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Theme: Shoots, Bugs, and Leaves

Shoots. A special sprinkling of radish shoots are coming our way from Ironwood Farm run by Jenny, Lauren, and Ashley. They add a nice bit of spice to any dish (the radishes, not Jenny, Lauren, and Ashley)…or just eat them straight up, especially if you are a radish lover.
Bugs. Bug update here. Why you should welcome spiders in your home. Rob Morrison of the USDA reports that three spiders with names worthy of Games of Thrones, Theridiidae, Pholcidae, and Agelenidae, have been reported to be insecticidal-maniacs with a particular affinity for the dreaded stink bug. In general, cobweb spiders are the most effective predators. Stink bugs like to overwinter in homes, as many of you may have noticed. So please think twice before squashing Charlotte as she is one of the best soldiers in the war on crop-destroying bugs.
Another interesting “who knew?”, RVs are a significant factor in the spread of stink bugs, which makes perfect sense when you consider that stink bugs like houses and these homes have wheels. 
Leaves. The herb and alliums subscription this week is an Asian extravaganza and includes Shiso, Chinese Celery, and Japanese bunching onions. Shiso leaves have grassy flavor with a touch of anise and cinnamon. Chopped Chinese celery leaves add a crunchy slightly peppery flavor, while cooking it mellows the taste. Have fun trying all three!

An important organization you should consider supporting... The Pitney Meadows Community Farm!

Pitney Meadows Community Farm project will preserve the last active farm in the City of Saratoga Springs and transform it into a tremendous educational and local food resource for the region. The farm will be run by three of the best organic farmers we know, Sandy and Paul Arnold and Michael Kilpatrick. 

They are having a fundraising party from 4-7p this Sunday, August 7th at the farm in Saratoga.

Here's the event info.
Here's a video about the project.

Big Week for Your Field Goods Friends

They love us in Nigeria! A delegation of Nigerian business women visited us Wedneday in Athens to see how Field Goods operates and learn from our founder and woman entrepreneur, Donna Williams. The Daily Mail was there covering the visit. Read More

We took on the New York Times! Donna Williams made a rebuttal to a recent New York Times article, which was lacking very important perspectives. Read Donna's editorial in Modern Farmer here: Local Agriculture Needs the New York Times to Dig Deeper.

Peachy-keen. Pair your fruit subscription of peaches with a song about peaches, a poem about peaches and, last but not least, a Chinese watercolor painting tutorial on how to paint peaches, if you are so inclined. If you make one pie this summer, let it be a peach pie!

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Radish Shoots
Ironwood Farm (CO)

These delightful radish shoots are tiny, edible greens—the next living stage after sprouts. Microgreens are anything but micro when we're talking about health. These little babies pack a massive nutritional punch with 4 to 6 times the nutrients of mature veggies. Munch on them as a snack, toss 'em in a salad or top a fancier dish. Eat raw and add to salads, sandwiches, dressings, etc.

Tomato and Mozzarella Salad with Microgreens
Microgreens, Spinach, and Three-Cheese Pesto
Spinach and Radish Shoot Salad
12 Microgreen Recipes Packed with Macro Flavor
How To Use Microgreens

Barber's Farm (OG) or Holmquest Farm (IPM)

Slice in half, remove the seeds, and scoop some yogurt and granola or blueberries into the bowl-like center of the fruit. No dishes!

Cantaloupe Sorbet
Roasted Cantaloupe
Refreshing Cantaloupe Recipes
Crazy for Cantaloupe? 15 Melon Recipes!

Sweet Corn
Barber's Farm (OG) or Holmquest Farm (IPM)

We love fresh summer corn right off the grill or tossed in a salad. For a super easy, fresh summer salad, toss with diced cucumbers and tomatoes, then drizzle with olive oil and lemon juice. Add red onion or garlic and an herb like basil or mint.

Garlic Corn on the Cob
Roasted Summer Corn Salad
Grilled Corn with Cheese and Lime
Mexican Street Corn
Green Peppers
Barber's Farm (OG)

Green peppers are less sweet and slightly more bitter than yellow or orange peppers. Sauté with onions, garlic, and oil.

Green Pepper and Tomato Salad
Grilled Mixed Peppers and Onions


Red Slicer Tomatoes
Juniper Hill Farm (CO) or Rexcroft Farm (IPM)

Slice and plump up your salads with these, or chop and create a pasta dish with added garlic, basil, mozzarella cheese, and olive oil.

Oven-Dried Tomatoes
Tomato, Onion and Cucumber Salad
Grilled Tomatoes
Easy Gazpacho
Sugar Snap Peas
FarmOn (IPM)

Sugar snap peas are all about texture, sweetness, and crunch. They don’t take long to cook—1 to 2 minutes max. Resist overcooking—you’ll end up with sad, limp peas. Cut your snaps in thirds crosswise, or halve lengthwise on a long diagonal. Cut them before or after steaming. If boiling, cut them afterwards or else the tumbling action of boiling water will free the peas from their pods. For a super quick fix, loosely cover, put in microwave for +/- 30 seconds, and add a bit of butter. Enjoy raw for a snack.

Snap Peas with Fresh Mint and Whipped Ricotta
Snap Pea Salad with Radish & Lime
Snap Peas with Lemon and Mint
Cinnamon Basil
Rexcroft Farm (IPM)

You guessed it! This basil has warm cinnamon flavors. Cinnamon basil can be used as a savory element in raw dishes, soups, hot drinks, and more. Add chopped fresh cinnamon basil to pie filling as an alternative to ground, dried cinnamon. Steep cinnamon basil leaves in water and sugar, bring to a boil to infuse and use this simple syrup to flavor whipped creams or dessert. Let us know how use it!

Cinnamon Basil Shortbread Cookies
Cinnamon Basil Goat Cheese Pesto
Raspberry Cinnamon Basil Jam

Additional Subscriptions

  • Herb & Allium: Green & Red Shiso, Chinese Celery, and Japanese Bunching Onions from Letterbox Farm (OG)
  • Fruit: Yellow Peaches from Kleinskill Fruit Farm (FAM)
  • Cheese: Parmesan from Palatine Valley Dairy
  • Bread: Brioche from Cafe Le Perche
  • Pasta: Pizza Gnocchetti from Flour City Pasta (CO)
  • Yogurt: Whole Milk 32 Ounces from North Country Creamery (OG)

Questions? Email: 

Key for Growing Methods
  • CO - Certified Organic
    Farm uses organic methods and is certified.
  • OG - Organically Grown
    Farm uses organic methods but does not have certification.
  • IPM - Integrated Pest Management
    Methods used to reduce the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.
  • FAM - Family Farm
    Farm often uses organic and IPM methods but may also use chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Small farms use far fewer chemicals than large industrialized operations.
  • All of our products are non-GMO!
    GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organism.

Veggie Guarantee and Tips!
  • Our Veggie Guarantee: If you have an issue, let customer service know! This is one way to reduce waste. Items are subject to change depending on weather and farm availability. 
  • Tip 1: Any item you would cook, you can also freeze.
  • Tip 2: A dull knife conspires against you and slows you down. A sharp knife makes your food taste better, and look better too! NY Times
  • Tip 3: Any greens need to be as dry as possible, wrapped in a paper towel in a plastic bag, and kept in the fridge crisper.
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