nous avons besoin d'une nouvelle "assomption" ... les femmes dans l'épiscopat!
Para a nova evangelização, precisamos de um novo "assunção" ... mulheres no episcopado!
Für die neue Evangelisierung, brauchen wir eine neue "Annahme" ... Frauen im Bischofs!
Dla nowej ewangelizacji, musimy nowy "wniebowzięcia" ... kobiety w biskupstwie!

Thanks to Luis T Gutiérrez
Imam of first femal run Mosque in Denmark says the aim is to challenge patriarchal structures and inspire other women. Read more
The first ever all-female flight deck crew for Royal Brunei Airlines has operated a plane from Brunei to Jeddah in Saudi Arabia. Read more
Soline Humbert writes in the Irish Times about Maynooth Seminary
"Seminaries perpetuate the unjust rule of men over women in the church. They are an integral part of a culture of institutional violence, of spiritual abuse, blind to women’s dignity, spiritual gifts and callings."


WOW Prayer

O Holy One, You who are Creator of all,
who made humanity in Your image

Saviour of all, who called women and men
to witness Your ministry, death and resurrection,

Inspirer of all who seek and serve,

We thank You for the women You have blessed with Your call
to celebrate the Eucharist,
to minister alongside their brothers in a renewed Roman Catholic Church.

We pray that the Church will soon welcome and nourish to the full
the gifts of women as priests, prophets and leaders,
knowing, as Mary of Nazareth knew,
that with You all things are possible.


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