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Spellman Headquarters Has Been Awarded ISO:27001 Certification in Information Security?

Spellman Headquarters in the US has been awarded the ISO 27001, the leading international standard focused on information security, ensuring information security best practices is applied to both our customer’s data and Spellman’s intellectual property.

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Product Focus:
New EBM60-FEG HV Power Supply for Scanning Electron Microscopes

Spellman has recently introduced the new 60kV tetrode high voltage power supply specifically designed to drive Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEM). Our extensive knowledge in this application has enabled us to develop a range of high precision, low noise, ultra-stable technology platforms that can be customized to meet the demanding requirements of Field Emission SEM.

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Celebrating Scientists:
William David Coolidge b. Oct 23, 1873

William D Coolidge was an American physicist and engineer, who made major contributions to X-Ray machines. He was the director of the General Electric Research Laboratory and a vice-president of the corporation. He was also famous for the development of "ductile tungsten", which is important for the incandescent light bulb. In 1913 he invented the Coolidge tube, an X-Ray tube with an improved cathode for use in X-Ray machines that allowed for more intense visualization of deep-seated anatomy and tumors. The Coolidge tube, which also utilized a tungsten filament, was a major development in the then-nascent medical specialty of radiology (US patent filed in 1913 and granted as US Patent 1,203,495 in 1916). It's basic design is still in use. He also invented the first rotating anode X-Ray tube. Article from Wikipedia.

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Are Your High Voltage Power Supplies Current Protected?

Virtually all of Spellman’s supplies (with a few exceptions) are “current protected”, which is accomplished through the use of a regulating current loop, otherwise known as a current mode. The current mode is programmed to a regulating level via a front panel control or via a remote signal.

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Fun Fact:
What’s E-Beam Lithography?

E-Beam Lithography is a technique of scanning a beam of electrons in a patterned method used as part of the elaborate process to fabricate integrated circuits in semiconductor fabrication facilities.

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Helpful Hint:
Floating Filament X-Ray Generators and the Possible Problems that Long High Voltage Cables Can Produce

Spellman has been making X-Ray generators for over 3 decades. Most fall into three basic categories:

  • Ground Referenced Filamentary Control
  • Floating Filamentary Control
  • Bipolar Output Filmentary Control

Because AC filament circuits are not designed to drive long high voltage cables, using high frequency AC for a floating filament X-Ray tube application makes some of the design tasks easier, but can result in some fundamental operational problems.

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Need Customer Service on Any of our Products?

Contact our Customer Service department for information on servicing your Spellman high voltage power supply or X-Ray source. All returns must be approved and a Service Authorization number (SVO) assigned before shipping a unit back for repair.

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