...upon which histories and possibilities hang...
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Film: Study the Old to Know the New
Traditionally crafted knives for folks who wish they could take things home from museums.

Island Blacksmith - Autumn 2018

"The swordsmith was not a mere artizan, but an inspired artist, and his workshop a sanctuary. Daily he commenced his craft with prayer and purification...Every swing of the sledge, every plunge into water, every friction on the stone was a spiritual act of no slight import...Perfect as a work of art, there was more than art could impart. Its cold blade collecting on its surface, the moment it is drawn, the vapours of the atmosphere; its immaculate texture flashing light of a blueish hue, its matchless edge upon which histories and possibilities hang; the curve of its back uniting exquisite grace with utmost strength; all these fill us with mixed feelings of power and beauty, of awe and terror."

~Inazo Nitobe, Bushido, The Soul of Japan
Glass Top Fuigo: Inside View of Box Bellows

Inside View of Fuigo

A video tour of the inside operation of a prototype fuigo (鞴) box bellows via a glass top.

Four wooden flap valves, two for intake and two for the manifold, control the direction and location of the airflow on each stroke of the piston to provide double action to the single output into the fire.

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Arashiage: Filing Order of Operations

Filing Order of Operations

Arashiage is the stage of rough shaping following hizukuri (forging) and in preparation for yaki-ire (hardening).

This article illustrates the proper order of operations for refining the rough shape of the forged blade using sen, hand files, a vise, and a sen dai.

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Short Film: Study the Old to Know the New
Film by Trevor Komori: Study the Old to Know the New

Film: Study the Old to Know the New

Last summer Komori~san and a talented crew came to the island and spent a couple of days getting footage in the forge and of the final assembly of a tanto. The theme is that a true and accurate understanding of the past is an important step toward a good future. 温故知新 (on ko chi shin) is an expression that most directly translates to, “study the old to know the new”.

Directed, Photographed, and Edited by Trevor Komori
Location Sound: Sean Brouwer
B Camera Operator: Liam Leyland
Music Composed by Kurtis So
Production Assistants: Vivian Hu & Judy Zheng

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In the shadow of Mt. Arrowsmith,
deep in a forest clearing,
away from the things of man,
there is a place where blades are born
of earth, and air, and fire, and water.

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