Historical Knifemaking: keep it simple, do it the hard way...
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Historical Knifemaking: keep it simple, do it the hard way
Traditionally crafted knives for folks who wish they could take things home from museums.

Island Blacksmith - Summer 2016

In this issue: a full sized tanto from the Tools for Satoyama project, a new video series called TimeWarp, and another installment of the TLDW workshop observation series. The collection of video resources on the Crossed Heart Forge channel is growing and there are plenty of ideas in the works for new projects and DIY experiments, so be sure to subscribe and stay tuned for more.

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Tools for Satoyama: Mountain Tanto

Mountain Tanto

Presenting the first full sized tanto from the Tools for Satoyama project!

The wider profile of the mountain style tanto is inspired by a kamakura sword and has a more deeply curved tip (fukura-tsuku) and shorter drop point. The simple and humble mounting style is inspired by the age-old style of farming and foresting tools traditionally used in managing satoyama lands.

Purchase this knife or design your own custom mountain tanto here.

Read more about the making of this tanto:

TimeWarp - Working Faster So You Don't Have To

TimeWarp Video

A unique perspective of the transformative process emerges when hand forging video footage is sped up to four times normal speed.

While still slow enough to observe each hammer blow, the increased speed highlights and connects what are normally barely perceptible changes taking place at the anvil.

The first episode in this series documents the forging of a classical style tanto from a salvaged leaf spring from a century-old carriage.

Watch the video: TimeWarp #1 - Forging a Tanto from a Century-old Carriage Spring

TLDW - Realtime in the Workshop
TLDW - Realtime in the Workshop, for Students of the Forge - Hand carving a classical tanto style mounting from reclaimed and local natural materials using traditional Japanese woodworking tools.

TLDW - Realtime in the Workshop

Not for the faint of heart or short of focus! At the other end of the spectrum from the TimeWarp series, carefully observing these long and meditative videos for detail whilst chopping charcoal may be considered a reasonable approximation of the pace and format of a traditional apprenticeship experience.

In this episode, hand carving a classical aikuchi tanto style mounting using traditional Japanese woodworking tools. Note that this is the longer process version intended for serious students of knifemaking, the shorter overview edit may be found here.

Some interesting items to look for include the use of sokui (rice paste glue), several tools that were made right here at the forge, and dried tokusa (wild horsetail plant) as a polishing medium for the wood.

Watch: TLDW #5 - Carving an Aikuchi Tanto Koshirae

Tools for Satoyama Project
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Design a Knife
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Design a Tanto

In the shadow of Mt. Arrowsmith,
deep in a forest clearing,
away from the things of man,
there is a place where blades are born
of earth, and air, and fire, and water.

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