What best-in-class data vendors do to protect their data assets

Best practices for preventing unauthorized access and (re)distribution of your valuable data assets:

  • Don't send credentials via email: often sales paste credentials to email and send to clients. God knows here it will end up after that... Solution: share credentials via an (expiring) link or a single sign-on system
  • Use short term-credentials: many vendors share credentials that don't automatically expire which makes it easier to share them with unauthorized users. Solution: share credentials that regularly expire
  • Track usage of credentials: if you don't know who uses your credentials and how often, you can't know if they've been inappropriately shared. Solution: log when credentials are used and if frequency/location differs from previous access patterns 
  • Combine API with flat file delivery: APIs and flat files have pros/cons from a security/usability perspective and vendors think they have to choose between them. Solution: Combine the best of both worlds, use APIs to manage access and deliver files through file storage
  • Don't configure separate resources for every client: vendors often set up different folders and data repos for different clients because they have different access rights. This is not only inefficient but also leads to human errors with missing or extra files Solution: manage user permissions to a central data repo based on client subscription
  • Don't build your own (security) infrastructure: this also is not only inefficient but also leads to security risks and errors that have been solved before Solution: use pre-built solutions that reliable solved security
  • Don't commit credentials to code: your engineering team has master access credentials that should be managed separately from code to prevent leakage Solution: store credentials outside of code and load them as needed
  • Scan github for credentials: this is rare but your credentials could accidentally end up on public forums Solution: scan for presence of credentials you issued in public forums

Protecting your valuable data assets requires complex engineering work. DataBolt Pipe provides turnkey solutions to efficiently distribute data to your clients, including security best-practices and readily available usage analytics.

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