August/September 2020

This week was Pet Eye Health Awareness Week and so this VVS Newsletter edition focusses on


VVS have seen an increase in ophthalmology virtual referrals recently and as such we have invested in some new kit for our ophthalmology consults. We are delighted with the quality of the images that our vets and ophthalmologists are producing (example below), so please do get in touch if you would like any assistance from our friendly and experienced ophthalmologists.

Ophthalmology Case Study
- The Squinty Cat - 

VVS Ophthalmologist, Dr Debra Agapito, recently assisted a VVS partner practice with an interesting case!

Click here to find out how Debra used the VVS equipment and workstation to guide Dumble's own vet through a full ophthalmological examination, to reach a diagnosis and to formulate a treatment plan.
Introducing VVS Specialist

Dr Debra Agapito

American Specialist in Veterinary Ophthalmology

Dr Agapito is passionate about ophthalmology and always goes the extra mile for her patients.

As an experienced University teaching clinician, Debra is well practised at guiding even the most nervous vets through a full ophthalmological examination.

She brings her ophthalmology expertise to you and your patients with a friendly and supportive attitude. Click here to find out more about Debra and her colleagues in the VVS Specialist Team.
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Virtual Referral Service

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If you would like Specialist support with a case, please click here!
What's your diagnosis?

a) Herpes keratitis
b) Iris melanoma

c) Acute feline bullous keratopathy

Answer at the bottom of this page.
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VVS Mission Statement

Our goal is to support veterinary colleagues to achieve clinical excellence, by bringing world-class, multidisciplinary specialists into first opinion practices by using and developing ground breaking technology.

We focus on optimal animal welfare, upskilling and empowering veterinary professionals with a clear aim of encouraging their growth as businesses and individuals.
What's your diagnosis answer:

C: Acute Feline Bullous Keratopathy

This is an uncommon, but progressive corneal disease. Affected cats present with corneal oedema which can range from a few mm in diameter, to affecting the entire cornea.  The aetiology is unknown, but recognised risk factors include topical or systemic corticosteroid use and cyclosporine therapy. Medical management is usually unsuccessful, but a third-eyelid flap, in place for 2 - 4 weeks will result in successful resolution in almost 90% of cases.

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