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Theme: Lemme Tell You About This Celery
Celery grown by small farms isn't the same thing as the stuff of grocery stores. This celery's got a much more intense flavor and may be tougher, making it ideal for cooking. Grill, marinate, braise, broil, stir-fry, or make into a soup. We love celery noodles: use a vegetable peeler or paring knife to shave celery into thins trips, then steam sauté (to steam sauté, throw just-washed veggies into a hot pan, crank the heat, lid, and let the  water wilt the veggies a little. After 3 minutes, de-lid, stir, then sauté as normal) and add tomato sauce and Parmesan.

Beef Up With Beefsteak Tomatoes
One of the largest cultivated tomato varieties, these tomatoes are not messing around. Grocery stores don't often carry them because they don't lend themselves as easily to mechanical slicing. These are grown on an organic farm, so they can really get growing. Cut yourself a slab of fresh tomato, add a slice of mozzarella, throw on some basil and balsamic vinegar, and enjoy.

Our very own Hudson Valley designer salt -- introducing Hickory Salt: The Himalayas, Hawaii, and the Hudson Valley...what do they all have in common? FANCY SALT. This salt is smoked with shag bark extract from the hickory trees on the Knapp Family and neighbors acreage. Hickory is believed to relieve arthritis pain, and also tastes darn good. 
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Japanese Eggplant 3/$1.25
Muenster sale 2/$7.50
Popcorn on the Cob 5/$5
Blueberries for Wednesday delivery only
Green beans 3lb/$5
Summer Squash 3lb/$5

Saturn Peaches are also known as doughnut peaches, and are smaller and flatter than yellow peaches, though they've still got all the heart! AND/OR
Yellow Peaches A summer delight. Luscious, juicy peaches are great for fresh eating, of course, but they also make a fantastic dessert when thrown on the grill and served warm with whipped cream—delicious!
Fix Brothers Farm (FAM) or Yonder Farms (FAM)
Broccoli A staple that can easily be played up. For a quick dish, sautee with soy sauce, oil, garlic and almonds. We like roasting broccoli with a few chiles and a bit of lemon…yum. Store unwashed broccoli in a plastic should keep it dry. How to cook broccoliShaul Farm (FAM)
Beefsteak Tomatoes Slice and plump up your salads with these, or chop and create a pasta dish with added garlic, basil, mozzarella cheese and olive oil. Ideal for sandwiches. NOTE Refrigerating tomatoes ruins their texture.  Hepworth Farm (CO)
Celery grown by small farms isn't the same thing as the stuff of grocery stores.  This will have a much more intense flavor and maybe tougher, making it ideal for cooking. Whistle Down Farm (OG)
Hickory Salt is made by smoking the salt with hickory bark (see pic. for shag bark). It takes about 8 pounds of bark to make 44 ounces of salt! They use the leftover bark to make smoking chips. Hoosick Hickory (OG)

Try it on your tomatoes and celery!
Heirloom Eggplant 
Calliope: (left) It is a beautiful, small, oval, white and purple variegated Asian-style eggplant. They cook quickly and, unlike other types of eggplant, rarely turn bitter, even with age. Use them for pickling or slice them in half and sauté.  The perfect eggplant for stuffing
Dancer (aka Neon): (below) Dancer is deep pink Italian type eggplant that is mild, non-bitter. It is popular in Puerto Rico. Hepworth Farm (CO)

Don't undercook the eggplant. Cooked it until it's meltingly soft, smooth, and creamy. These creamy varieties make fabulous Baked Eggplant Fries. (Try cutting them into disks.)

Check out this Field Goods Facebook post with eggplant recipes from Heather, Dan, Susan, Jennifer (s), Lindsay, Barbara and MaryMargaret.  
Garlic Try this roasted red onion and garlic soupShaul Farm (FAM)

Additional Subscriptions

  • Herb & Allium: Basil Shaul Farm (FAM), Mint Marigold (licorice-anise flavor is a successful stand-in for French tarragon) Hepworth Farm (CO)
  • Fruit: Fortune Plums Kleinskill Fruit Farms (FAM), Saturn Peaches Yonder Farms (FAM)
  • Cheese: Mozzarella Palatine Valley Dairy
  • Bread: Rosemary Country White Loaf Cafe Le Perche
  • Pasta: Tomato Basil Orecchiette Knoll Crest 

Roasted Eggplant and Tomato Stacks
Smoky Eggplant Spread
Szechuan Spicy Eggplant
Grilled Vegetable Kabobs
Honey-Lavender Plum Gratin 
Shrimp and Plum Kabab
Plum Chutney
Grilled Kale Salad with Ricotta and Plums
Shiro Plums and Basil Jam 
Honey-Roasted Shiro Plums 
Salad Dressing
Oven-Dried Tomatoes
Tomato, Onion and Cucumber Salad
Grilled Tomatoes
Easy Gazpacho
Hickory Salt
Grilled Chicken & Corn Salad
Old Drovers Inn Stuffed Eggs
Fresh Summer Peach recipes from Southern Living (They know peaches)
Braised Celery
Celery Stir-Fry
Hearty Celery Minestrone Soup
Pasta with Celery and Lemon
Celery Mint Salad

  • Tip: Any item you would cook, you can also freeze.
  • Pasta people! Keep it in the fridge 4-5 days or freeze it.
  • Plums & peaches: a day or two to ripen in the pantry, then into the fridge for MAX 5 days. To speed 'em up keep them in a paper bag.  Works for pretty much all fruit.
  • Tomatoes: leave in the pantry, eat this week.
  • Any green needs to be as dry as possible, wrapped in a paper towel in a plastic bag and kept in the fridge crisper.

Key for growing methods:
  • CO - Certified Organic
  • OG - Organically Grown (farm uses organic methods but does not have Certification).
  • IPM - Integrated Pest Management (methods used to reduce the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers)
  • FAM - Family farm (farm often uses organic and IPM methods but may also use chemical fertilizers and pesticides. As a general rule small farms use far fewer chemicals than large industrialized operations).
  • Non-GMO - None of our products are GMO.
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