Tara and Wynn both share similar pasts
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The Need is So Great in Winter

Tara and Wynn come to Heart of Phoenix

Anytime the rescue goes over 12 horses, we are going over capacity. This is not something the organization takes lightly, but leaving behind horses without any hope if we cannot help is something we take lightly, either.

This winter has been a very tough one, so far. It is not over yet.

We received a pleading email about a Quarter Horse mare that a family had taken in and could not care for. We looked at her photos and listened to her story, and We felt we had to help her. We try to take many factors into account because we cannot take in each case, yet. Tara looked like she had very little time left in her photos. Her eyes looked hollow, her weight put her at about a 1.5 on the henneke scale and her new owners explained there was no chance they could help her get better. It is very hard for me to hear someone beg for help for a horse and turn them away. Rescue puts us in very heartbreaking situations. Not only do we feel moved to save the horse, but we want to help the people when they are wiling to ask for help once they see they cannot financially provide enough for a horse.


So we moved Ferris to Sunday Stables to make room for Tara at the VP's farm. We did this because Ferris is stable, has a current coggins and is near rehab completion with adoption prospects. We typically only allow initial rehab's to take place on a board of director's farm (but even that would soon change with Wynn's arrival). Tara was very depressed and weak. All emaciated horses do not seem so defeated when they come in. This concerned me a great deal!

The great news is she has perked up and is very alert now at a bit over a week after rescue! We will keep everyone updated as to her progress! A huge thank you to those who gave to her plight!

That wasn't the end of us taking a leap of Faith and bringing in another. . . just two days ago, we had a near repeat of the Tara situation. We received two messages about an Off the track Thoroughbred, age 9, that was in horrible shape. The owners had picked him up from going to auction in the past. They did not understand how to get weight on the giant gelding. I told them I did not think I could help them or him because we were already over capacity. I want you all to know. . . I hate that. We never want to have to say no. Space and funding make that call. We depend on Donors to give and allow us to save one more.

Then I received photos of Wynn. And there. . .there was this former racehorse with nearly 50 starts, a horse than ran his heart out for someone over and over through Florida and West Virginia. There he was at about a body score of 2, tremendous in size and a shell of the horse he used to be. I was linked to video of him during his racing days. . .a 17.2hh tall athlete. . .and here I saw him. . .starving to death.

I made the call to our dedicated foster, Susan Sunday, and I asked: "Susan, can you take one more. Just one more, please?" Her answer was. . ."Yes, bring him." Thank God for Her! So we let them know to bring him that same day. I drove over the meet him and get intake photos. 


So I met this really special guy. . .covered in mud and yet still very interested in his new surroundings and in me! Someone had loved him in the past. He was being called Chance, but we liked his racing name of Wynn and decided to go back to that. So meet magnificent Wynn! 

We are committed to being here tomorrow for the horses in need, being here next year and a decade from now. We need your support financially to assure we can do that. We need to grow with our donors to be able to help more horses like Tara and Wynn. Even when we think we are full, we want to be able to go the EXTRA MILE!

Just yesterday, our expenses were $600 for board, $300 for supplies and over $300 for two vet bills. We still have vetting needed for Ellie, Tara and Alfie. We still have board due in two other locations. 

With your monthly support, we will not have to say No. We can all be there to provide the Mercy these horses need so desperately! 

Also, We want to say thank you so much for being part of the rescue's new Newsletter effort! We hope it allows us to stay more in touch with our dedicated supporters! If you have suggestions on ways we can make this Newsletter better, please email us!

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